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  1. I'll just stop digging myself a hole here and again say sorry then. Gotta get myself a break from all this and stop riling myself up.
  2. I do want to apologize for saying half assed. I kind of regretted it afterwards and it's too angry and mean spirited. I know that no one is going to will 40 million into being. I was just upset that people were knocking Auggie for pointing out we did come up short on something...many people instead seemed to be indicating Auggie didn't know what he was talking about.
  3. (Edit: This goes on a bit, skip the links they just are my sources) I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Auggie is 100% right that we our half assing the "Football Complex". You may not remember that term because we abandoned it a year or so ago to instead talk about "phases of facility improvements, including an IPF" USF Football Unveils 'Phase 1' Of Facility Improvements, Including Indoor Performance Facility USF Athletics is unveiling the timetable for a $22 million indoor performance facility... But what apparently most people forgot (I didn't, looks like Auggie didn't) is we originally said it was going to be a full complex dedicated to football. It was supposed to be a 40 million dollar complex...with a brand new dedicated locker room adjacent to the IPF and all kinds of facilities JUST for the football program. And the PR at the time said how moving football out of Lee Roy would lift all sports because others could move/takeover redo areas. But again, time goes on (that was originally announced in 2018), we don't get close to 40 million and so we chop the thing in half. 22 million for an IPF, 3 million for lockers. But in the new announcement you call it a "first phase" just to muddy the water and make people forget about what you really lost out on. I mean, I'm sure just like the on campus stadium, we can eventually get our proper football only complex in a later "phase" down the road. But yeah 3 million got moved out of the 40 million original idea, to prop up the old Selmon center instead of doing it in the Football Complex. USF Football unveils new $3 million locker room USF Football finally enters college football arms race. Here's another article for reference: USF targeting 2019 for football center ground-breaking New vice-president of athletics Michael Kelly said the goal is to have the facility...
  4. You know according to O'Leary's resume, he never actually lost to USF. And Mike Bia-beeetch, good to know he's still top clown at the Sentinel, so I never give them my money. As for McMurphy, well as the saying goes, that can't do, tweet.
  5. On some level, I think this hurts more than the Big12 news. You've got a guy from the Taggart era, talking about how Leavitt fired him up. And Auggie's inspirational quotes? From Willie. I guess "Were we not 7-0" and "we were distracted by the uniforms" didn't motivate the guys. It's one thing for the fans to miss those coaches...it's another to hear about it from the players. And our Athletic Director passed on the opportunity to bring that duo back, so we could instead hire an unproven first timer who fired Sanchez & (Shaun) King, only to bring in Pat White and the FAU leftovers. We really really did miss an opportunity to not only heal the program and make amends, but to bring some fire and passion back. (I was always hoping that was the fans nostalgia talking but this dude didn't even play for Leavitt...) Oh and you're gonna tell me we're disrespecting former players who want to come to games? 🤢
  6. Before Jeff Scott got hired was the time to do it, via the Tags/Leavitt twofer. That ship has more than sailed though. You wouldn't generate nearly enough interest or goodwill from any party at this point. Not from the fans, not from the administration and not from the coaches. Might as well move onto hiring former USF players, if we get to the point we are desperate for an infusion of nostalgia and someone who bleeds green and gold.
  7. It's a little too doom and gloom for me. Don't get me wrong I've been having my existential crisis as well but I mean....just vent a bunch anonymously on a message board or privately with friends, and then get back at it. Don't try to publicly burn the whole thing down for others. Is the program in extremely bad shape and on the verge of not just national irrelevance, but state irrelevance? Yep. Is giving up going to help it? Nope. Well there you go, an easy binary choice for right now. Something that will help or something that won't. Pick one and worry about the next step later.
  8. In theory the school/alumni/someone can just spin up a company to "promote" players, and you would then pay the player whatever price to "exclusively promote" them. So if all you want to do is create a Twitter handle for them and give them 80k, that's how you could game the system to get better players. (I just don't think we have resources for bidding wars)
  9. I'm not exaggerating, this is the first time I've seen any UCF fan agree to that point. That's miraculous to me. And yes I understand steel bends, but a bending/bouncy seating area is *not* a desired effect; there's just no positive connotation there. Hence I say the Bounce House nickname is covering for "cheap" construction. Sure that can come across as just a blatant attack ignoring the prohibitive costs of making the stadium feel more secure....but it's also *not wrong*. So that all ties back to my original response to the person who said a cheap stadium "never mattered" and it's a "shock" that people still make fun of the stadium. No it does matter and it very clearly still matters to UCF fans...otherwise the name of the stadium would be medieval themed instead of an obvious nickname to defuse attacks on it's most glaring negative.
  10. You see what's funny is how you are obviously triggered by what I said. You went full "a NiCkNaMeS a BiGgER aChIeVeMeNT tHAn AlL oF uSf". That's the thing about so many UCF fans that I can't get. Why is reality so hard to grasp? You're probably one of the ones that goes nuclear when confronted about not actually winning a national championship in 2017. And you think I'm ignorant of the past? Go read this entire article and tell me my conclusion that 'the stadium was was built cheap, has structural issues, and UCF is lucky to have gotten away with it not blowing up in their face' is wrong. Come on I dare you. UCF stadium has failing areas, report shows; some fixed, school says UCF football stadium corroded with rust engineers report
  11. Sorry but you don't get into a spending war if you're the G5. That's literally our weakest hand to play. I agree it could be the fastest way to get better players for *some* schools, but not us. At the same time, while I think facilities are a better investment...I have to admit that even if USF was halfway to some fundraising goal for a stadium, I don't know how smart *that* would be right now. If the AAC gets a smaller paycheck from losing members and USF is completely left in the dust from realignment...you won't have anyone going to said hypothetical stadium (and no income to pay it off).
  12. I think we have a winner for 'most likely outcome' right here. Should start a prediction thread to get as close to the actual release statement as possible.
  13. Okay so I kinda get what you're saying. They clearly had some designed runs with Fortin in there. I just....idunno maybe I missed it but I never saw anything where I'm like "Yeah that guy's a dual threat". Maybe I can give him the 'mobile' QB label, but he didn't seem speedy enough to be a running QB.
  14. Priority should be winning and scoring at all costs. Only way to get people away from the edge they're on now. Easier said then done, so how about just declaring a return to the Gulf Coast Offense? Bring back an offensive identity to the school, something we can be known for. I mean, for foooks sake Scott Frost came along and ripped off our formula, why can't we rip ourselves off? Convince fans that there's a better offensive plan in the end worth suffering through. To this day I still can't believe we vetted successors for Willie and settled on the guy who said "we need to slow down the offense".
  15. It's only an argument because you tried to say they were equally bad (which was an opinion that seemed based off an incomplete viewing). I then used actual stats showing they were not equal, and one was rated much higher than the other. (Yes stats are for losers, but that's why we're here) And now you seem to think I'm anointing McClain as a savior, or giving him a glowing review. I'm not. I agree they both sucked. But objectively one did a lot more than the other. I was hoping our coach would see it that way too. I can understand prioritizing ball security, but not at the expense of never moving the ball.
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