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  1. No...the win that made us bowl eligible that year was the Temple win.
  2. CSH never offered him...Larry Scott was begging CSH to offer him. The day Taggart got the job, Larry Scott approached him and convinced him to offer a scholarship. So I guess that makes him a "Larry Scott Recruit"
  3. What football team would you like to renew or have a series? Lets finish out the ACC and play Wake Forest, BC, Virginia, VaTech, and Duke Who will be our leading rusher at season’s end? Mangham Who will be our leading receiver at season’s end? Weaver Will Timmy McClain break Matt Grothe’s Freshman Passing Yards Record? (2,576 in 2006) NO What happens when you travel at the speed of light … and turn your headlights on? Here is a long winded scientific answer: What would happen if you drove your car close to the speed of light and turned on the headlights? | Science Questions with Surprising Answers Light in vacuum always travels at the same speed c, exactly 299,792,458 meters per second, no matter how it is created or in what frame it is obser...
  4. I hope this comes back to bite them...this country is not headed in a very good direction...
  5. I kinda like the idea of beating them up with the big back and bringing the scat backs in as change of pace. The problem becomes when you use the big back as change of pace, everyone knows what is happening. Just my opinion as a zero experienced football coach
  6. I have a feeling the next class is going to be very transfer portal heavy, which is why we don't see a ton of commits yet...just my opinion.
  7. They did get two Defensive linemen from the portal. A DE from MIssissippi St. and a DE/DT from New Mexico St.. I think the Miss ST. transfer is dinged up and the NM St transfer quit football due to family stuff. I don't think they ignored it. All the Florida schools dipped into the D Line transfer portal last year. Four DT's (Pinkney, Kegler, Green, Mangum) are listed as Graduates, meaning they took advantage of the COVID year. Also due to COVID and allowing players to stay caused USF to have to greyshirt two DT's they had committed. We would have had six new D Linemen total coming in after last season. Three of those (2 greyshirts and one quit) never made it to campus. Also when you say "cleaned house" do you mean revoke the scholarship and kick them off the team? I don't think that is a good look and probably isn't looked at well in the eyes of recruits and area HS football coaches. Thomas Nance was listed as a DE on the 2019 roster. Switched over to TE in 2020.
  8. Strong won games with Taggart recruits. As those Taggart recruits left...the wins did too....coincidence? I think not.
  9. I think that is even a step forward. When is the last time you felt that way? That they left one out on the field. Like CJS said...they will watch the film and be sick. They didn't get beat down even though the score suggests that to someone who didn't watch the game. They had receivers running free downfield. Plenty of plays to be made that were just a little off. Hit a couple of them and the running game would open up. Our defense finally got pressure for the first time in what felt like forever. The losing is frustrating but there is progress.
  10. Jim Leavitt's departure is addition by subtraction of a distraction for the Oregon Ducks We are two seasons removed from the firing of a legacy staff and save for one strong recruiting class. It's safe to say that the last two years have been rocky off the field...
  11. THANK YOU LORD. I have finally read a post that gives me a reason to keep coming to this message board. Someone with sense and analytical viewing that sees what I see. Offensively we are playing a True FR Quarterback, True FR Wide Receiver, a Tailback new to this system, a new starting guard in Dustyn Hall. This offense is on the edge of clicking and being a force. How do you complain about the play calls when there were wide receivers flying open EVERYWHERE against SMU. McClain wasn't his best last night. That's expected occasionally when the kid is a TRUE FRESHMAN in his THIRD EVER START. You cant complain about the recruiting when these young guys are coming in and taking jobs away from upper classmen. The plays are there. The play calling is just fine. Those saying they aren't playing gutsy must not remember all the 4th down attempts against BYU. I didn't like the punt at the SMU 35 but I'm also not a coach. Defensively there is a lack of size up front. Injuries in the backfield made a WALK ON to start at CB, and play well BTW. He was not the one being picked on all night (talking to you Matt Hill). Remember THREE starting DB's are out injured. Top DB backups are out with injury. The tackling has been less than acceptable. Got better for awhile in the last game so maybe that's changing some too. Also we just played 5 games....4 of those games were against teams now ranked in the top 25. #10 BYU (5-0) #20 Florida (3-2) (Losses to #1 Alabama and #16 Kentucky) #23 NC State (4-1) (Loss to Miss St. who is now "getting votes" Technically #30) #24 SMU (5-0) What did you all expect to happen based on the above. I dont like the losing either but I can see the changes. Also those ******** about the recruiting must not pay attention to recruiting that much., CJS has already said the class is going to be small due to available schollies. Like real small...maybe less than 10. Not his fault either. COVID gave everybody a free year.
  12. 1. Most impressive play at a USF BULLS Football Home Game you attended? 2007 vs Louisville: Opening kickoff to Louisville. The returner was hit by Jerome Murphy and fumbled. The fumble was recovered by Nate Allen who took it into the endzone. The only time I've ever seen a team kickoff and score in the same play. 2. Your favorite USF BULLS Football Away Game you traveled? Sadly only one: 2006 vs UCF. Got the dub though 3. What will happen first in the 2021 Football Season? 300 Yard Passer - 100 Yard Rusher - 100 Yard Receiver vs FBS: 100 yd rusher 4. Will Shrader kick a 50 Yard or longer FG this season? Yes. I say his long will be 54 yards by season end. How nice is it to see kickoffs going into the endzone! 5. If bald people work in a restaurant, do they still need to wear a hairnet? As a bald man (by choice) I say no.
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