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  1. I'm no fan of what I've seen so far of his offense but it's not 100% his fault. He inherited shaky o line, no QB depth, and WRs with the dropsies. Our most hyped player (not named Wilcox) has been sitting out every game as punishment for something. Obviously he has to be able to adapt, he needs to recognize weaknesses sooner, etc etc...but he didn't screw up something good the way our last OC stunted the gulf coast offense via HB dives. Instead he took over an offense on a 6 game losing streak, and simply hasn't improved it yet.
  2. Can you imagine if we had been smart enough to commit to the run in the first half....
  3. I know why we're hard to watch. We get shut out in the first half of every home game. On course for that again today...
  4. Next QB up. He's too injured to throw or run (with ball in hand)
  5. I can't believe people waste brain cells on committing this type of stuff to memory. Did our national anthem's feelings get hurt because 10 ppl weren't standing? ::eye roll:: Let's be sure to go after everyone who doesn't take their hat off too during the anthem...because it's a well known fact the anthem and the country it represents, hates hats. For someone who hates people getting political, you sure had no problem hijacking a celebratory post about Mack and making it political.
  6. That...is literally proving my point about ESPN valuing CUSA less, so thank you? That link shows ESPN doesn't want any more of their games so CUSA had to shop them to anyone and everyone, including a platform that DOES NOT SHOW COLLEGE FOOTBALL. That's exactly what a lesser conference has to do. So just stop. I mean I am after this post because I'm beating a dead horse. There's enough factual evidence to show the markets are less, the air time is less, the media rights deals are less, the number of their teams making NY6 is less.....so eventually you call a spade a spade and say it's a lesser conference. Which makes the little offhand comment I made about your pal Skip (having done an admiral job in a...gasp... lesser conference) perfectly reasonable.
  7. Not gonna lie that was my first thought too lol
  8. ESPN seems to think they're not on the same level based on tv deals doled out (this article compares them). https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2019/03/20/ap-source-american-athletic-makes-12-year-tv-deal-with-espn/39229011/ But if you'd rather ignore that so you can knock down USF and put Skip on a pedestal, go for it. Ignorance is bliss as they say.
  9. Lol I'm clearly the unbiased one here because I literally had to go look up the guy's record since he left USF. I have no interest or feelings about him now. You on the other hand are going to bat for him and have all these cherry picked recent stats you're able to spout off. I merely pointed out he had trouble in years 2 and 3 at USF against P5 teams like our current staff. That's a fact. I also said he had success at a lower level (pre USF and post USF). That's another fact. If those facts motivate you to rush to his defense and try to prop him up more, then it is clearly you that is biased. If you don't realize this after having it explicitly pointed out then I don't know what to say.
  10. My reaction when I saw this title. I'd rather fantasize about the NCAA implementing a draft for prospective players so we could be sure to get some top talent at the end of this year...
  11. Lol I l was wondering why you had a "in bowl games" qualifier until I looked at this year's schedule and saw the loss right off the bat Texas. Then I checked other years' schedules and saw numerous P5 losses. So yes if you ignore everything that goes against your argument you are right haha.
  12. Spoken like someone who is truly remorseful and understands what they did wrong. You appear to lack introspection because if you had any you would see your actions are something to be ashamed and embarrassed of. And you would fully acknowledge how wrong it was, instead of making an excuse. I'm harping on this because I don't want what's left of the fanbase that shows up on gamedays to think it's ok to pull this garbage in the name of 'being a fan'. Guess who's watching you yell and berate the team? The players, their friends, their families, potential recruits, pee wee players invited by USF, bands from middle and high school invited to perform alongside the HOT. All of them will have a negative image of USF because of your actions. You are hurting USF and it's ability to attract students and athletes all because you didn't know how to properly deal with an angry feeling caused by a game.
  13. Maybe try being a respectful person number 1 and take the sports fanaticism down a couple notches. Wrong. He harassed college kids because he lacks self control and was on the verge of threatening me by saying "keep running your mouth I’ll make sure, Come find me". Don't defend behavior like that. Someone should have told him a long time ago acting that way is reprehensible. Apologizing online and attributing it to being a super fan who wears it on their sleeve isn't taking accountability. And the kids harassed at the game won't hear his "sorry". Neither will the parents of the kids in the stands.
  14. Forgot to answer this thread's question...I think Charlie is toast after the way the SMU game went down, but not until the season ends. Yes he owns one of the best single season records but he lost the game that mattered in 2017. He has consistently lost against teams with a pulse, owns the longest losing streak in school history, the worst home loss and biggest margin of defeat. Now with SMU passing us by, there's nothing for fans to be hopeful about. Nothing that we appear to be building towards... and I think that's going to force Kelly to change his tune from 'get the IPF done' to 'win back the base'.
  15. Based on what I've seen from his in game coaching I don't think there's anything to neuter. Our current staff has also proven capable of beating teams at a lower level. But eerily like ole Skippy, they failed against FBS competition in years 2 and 3.
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