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  1. Just spitballing here... but maybe Weiss’ plays are quite challenging and require a lengthy progression. Due to our O-line there is a lot of pressure on the QB and maybe JMc and Noah are not making it through the progression before bailing and scrambling. There was a definite change when Fortin entered the game. He was either working through the play progression or had different plays. He made a mistake on play 2 by lowering his shoulder at the end of his run against a LB. Then hit in similar fashion attempting to score resulting in a shoulder injury. I personally think there are some po
  2. Put EVERYONE in the portal and let’s start over! ESPN is dragging this out!!!
  3. Looks better than McCloud to me. But the O-line would have to be a lot better for a pro style QB
  4. JMc and no depth to defense. Allowing 39 points is too much
  5. Horrible onside kick. Then do the same play twice. Lazy play calling
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