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  1. Band is no doubt Busch league. I think the overalls are left over from the CWT janitor era.
  2. I’m all for having a progrAm that generates upstanding successful adults… but there are times that I wonder if we have too many life coaches and not enough football coaches. You can’t just hire the “good” guys and expect the football IQ to magically happens.
  3. We already have the Waterboy as HC, why not hire the rest of the cast for coaches!!
  4. So we want to hire a guy who is 2-4 in the middle of one of the most talented recruiting areas? Really? Shoot higher than that!!
  5. I lived in the apartments behind the Greenery. Wings were cheap though. Subport had the best Subs and CiCis Sink or Swim was always popular.
  6. Howdy Doody needs to pack up his progrum and head back to podunkville.
  7. I hate to say it but both these teams suck!! He who sucks least wins today.
  8. Just build a domed, air conditioned stadium and you have both and an indoor space for events and conventions.
  9. Looks like I'll be moving up a section and sitting in the shade. Save me a few seats! I'm sure there will be a few empty ones!!
  10. No, I just recognize a knob when I see it. I usually outsource the polishing to an expert.
  11. Pretty sure that's more of a knob than a turd.
  12. Dancing in the seats: The 15 best stadium songs in college and pro sports, ranked One of the great things about sports is the way a fan base can embrace a song as its own and turn it into an essential part of the game experience.
  13. We need something like Oregon’s Shout or Wisconsin’s Jump Around i nominate “Let the bodies hit the floor”.
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