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  1. I sit right behind the O-line bench. Jennings was fired up and trying to get everyone hyped up, but to no avail. Just extreme apathy on that bench. I know big guys (as I'm one) don't get turned up like a receiver, but man..... they looked defeated even when we were winning. Only in the 4th quarter when they cut off Atterbury's wraps and the let 2nd string play did I see some life... Atterbury was trying to dance. Maybe it's just game face... down to business attitude...
  2. Tom Brady was drafted at 199 Fitzpatrick at 250 Tony Romo - undrafted There's always a chance.... unless your are Tim Tebow.
  3. He runs like a fullback without the size needed to move the pile.
  4. Barnett had to go in this game tonight to prove to his teammates, the fans, and the coaches that McCloud is better. No excuses for GT or W being better teams. 1:1 against SC, Barnett could not move the ball for 2 series (3 and out). Took Defense to set him up in the red zone to score. Even Evans and Rygol were better. Sucks for him as a grad student but... best player plays.
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