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  1. 1) Strongest Bulls unit, RB or WR? WR2) What do you like most about Blake Barnett? Decision making...seems like he can make all the throws3) What concerns you most about Blake Barnett? Durability from lack of playing4) Favorite tailgate beverage? IM simple...BEER5) What is your guess on the greatest number of members to sign up at TBP in one day? 48
  2. BiggTipp

    Why the Dark uniforms?

    Senior night 2017
  3. USF 45-20 Horne (the return of the jet sweep baby!!) McCants 570
  4. Yea your right...pic taken from twitter
  5. I think you may have read it wrong. The line is by USF
  6. 2007 Rutgers made me FOREVER hate Schiano and Rutgers...no other game has come close to doing that to me.
  7. 2003 Louisville in OT...great game
  8. Did you attend the Bulls' first game against Ga Tech head coach Paul Johnson when he led a #8 Ga. Southern team to a 24-23 victory over the Bulls in the 1997 Inaugural Season? NO....I was a Gator fan back then....and only 17 (so cut me some slack...it's a family thing) USF has beaten a number of current ACC members. Without looking it up, name them: NC State, UNC, FSU, Miami, Clemson (missed Cuse LVille Pitt...idiot) A yellowjacket is most closely related to a wasp, a spider or a bee? Spider Do you expect we'll have more offensive possessions or tackles (solo and assisted) by our leading tackler? Tackles At this moment, are you planning on attending the game next year in Atlanta? No
  9. BiggTipp

    2018 Team vs. 2017 Team

    Ummm I dont think Dan Marino could even run
  10. BiggTipp

    AP Poll is Out

    That game was a ******** $how
  11. I can’t hate on the guy...was happy to get him when we did...wanted him fired for a short time...then the resurgence happened...without Taggart I don’t think the team is where they are today. Would have never had Q, MM, DJ, Rodney Adams...that super explosive offense that scored 77 td’s....hated to see him leave. This job was a stepping stone for him..he had no ties to the school other than it was in his back yard growing up. He took the $$$ and went to Oregon then to FSU to the school he and his family grew up loving...He left us better than he found us and Thank You for that.
  12. BiggTipp

    2018 Team vs. 2017 Team

    The scramble to the right...threw on the run to McCants downfield and hit him in the hands with a defender all over him...that was an impressive throw
  13. I haven't had the opportunity to come to any games for awhile but will be there for the Elon game. I'm coming from Hernando County down I-75 to 275. We always got off on MLK and parked over near One Buc Place. Is there a better exit to get off on and better area to park that isn't crazy expensive? And this may be a worthless post as we are being given tickets that may or may not come with a parking pass...will find out tonight.