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  1. https://saintswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/23/nfl-saints-sign-deatrick-nichols-xfl-interceptions-leader-usf-football-news/amp/ Well at least the XFL did not die in vain. Hope he can make the team.
  2. I didn't come in the thread and say "Q has shown nothing wrong". I can freeeely admit he hasn't played as well as he could in the limited chances he's had, and quitting the league or whatever it is he's doing right now looks bad. You on the other hand said he's shown nothing (good). But such a statement just objectively isn't true. You are the one who can't acknowledge he has done some things well in the XFL. Instead I'm sure I'll continue to read in future threads, all about how unsuited he is for the pros because of reasons that aren't true.
  3. When you say he has "shown nothing" to prove he's capable at the pro level, while he was directly responsible for the Vipers first offensive touchdown, you're not "looking at the other side of things"; you're ignoring reality to to bolster your opinion. If you had watched the games, you would have seen for yourself the spark he gave the team and you would have even heard the commentators questioning why Q isn't being played at times. If he's shown nothing why are the commentators, who aren't USF homers, wanting him to be played? When you say he doesn't have the arm strength but throws a 40 yard dime in his first game, again you're not looking at the other side you are spreading falsehoods. (And the best part is when you got called out on that arm strength comment in another thread, you changed your tune to say 'oh by arm strength I really meant accuracy on short -medium length passes') If you want to present an honest debate I won't bat an eye. It's when you say things that are objectively not true, just so your opinion can appear right, that I take offense.
  4. Fine, but do you have to bring that up in every thread about him and the XFL? Or is knocking him down a peg your job on this board? For crying out loud no one is saying the kid is Joe Montana and it's some big crime he's not in the NFL. Yet here you are, on cue, ready to tell all of his fans how deluded they are for wanting to see him play. Again, imagine that, his fans want to see him play more for his hometown team. Do I need to get some pictures to help illustrate or is it clear what the "fascination" is? Now why don't you find a more positive drum to beat to death instead of this one.
  5. Whoa seriously??? This is like fan of the year (or at least off season lol) material. Need some serious kudos for going through all that.
  6. Absolutely should not even be talking about retiring numbers. That starts approaching 'build O'Leary a statue' levels of desperation, in order to appear more important than you are. The players mentioned all did great things for us, but someone needs to win a Heisman/natty/player of the year type of accolade aaaand go on to be a great player/coach after USF aaaand continue being a staunch USF supporter/donor/advocate. (In case you can't tell I think number retiring should be reserved for the most extreme of circumstances.) Geez, if that's all it takes wait til you hear what the Red Sox (and Astros) did these past few years.
  7. Look I'm not saying he does have the arm strength for the NFL, I'm just saying you're only using examples of how others evaluated him as 'proof' that he doesn't have it. Yes the NFL evaluated him as 'not a starter' and so did the vipers, but that in and of itself doesn't prove he lacks the arm strength. They may not like his height, his weight, his decision making, etc etc. Or the two teams he was on both may have simply had QBs that better fit the schemes they wanted to run. Other schools evaluated Q for college QB play and said no. By your logic, the conclusion is 'he didn't have the arm strength for division 1 QB', but we both know he did well here.
  8. Counter point. Marlon Mack fell to the 4th round because teams valued him wrong. He had a disadvantage to become a starter, not because of his skills but because that's just how people wrongly evaluated him. By the same token, someone could be evaluated poorly in training camp or preseason (like perhaps Q). Mack was fortunate that the Colts had an immediate need and put him on the field so soon. I know you may think 'proves my point he still played because he had talent', but it's also a matter of who evalautes the talent, what the supporting cast is and what the scheme is. Think scheme and supporting cast aren't important? Look at what happened to Mitchell Wilcox this year. Is this year a fair evaluation of his production as a tight end? Same thing can happen in the NFL, except there's a new wave of players ready to take your job every year via the draft or trade, if you don't produce (whether that's your fault or not).
  9. I for one am shocked, SHOCKED that P5 teams don't want to come down and play in that stadium. I mean, UCF says they fixed *some* of the life threatening problems the stadium faced. ( https://www.orlandosentinel.com/classified/realestate/os-ucf-stadium-rust-20171010-story.html) And when UCF says they fixed some of the issues, you can believe it. Why, it's been a whole week since their last cover-up was exposed.
  10. Absolutely great points about the money numbers, and the gap between us is alarming. However I don't think there will be a next round of alignment. ESPN owns all the major teams' tv rights now anyways, and I doubt they'd want to pay more for a conference just because a school moved from conference A to conference B. And if ESPN doesn't offer substantially more to the expanding conference, the existing schools won't want a pay cut just to get a new member. (IE see the AAC's strategy when UConn left... leaving the spot open)
  11. Super simple. 1. Collapse of the Big East. Goodbye USF recruiting advantage. 2. UCF has cheated in every sense to get ahead in football. (Which is the money maker and 'front porch' of the university) From cheating on the construction of facilities (building dangerously unsafe stadium) to cheating to get recruits (receiving post season ban for recruiting violations and then getting off on a technicality) to cheating on funding buildings (breaking Florida law) to cheating on how they report metrics (claiming higher grades) to cheating their way to a ******natty (by just claiming one and ignoring the rules). The simple answer is cheating does work. Look at the Houston Astros, the Red Sox, the Patriots... All cheated to win and all got away with it. UCF's cheating got them competitive advantages (money, publicity, more NFL graduates to use as recruiting stats) that they reap to this day. Yeah Scott Frost was a stellar coach anyways for them, but his accomplishments were still on top of their cheater pile.
  12. Here here! I second that. Despite common sense saying a full time coach is better than a part time coach, I got bashed for saying I didn't like him treating us as second fiddle. Fans completely blinded by optimism or misguided hope (that transitive properties of championships exist), simply can't comprehend anything negative about the situation though. So their brain goes 'I can't imagine how these guys were unhappy with Scott staying at Clemson, so to put my mind at ease I will make up a reason I can understand and say they don't like USF or just are biased against the hire' But objectively and unequivocally the guy put another team as his priority.....you should be allowed to dislike that. In fact some people that really love USF would rightly be offended by the slight, considering the guy already had a pair of rings.
  13. Don’t worry, all the ex FAU coaches will be able to step in and regale the recruits with tales of their bowl game win.
  14. Whoa whoa whoa, a play calling OC who doesn’t share his responsibilities? Don’t get greedy.
  15. Yeah...On the bright side Scott won’t have to decide between staying for a victory parade or coming straight to USF.
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