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  1. Maybe. We need leadership from the school president. Who will it be and what will his or her views on this issue be?
  2. We should have built the IPF a decade ago. And I’ve always thought it was a mistake to play green and gold Bulls college football in a red and pewter professional stadium with a pirate ship, regardless of amenities. What most people love about college football are the atmospherics and nostalgia. We’ve been lacking those since the team was born. UCF’s administration, to its credit, has understood that for years. Ours still doesn’t and it has cost us dearly. Float on with an NFL stadium at your peril.
  3. How could this happen?! I mean, we play in Raymond James Stadium!
  4. That’s only seven teams. Assuming those seven are in (I have a hard time believing Boise State and Memphis based upon academics among other things), and the Big 12 is expanding to 16, isn’t there one more slot? If it’s expanding only to 14, seems to me one of those seven gets left behind, and UCF seems to be out of the footprint (arguably). Anyways, I’m always concerned when we’re left off a list, but I’m not ready to jump off a cliff just yet.
  5. He mentions the fact that Oviedo is ahead of us in terms of facilities. Doesn’t he know we play at the same stadium as the Super Bowl champions? And we upgraded our locker room at said stadium? And we’re building an IPF (I think)? But seriously, the fact Oviedo has been better than us at winning football games lately, shouldn’t be a deciding factor. Rutgers is in the B10 after all.
  6. From a USF/AAC perspective, I would think more chaos the better, so I’m hoping KU makes a move. If the little 8 hangs together, we need to mock and dismiss them as an inferior conference as much as we can, just like they did with the Big East back in the day.
  7. Maybe somebody has already made this point, and if so I’m sorry for being redundant, but in light of the UT/OU money the little 8 stand to get by sticking together, the AAC needs to create demand to join. If we’re really trying to take all 8, why wouldn’t they just wait to move until the contract runs out? On the other hand, if the AAC makes it clear that it only intends to pursue a max of five to get to 16, and is including BYU and Boise in the discussion, I could see some of these little 8 schools getting kind of nervous… I don’t follow this stuff as closely as some of you, so maybe I’m missing something. But saying up front that we want all 8 teams seems like a poor negotiating position for the AAC, unless ESPN is up to something. I recognize that the AAC hasn’t officially said it is pursuing all 8 teams; just going by what has been reported.
  8. In light of UT/OU moving to the SEC, I’m thinking we should now limit participation in the CFP to two teams per conference. 😂✊🏻
  9. I’m not so sure about creating a 20-school conference. But admittedly, I haven’t followed this topic very closely. Wouldn’t 16 like the SEC be better?
  10. As a USF fan, I’ve only ever wanted to be treated fairly. ESPN was clearly behind the implosion of the Big East years ago, but no one (except the schools left behind, like USF) complained at the time. In fact, I remember lots of ACC schools and other conferences (and ESPN!) cheering it on and denigrating the Big East. It sucked, but there wasn’t much we could do about it, or so it would seem. Well, now it’s the B12’s turn to bend over. Sorry, not sorry, B12. And if the remaining members of the B12 somehow manage to stick together, preventing the AAC from benefiting from this conference realignment situation, I’ll be bitterly disappointed. USF and Cincy (and UCONN I guess) shouldn’t be the only CFB schools ever to suffer demotion. Misery loves company.
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