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  1. He was in the tweet of CJS shaking hands with the players running back from conditioning...all players have numbers on their Adidas shirts..Ford is wearing #1...the Oregon transfer RB is wearing #2
  2. So I wonder how that works the other way. I know CJS made it sound like an engagement...so what about recruits committed elsewhere? Does he still go after them or leave them be because they are spoken for? Its always cool to flip a kid but I think that means they were not 100% to start with.
  3. Big Facts. Don’t know about the Big 10 entry bet we for sure win that game.
  4. Meh...more like a flea market....but a classy flea market like Big Top flea market, you know where part of it is air conditioned.
  5. And then went shopping at that same rummage sale.......
  6. I think he could make a very comfortable living as a DC somewhere. My feeling is his HC days are done.
  7. Just about anything you watch can be considered "lowbrow entertainment". I can tell you however that I watch football at a much different level than I do any movie or tv show, or just about any other sport. I watch USF football with my Father in Law and we are dissecting the game as we watch...paying attention to schemes, formations, game plans, etc and discussing these topics. I am sure there are lots of people out there and on this board that do the same. So in a way I would say I am a more sophisticated football fan than not. And as OBSESSED you are about CJL, you must watch at some level of sophistication......or not.
  8. San Francisco, Colorado, Oregon, Tallahassee......Close to Mom?
  9. and the hopeful thing is an upgrade in talent to go against the upgrade in competition.
  10. Is it really though? I would say more like oranges vs grapefruit. CUSA level football destroyed SMU which destroyed us. Also, when was the last time we beat a CUSA team? We are 0 for the last 3.....
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