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  1. They are trying to zone block...the new blocking scheme is part of the problem
  2. Hey why isn’t this available on your YouTube channel?
  3. Cool story! Taurus Johnson...One of my all time favorite Bulls!!
  4. They also wore them in 2009 for the game against Cincy. The warmed up in the gold helmets then came out in these. They also wore them in the International Bowl against Northern Illinois same season. Also wore them several times in 2010 season.
  5. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2019/09/11/usf-still-mum-on-starting-qb-but-kerwin-bell-says-o-line-changes-are-coming/ Also mentions QB battle and MLB starter for next game.
  6. In his post game PC Strong said a decision would be made Tuesday or Wednesday. I guess I was assuming there would be some sort of interview or statement but it does make more sense to wait.
  7. Well we should have an answer today.....waiting not so patiently to find out.
  8. Here is another fun one. Name the coach with the best single season in conference record.....The closest we ever were to winning a division or a conference.......I'll give you a hint.
  9. I watched the replay. It looks to me that Barnett looks at two WR's in the middle of the field first then over to Wilcox. It's difficult to tell for sure but that's what it looks like to me.
  10. The ball appears to be past #22 for GT...who is on the goal line.........
  11. 1. WR's at top of formation 2. WR's blocking (pretty well) 3. O-line not blocking well 4. Where Kronk went with the ball and where NOBODY was. The single high Safety was playing center field. The in the middle looks impressive but it disappears quick due to the failing blocks of the O-Line
  12. Navy 2016. We were up 42-14 at the time. It was right before halftime and he stretched out to the goal line and a LB knocked the ball away. Navy recovered.
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