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  1. You can read all the books you want but you never know how things are going to go until the bullets start flying. I am in LE and see it all the time with first time supervisors. They micro-manage like crazy until they have a trust of the people they supervise. He evaluated himself, adjusted, and has a new plan of action.
  2. When has that ever worked out well for anyone?....especially football coaches.
  3. Maybe the same can be said for you as well???? Maybe....
  4. Oxford coach: New Tennessee staff pulls Roc Taylor's offer Oxford High School coach Keith Etheredge said Tennessee informed him Tuesday that they would not honor wide receiver Roc Taylor's longtime commitment to the school. "Etheredge said Taylor still plans on signing somewhere Wednesday. Indiana, UAB, Jacksonville State and South Florida are among the schools that had been in touch with him Tuesday." **Last paragraph of story**
  5. But But But....I thought he wanted to be close to his mom?????
  6. All good facts. Also just look at the guys we signed and look at who we are recruiting against compared to previous signed players. We just got a kicker that had offers from Alabama, Clemson, NC, etc. We got Jimmy Horn Jr. when UGA was hot on him.....these types of things make me excited for the future. These are the recruiting battles we haven't seen in several seasons. This next season may not be wonderful to watch but I believe there will be quite an improvement.
  7. So is this 5 star ranking similar to the Colley Matrix Natty Champ or is it more legit and we got an actual 5 ️ Kicker
  8. He was fun to watch. Is he the only USF player to run, catch, return , and throw TD's?
  9. Jimmy Horn Jr. says otherwise. Offers from UGA, TENN, Oklahoma but signs with USF, along with his HS QB
  10. I gotta find somewhere else to talk USF football...I can’t handle the stupid negativity on this board anymore. I’m not sure where any of you thought this team would be good. Take into account the players out every week because of this stupid virus. The severe lack of talent at all positions. The lack of time together for the players or coaching staff. IDGAF what anyone here has to say differently. I’m out. I’ll be back after the season to check recruiting.
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