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  1. I gotta find somewhere else to talk USF football...I can’t handle the stupid negativity on this board anymore. I’m not sure where any of you thought this team would be good. Take into account the players out every week because of this stupid virus. The severe lack of talent at all positions. The lack of time together for the players or coaching staff. IDGAF what anyone here has to say differently. I’m out. I’ll be back after the season to check recruiting.
  2. Oh, it'll be fine...we'll just borrow the money from some other country...you know instead of working to make our own....
  3. I know I'm really diving back, but I have questions. This may take quite some time to get the complete answers as to why Skip Holtz failed here. Maybe nobody cares either. What makes it tough to understand is how he was successful everywhere else but terrible here. I'm not trying to bring up argumentative points but to really understand why. Was it a Skip Holtz issue? Was it a USF issue? I remember the football team having issues with their APR score and teetering on penalties...was that a factor? Looking at Skip Holtz's coaching record, He seems to have a winning record everywhere
  4. None of the running back on the roster "have the power to break through the line." They are all too small. The biggest difference I can see is that Battie is running outside a little more frequently than Joiner is but also gets upfield quicker, which I really like. I just hope to see someone back there one day that is north of 200 lbs.....
  5. We should have no issue hiring another coach who wants to work under those circumstances...
  6. The switch to prevent defense and conservative play calls in the last half of the 4th are on the OC. So yes, I think this loss is in the coaches. They circled the wagons and hoped to hold on for a win
  7. Yea this game was completely on the coaches. Turtled up and tried to hang on to win. They just tried to hang on when they went up by 13. Scary spot to be against an offense that has the ability to score quickly. Several questionable play calls today.
  8. That game was a fluke....there are fluke games every year. By the way, BYU played their redshirt freshman QB in his first ever game. They made a deal about it because he was the first African American QB to ever start for BYU. BYU went on to beat #14 Boise St. after losing to USF (also the third loss in a row for BYU that season, lost to Washington, Toledo, USF in that order) BYU also finished the season 7-6. McCloud was 7-14 for 72 yds passing in that game...FLUKE
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