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  1. "Capogna’s disciplinary history shows he’s been the subject of at least 15 other internal inquiries or investigations since 2013. " sheesh...That's not good.
  2. Due to this virus I have no idea what to expect this season. I think we could have a bowl eligible team but with the lack of practice and in-person coaching, that seems like a stretch this season. I do believe there are good players in place that just need the right coaching...In the coming seasons I think the recruiting will skyrocket and the results will speak clearly of that.
  3. No Way...these helmets are garbage
  4. A WR from Tennessee Tech 2004 Home Opener. I also remember Jenkins blowing up a WR from Cincy 2007
  5. I would be more concerned with squat, deadlift, clean and jerk...dont get me wrong...bench press is very important but a small piece of the puzzle.
  6. 2009 class was the highest rated ever But 2014 class was the most productive by a country mile
  7. I think this has Luke Fickell written all over it.
  8. Looks like Larry Scott is the new HC at Howard University
  9. Maybe more of an option to play right away...Maybe his old position coach is not interested.
  10. He was in the tweet of CJS shaking hands with the players running back from conditioning...all players have numbers on their Adidas shirts..Ford is wearing #1...the Oregon transfer RB is wearing #2
  11. That's awesome. Nice way to start a pipeline
  12. So I wonder how that works the other way. I know CJS made it sound like an engagement...so what about recruits committed elsewhere? Does he still go after them or leave them be because they are spoken for? Its always cool to flip a kid but I think that means they were not 100% to start with.
  13. Who did that happen to? Just wondering who, not being argumentative.
  14. He said that his policy is that if you commit then you are committed...period. No more visits. If you commit then take a visit somewhere else then he will pull the scholarship. He compared it to getting engaged then dating other people up to your wedding day. I agree with the policy, but i can see where it will be difficult due to these kids being young and easily influenced.
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