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  1. Dude for all I care the next coach can lie about how tall they are, their weight, how many swimsuit models they dated and whether or not they really bleed green and gold. I just want them to win a lot of entertaining games.
  2. This is way too good of a point to have been lost in the constant "Taggart was good" "Nuh uh" "Yeah huh" "Nuh uh" Taggart's FSU contract has got to be a sticking point for everyone. FSU can't try to renege on it til they get their next coach (would be terrible look for prospective hirees), Taggart can't realistically price himself until he knows his payout situation, and USF can't write up a favorable contract for all parties (a la Strong's first two years offset by Texas....) until it's resolved. (And no I'm not saying Charlie's contract was good for us in full, everything after first two years was awful for us)
  3. First bullet isn't that important to me, but the other three are definite requirements. I want someone who has a fire to be the best and to prove it. Someone who is willing to settle for the G5 life might not have the same fire as someone who wants to get noticed for their next gig. I mean, let's face it in the G5 you have a miniscule shot at national relevance, so I won't begrudge anyone for wanting to leave and have a better shot. We won't in the G5. While we can certainly get back to being the scrappy underdog who beats goliaths, we'll never have the same ceiling as his teams did.
  4. Yeah it's probably inconsistent messaging or they want some free publicity so that prospective applicants have another chance to hear about the opening and contact them. (But ooooo boy wouldn't it be neat to have a candidate already ready so he could go about saving the recruiting class.)
  5. HB Dive? 4th and 24? 'Were we not 7-0'?
  6. That’s how it works when you get caught peddling things that aren’t true, and can’t be backed up with facts. It’s an easy out. Careful man, don’t take the bait. He already lost the argument and is now trying to pivot so it’s a question of ‘cant u see it’s hyperbole?’. He’s gonna change the focus to something that hides the fact he got called out on not just the “2 games from being fired”, but also called out on his claim of “evidence“ to support it.
  7. Wrong, I definitely thought about the ramifications. Keeping Strong and signing another class to be used in a terrible system that doesn’t develop players, sits players, dismisses players, and loses players to transfer portal was easily worse than the risk of some kids decommitting. No one knows where the recruits would have gone for sure (or could still go), but Charlie’s bad game day management was a given.
  8. Lol. So I’ve got you down as a “willfully ignorant”, good to know for future discussions.
  9. What makes me feel better is that you were unable to respond to my points because they were indisputable. So of course that’s the best response you can muster.
  10. Absolutely need a way to keep King around. Great recruiter and probably has lots of potential as a coordinator and maybe coach Being ignorant of the past is worse. I’m sure I’m wasting my digital breath here by going on about how Leavitt took literally nothing and turned it into a team that actually earned respect by beating big programs, generated hype and passion for our football program that has yet to be replicated, and clearly helped us get to those 150 wins faster than any school in Florida. But yes, parrot the talking point about no conference championships when many of his years the team wasn’t in a conference that could be won. And the love for Willie amazes you? Does it amaze you that people like winners? Taggart is responsible for the class with most wins in school history. Yeah he didn’t win a bowl game and he shoulda. Well he also broke the record for longest 30 point streak in the nation, had blowout wins against conference teams, enjoyed running up the score on UCF (something many fans especially love), had a win or two against ranked teams, and his Gulf Coast Offense was really fun to watch. If you still have no idea how people can love those guys you’re just being ignorant and willfully dismissive because of some personal bias against them. (And is that Charlie in your profile pic?)
  11. Taggart would be the dumb one. He's due a payday of sorts (MOU vs binding contract issues notwithstanding) if he doesn't secure subsequent employment. Unless he negotiates with FSU to avoid court battles over the mou thing, get lower buyout and ability to coach immediately.
  12. Huh... interesting. Do you think the search firm gets fed a candidate list? Or does the firm actually narrow it down?
  13. That's always seemed so weird to me, that a search firm is used. Like, I get vetting a candidate but doesn't the firm end up doing most of the selection stuff?
  14. Someone better put Corey on watch so he doesn't hurt himself or anyone.
  15. Ah hell I can't figure out this embedding stuff. Someone else feel free to do it right https://twitter.com/joshnewberg247/status/1201228547848847363?s=20
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