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  1. Is to fire our head coach NOW. We actually have found a QB and our D is playing well, there’s still hope and we’re still undefeated in the conference. Now let’s get a head coach in there that can actually lead and inspire.
  2. I despise them but this "comeback" is played out in my opinion. I would like to think we're above bringing up a deceased player a decade+ after the fact.
  3. It’s only been 4 plays but hey at least he got us past midfield. Dude has some spring in his step and a nice release.
  4. This is great news. Regardless of what your personal feelings are of people associated with the station, this is a huge step marketing-wise to get back to (and exceed) the level we were at a decade ago. GO BULLS!!!!!
  5. The old guy conservative football mentality has no place in today's game. Coaches like Strong might get you a couple good win-loss records at face value but they are too stuck in their ways and refuse to grasp the changes that are happening in football. Really disappointed that our athletics program still doesn't have the foresight to see this.
  6. This thread is an example of a growing losing mentality within this fan base. Remember that time, and it wasn't too long ago, when USF fans wouldn't even mention that other school while they would continuously obsess over us?
  7. Whoever we play, I hope we give Oladokun the chance to play every snap and see what we have. I guess it's cool that we get an extra few weeks of practice? Gotta look for any positive we can these days... We'll be back. Stay positive Bulls fans
  8. Barnett is not the future. We NEED to start Chris O in the bowl game!!
  9. He throws the intermediate pass in more rhythm and more accurate than Quinton did. There's no way he'll ever match Q's big play ability but it does seem like he has a flare to him. Needs to be coached up though like everyone has said.
  10. I think Oladokun has the potential to be electric if developed correctly. He has a little bit of Flowers in him and even throws a better ball. But bringing in other QBs randomly to spell him during games will only hurt his development. I really think that game could've gone a lot differently if we would've just stuck with him the whole game.
  11. Douchebag alert! Embarrassed to call you a fellow Bulls fan.
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