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  1. Nope just realistic about where we stand as a program and the future value of our coach
  2. Lose the locker room?? Just stop. There was never a locker room to begin with. The previous coach zapped any sense of unity and leadership out of this program and anyone who’s ever watched football realizes that. Give Scott time to build his own thing, it will happen.
  3. I only read the first 4 pages of comments on this thread so not sure if the sentiment changed...but wow talk about overreacting. Drop down to FCS? Cancel the program? You guys do know that we pull recruits from the state of FLORIDA right and often all it takes is ONE player to turn a program around, i.e. Flowers? And how about the fact that we just hired a super promising young coach who can recruit like a beast? Can we give him more than 4 games with the mess that our last “coach” left us? I mean the guy inherited a locker room with very little talent and even less leadership. Botto
  4. It's much more than looting and rioting. Yes mistakes were made in getting the message across but should that take away from its importance? If a can't-miss formula for impacting positive societal change existed, we would live in utopia.
  5. Enough with the loser mentality. This is the AAC. With the talent pool we draw from we are always a year away from being competitive and should always have pretty high expectations. Especially now that have a competent coaching staff.
  6. We need a coach that wants to coach here and I feel like he's wanted to ever since he got fired. Come home Jimbo!!!
  7. You don't pay someone $20M to get lost after 2 years just to appease the media. I honestly think they realized very early on the mistake they made and how poor of a gameday coach he is, which he was with us also. The only difference is Flowers came along to save his job. Hopefully we don't make the same mistake.
  8. Let's not forget that Taggart was a game away from being fired when Flowers and Mack came along to save his job. These are once-in-a-decade players. His record without players like this speaks for itself, mainly because he's not a good team manager or Xs and Os guy. Not to mention, he was running an offense that was successful in its early days, but has been seen all over the country now. If you can promise me a Flowers and Mack again next year, then I'd consider bringing him back. Otherwise why would we go with a retread who has obvious deficiencies?
  9. The opinions of 18-21 year olds shouldn't have any bearing on the direction of our program. **** I sound old with that statement, but I believe it.
  10. This gives me faith that they have someone in mind. Not that anyone wouldn't be an improvement.
  11. I would love a coach that is actually excited about USF football. To me this is the #1 reason why we've fallen so far over the past few years. We need someone to infuse some positivity into this program, even if it's a little over-ambitious.
  12. I have to question the basic business acumen of anyone that thinks that the leadership of this team can or should remain in place
  13. It makes me cringe to see how little control the coaching staff has over this team.
  14. 11.30.19. I have never seen a coaching staff have less control of a team than USF football 2019. To keep this disaster going for any longer than the date above is an absolutely horrible business decision...much worse than paying a buyout would be. If we keep him there’s no way the situation gets better, so you’re basically saying F*** another season with a lame duck head coach. Seriously I will lose a lot of faith in our program if we don’t fire him immediately tomorrow.
  15. The head coach is holding him down. I’m 100% convinced.
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