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  1. The more I think about this, why should we want to leave for the Big 12? It seems to be a conference in shambles. Their bellcows are leaving. I read somewhere their media payout per team could drop from $37M to $9M per team once that happens. I need to find the link but I read a story that talked about the ratings comparison of the AAC to the remaining 8 B12 teams. Over the last 5 years, the average viewership is actually higher for the AAC. I feel the AAC is solid (for now). I think they could send an open invite to 5 B12 teams and make this a nice conference to be in.
  2. The first 2 games I went to with my Father in Law were Louisville 2003 and Cincinnati 2003. Both were 2OT wins. 64-12 in person was pretty awesome as well. I lost my voice after the Auburn game from screaming at the TV
  3. What did either of them ever do to make you think that?
  4. I think they are going to be surprisingly better...I think 5+ wins and competitive in every game. I know 5 wins isnt great but I think a second year in the system with an increase in talent across the board has me optimistic for better than 5 wins. The improved QB talent alone is exciting. I need to research the teams we play this year and see how they measure up with what they lost and gained.
  5. I remember 2007 vs UCF on one play he got in the backfield so fast that he swatted the ball from the QB at he was going to hand the ball off.
  6. I just read about these helmets...They are specifically designed for lineman to wear. https://www.vicis.com/zero2-trench
  7. You can read all the books you want but you never know how things are going to go until the bullets start flying. I am in LE and see it all the time with first time supervisors. They micro-manage like crazy until they have a trust of the people they supervise. He evaluated himself, adjusted, and has a new plan of action.
  8. When has that ever worked out well for anyone?....especially football coaches.
  9. Maybe the same can be said for you as well???? Maybe....
  10. Oxford coach: New Tennessee staff pulls Roc Taylor's offer Oxford High School coach Keith Etheredge said Tennessee informed him Tuesday that they would not honor wide receiver Roc Taylor's longtime commitment to the school. "Etheredge said Taylor still plans on signing somewhere Wednesday. Indiana, UAB, Jacksonville State and South Florida are among the schools that had been in touch with him Tuesday." **Last paragraph of story**
  11. But But But....I thought he wanted to be close to his mom?????
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