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Hi Guest,

Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

Thank you,

Brad Brad



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  1. All I know is I almost cried when I saw RB’s catching passes
  2. I was 12 years old and in the 7th grade. I was also a Gators fan then ...Dont hate me...I was born into it.
  3. You need to move Brown and Black up a level...they were steady in the DL rotation.
  4. How did Taggart ruin Bayes? Not being smart but legitimately asking.
  5. I like the offense but I prefer Kerwin Bell for the Florida/Georgia connections
  6. Why not Dugans as WR coach? Seeing as our wr coach had his contract end 2 days ago
  7. They were defending the defensive line like offensive lineman.....The Marshall QB was pressured like what? Less than 5 times? At least that's how I remember it.
  8. In the state of Florida? Because in the state of Florida running a stop sign is a moving violation not a criminal violation. So that had to be another state. And for a court date to be initially given on a ticket it has to be a criminal offense meaning the kid had a suspended license and knew it but drove anyway and got caught. Knowingly driving while license suspended or revoked.
  9. It looks like he coached 2006 and 2008 then not again until 2015. I remember him working for Yahoo for awhile.
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