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  1. 1) The winning team: Notre Dame2) The final score: 37-213) Bulls leading rusher: Noah Johnson4) Bulls leading receiver: Johnny Ford (lots of check downs)5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 395
  2. Exactly. We were lucky to get this kid. If he played his full season with no injuries, he probably could have gone wherever he wanted to.
  3. What is the social injustice that they are not practicing for? Just wondering.
  4. Pre-Season polls are only for marketing matchups and drumming up sports talk radio and tv shows. They mean nothing...And I like USF being way down on the list. Let the players see that and take it to heart.
  5. That's true. I looked up some gun stats, as I exercise my second amendment right as much as possible. The United States has approximately 393,000,000 firearms or 120.5 per 100 citizens...far and away #1 in both categories. Second is India in total firearms with 71,000,000...but only 5.3 per 100 citizens The country with the second highest firearms per 100 citizens is the Falkland Islands with 62 per 100. Also, there are only three countries in which they have a written constitution that has the protected right to bear arms. Those countries are the United States, Mexico, a
  6. I used to listen to their podcasts, videos, and follow them on Twitter. But this above is EXACTLY why I checked out from them.
  7. I think also best game to watch. Will the KW game hold your attention for all four quarters and be enjoyable to watch the whole way? I've watched the game all the way through before but not sure its more exciting the going to South Bend and beating ND.
  8. Ok so lets start a list then. Make game ONE the Game one for the "Lost season of 2020 review". Why don't you list them as what place game they were played during the season. Auburn would clearly be the best game #2 USF has ever played. Thats the point of the list.
  9. Why don't we start a list of games to re-watch. This will take some effort but lets look historically at all the seasons. Find the best season opener, second game, third game, fourth game, etc. and put together a season to re-watch. Maybe if there are some close losses but were amazing games to watch, they make the list. I'll start. So for the first game, there is only really three choices. 1997 vs Kentucky Wesleyan 2011 vs Notre Dame 2017 vs San Jose St. I would say 2011 vs Notre Dame 2020 Greatest Games Schedule Game 1: 2011 vs Notre Dame Game 2: ??
  10. BiggTipp

    Florida Covid

    I just have to convince my wife she can survive an actual winter. We are both Florida born and raised.
  11. BiggTipp

    Florida Covid

    I think Wyoming is where I want to move to when I retire...it looks beautiful there but moving there really has to do with the lack of population...less people seems pretty awesome to me. I don't like people anymore. I know this post isn't exactly about "Covid" but since I used the word "Covid" maybe it is ok.
  12. "Capogna’s disciplinary history shows he’s been the subject of at least 15 other internal inquiries or investigations since 2013. " sheesh...That's not good.
  13. Due to this virus I have no idea what to expect this season. I think we could have a bowl eligible team but with the lack of practice and in-person coaching, that seems like a stretch this season. I do believe there are good players in place that just need the right coaching...In the coming seasons I think the recruiting will skyrocket and the results will speak clearly of that.
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