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  1. Thats a good idea!!....we used to wait until the first USF TD to pop the first beer....maybe we should use first downs now.
  2. Charlie Strong has caused this environment. He rode the coattails of one recruiting class at UL. He regressed at Texas...He has regressed here. It’s just not W’s and L’s...it’s the whole package...the attitudes, the perceived lack of passion...the looks of confusion...the bad game decisions...the weak recruiting rankings...the confusing rambling at the podium...he has to go...USF does not have a choice now...Attendance is terrible...fans are more vocal now than ever....nobody is happy with the product. My assumption is a 4-8 season...he has gone 10-2 to 7-6 to 4-8.....I would rather pay him $7M+ to go then pay him $5M to be here. Hopefully the $7M can be paid in yearly installments.
  3. You watched this O-Line??? Doesn’t matter who QB is....
  4. I think if he gets fired he will end up as an assistant at a P5 program trying to learn from his shortcomings for a year or two....Alabama always hires failed head coaches as assistants
  5. I know some people on here don’t care for the Daily Stampede but they have a guy in staff named Seth Varnadore. He used to coach football in HS and at some level in college I believe. On YouTube they post videos of him breaking down the schemes and game film. I recommend watching it. You can see improvement....you can also see things that are wide open that the qb didn’t see...it can be rough at times but I think this offense can become something. Just go watch and listen to what he talks about. If anything it was awesome to see knowledgeable talk and detailed breakdown about USF football. Search The Daily Stampede on YouTube.
  6. The bad thing is the "we" that hired him are not here anymore and left a mess to deal with.
  7. I like the idea of “USF” on the helmet but those helmets Saturday were not what I had in mind. It looked like they accidentally packed the wrong helmets and got lucky with a few packages of “USF” stickers packed away
  8. It doesn't matter who the QB is...this team is not winning 7 or 8 MORE games this season. Drastic changes have to occur or this team is looking at 3-9 at best. Who are we beating with the way this team is currently playing? UCONN: Probably BYU: NO Navy: NO ECU: Maybe Temple: NO Cincy: NO Memphis: NO UCF: NO
  9. That is a fact for every offense that ever played football.....
  10. So this is kind of like the USF 2004 CUSA season where CJL made the decision to play tons of Freshmen, knowing they were going to take their lumps, for the 2005 jump into the Big East. Though I wonder if this hurts recruiting in the long run...apparently they have a huge list of players sitting this season out due to transfer rules
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