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  1. TallyBull

    USF Will Win on Friday

    Based on all evidence to date I expect we will lose by 21+ points. Would love to be proven wrong.
  2. TallyBull

    Skip Holtz 2.0

    Last year we had about as talented a team as we’ve ever had at USF. And that team, as good as it was, performed well because of its talent, not its coaching. I have little faith that CCS will indeed be able to recruit the right talent, or coach it up when it’s here.
  3. I’m not sure where the optimism of “wait until next year” is coming from. I don’t see a young team that will improve over time. I see a team that is not getting properly coached on offense or defense. This issue will not change next year, and we have a more difficult OOC schedule and McKenzie Milton in his senior year. Hate to be negative, but things are going to get worse before they get better, if they ever do.
  4. TallyBull


    That’s what I thought too, but “change coaches or I walk” is not a dilemma. It’s an ultimatum. I’m so confused. Like our coaches.
  5. TallyBull


    I wonder how many jobs this OC will cost CCS before he makes a change. It arguably cost him the job at UT. This defense is all his though. BJM should be implementing CCS’ defense. If not, CCS himself should be asking questions and/or making changes.
  6. TallyBull


    “Delemia”? I thought this thread had something to do with infectious diseases.
  7. TallyBull

    Skip Holtz 2.0

    Not sure CCS is going to convince any recruits that he’s here for the long haul. Not sure even USF thinks he’s here for the long haul.
  8. TallyBull

    Young team

    Sorry. I’d buy the “young team” excuse if I felt like the coaching was there. But the coaching is not there. Seems obvious to me now.
  9. TallyBull


    Meant Auburn last year in bowl game. And, us. Memphis in the conference title game.
  10. TallyBull


    Aside from recognition from coaches and pollsters, rankings just don’t matter to AAC teams. Look at C., who they’ve beaten and how long their streak is. They still wont sniff the CFB playoff. So what good does their ranking do them, really? None. ALL that matters is a conference championship for us. We can still (in theory) get to the conference championship. If we do, and win it, then we deserve some recognition in the form of a ranking. Otherwise, we shouldn’t be ranked. It’s really not much more complicated than that.
  11. Notwithstanding our record, it’s clear to me this team has some glaring deficiencies. I think it’s wrong to pin it on just one thing. Conservative offense and questionable playcalling in key situations are definitely problems, but they are far from the only problems. Our defense is also unreliable, particularly on 3rd down, and has been all year. Until Tulsa I was hoping they’d at least fix the issue on defense, and compete for the conference. Now I don’t think that’s going to happen this year, if it ever does under this coaching staff.
  12. I like CCS and would like him to stay, but my built-in assumption was always that he’d bolt, so if he does it won’t surprise me. Not sure we can afford him. Hopefully the next coach can get us to a conference championship game (assuming CCS doesn’t make it this year, which seems unlikely). That coach is the one I’ll really lament leaving.
  13. I’m physically and emotionally unable to hope C. does anything other than lose. Always.
  14. King is going to get a shot somewhere. He went undefeated as a QB at Tulane, almost took the Bucs to a Super Bowl, and is from St. Pete. He’s been coaching at the collegiate level for several years now, under Taggart and Strong. I agree that we are unlikely to fire Gilbert, but if he ever leaves for greener pastures, I would like King to get serious consideration as an OC and possibly HC for USF down the road.
  15. TallyBull

    Matt Baker's Worst Nightmare

    Auman was really great in this regard. I never felt like he was a homer or biased against USF. He always seemed fair and extremely thorough. We lost a lot when he left for the Bucs beat, which was great for him - a much deserved promotion. We have some very thin-skinned fans because of the trauma and insecurity of the P5 to G5 demotion - and people like Baker, Knight, and Fennelly take advantage of that dynamic for clicks. Plus, these guys came of age when USF was at first a novelty, then an afterthought, in the CFB landscape. So they have a hard time taking USF seriously. The solution seems obvious enough to me. The Times should hire a youngish (read: cheap) USF journalism grad to handle the USF beat. But the Times is going the way of the dodo, so that probably won’t happen.