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  1. BiggTipp

    We will be back at the top..

    Been a fan since 2002....I remember big wins but this team has never been at the “top” Leavitt and late season collapses...Holtz new error...Taggart got the closest...and now....boring uninterested players...it hasn’t been fun to watch since the Birmingham Bowl 2016....except when DJ and Q said FU$& it and played their way in the tail end of the Bham Bowl 2017
  2. BiggTipp

    We will be back at the top..

    How can we go back to somewhere we have never been?
  3. BiggTipp

    Some Good USF Football News

    First play...line up....fire off the ball...and hit somebody in the mouth!!!
  4. And what is the quality of the defenses we have played so far?? Ga Tech - 43 Illinois - 127 UCONN - 129 UMASS - 119 Houston - 120 Tulane - 89 ECU - 67 Tulsa - 73 TEAMS LEFT ON SCHEDULE CINCY - 5 Temple - 44 UCF - 96
  5. BiggTipp

    Comment from a player...

    That’s completely on Coaches then...whatever the deal is this team is leaderless...completely. The one player that showed any fire this year got suspended indefinitely according to the broadcast team
  6. CCS has sucked the fun out of USF football...don’t like his style at all....
  7. I expected 8-4 to 9-3 at the start of the season but losses are never easy. However these 7 wins so far this season are the most frustrating wins I have ever seen as a Bulls fan.
  8. BiggTipp

    BJM or CCS

    This doesn’t get stated enough
  9. BiggTipp

    USF Bulls Gear...

    The one GameDay tradition we have is my Father in Law and I don't drink a beer until USF scores their first TD. Luckily last week I was on call so I couldn't drink at all.
  10. BiggTipp

    Gilbert has to go

    I think the O-Line is a major part of his problem...shore that up and he is just fine
  11. BiggTipp

    Defense in 4th Quarter

    Go to the play-by-play section and click on the 4th quarter in the header
  12. Just wanted to post this. According to the USF drive chart, Tulsa ran a total of 10 plays in the 4th quarter for a grand total of 0 yards..... https://gousfbulls.com/boxscore.aspx?id=10513&path=football
  13. BiggTipp

    Blake Barnett

    Give this kid time in the pocket...his accuracy, pocket presence, and field vision are great...he can throw dimes...but the line in front of him has been terrible this season