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  1. I see it every home game. Sit closer. You will too.
  2. Watch the sidelines. Notice the body language. No eye contact, looking down. No enthusiasm. The players don’t seem to buy into the program. Watch the benches during the next home game. You will see the same.
  3. These players were probably pushed harder and coached better in HS than what they are getting from Gilbert and Jean-Mary. Don’t think that they don’t see what we do. Most of them have been playing since they were 6-8 years old. They know what a good coach looks like.
  4. Exactly. Strong coached - Strong recruited. Offense scored enough to win the game had the defense been able to stop anything.
  5. Because the crotchety, old Fred Sanford coach.
  6. NO excitement or enthusiasm from coaches at all. I sit in row k at RJ and the coaches are blah... Geriatric coaching. The coaches have a J.O.B., not a drive to succeed!! These young players need charisma and hype. They need to have fun playing the game they love. Otherwise they check out. Look at Houston sideline vs ours.
  7. Exactly! Horrible coaching of poor recruits. Strong is not strong!
  8. If he was a good recruiter then our Freshmen secondary wouldn’t suck!
  9. Secondary SUCKS! Gey beat on speed every play.
  10. Gilbert chokes in the red zone and defaults to the safe play. Ball-less wonder.
  11. Leaving too many points on the field to win this game.