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  1. Dabo and Saban both in Lakeland this week at Lakeland Christian and Lakeland High School....CJS better get to Polk quick!!
  2. Never thought I would be cheering for Clemson..........
  3. And he speaks in full sentences and doesn’t sound like a bumbling idiot!!
  4. If he played his cards right he could have two FBS fields named after him.
  5. Wisconsin up 21-7 over #1 Ohio State at half. Makes our loss not feel so bad!!
  6. That's a big read into what I stated. My point was he has never done it and it may take longer than we expect as he has a learning curve to overcome. Never said he can't do it...
  7. Has Kelly ever fired a football Head Coach or any coach with a contract as extensive as Strong's? Has Kelly effectively searched for and replaced a Football Head Coach with success? My understanding is no... so there may be learning curve for him in this process as well. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. What is happening with Debiase and Frost? Are they worse than McCloud and Rygol? If so... why are they wasting a spot in the roster?
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