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    I stopped reading once I got to that guy's retraction (about how ucf got their 2013 bowl) where he showed he didn't do his homework. Do P5 schools want to avoid G5 schools that are good? Probably. Lot to lose, little to gain. UF in particular *has* avoided USF. They delayed our 2015 game, and then made us sign a new deal this year (surprise! a 2 for 1) just to get it back on the schedule. Do 2 for 1s mean they are afraid to play someone? Idunno. People talk like that but I don't understand the big hubba baloo. Think of it as a 1 for 1 with a bonus away game. I don't have a problem with UCF or UF in their case. UCF wants to negotiate a different series with UF, one they think is more fair; so be it. And for UF, at least they are open to scheduling something. I'd take the deal if I were UCF but again I don't really understand why the 2 for 1s are a slight. (Feel free to educate me about it tho)
  2. Oh wow no more Fontana Hall... (never lived there but friend did). It was definitely past it's prime.
  3. Aw that's cute. A UCF defender appears as soon as Bounce House is mentioned. Y'all are like Beetlejuice...
  4. Man these kids get all the cool stuff after I'm long gone. First a fancy new Marshall Center and now a Publix.
  5. Hey I 100% agree. If you talk pre game atmosphere (before entering the stadium), UCF's is way better than walking around parking lots at Ray Jay. You're not gonna find many ppl arguing that. What I vehemently disagree with is anyone that says *that* particular stadium is the model to follow. And I know that the ends (on campus game day) do not justify the means (cutting so many costs up front and relying on future money to go back and fix) I'm sure UCF fans think I'm lying about how bad the stadium is but the picture I paint comes from an actual investigation of the stadium's "immediate life safety concerns” (their quote) from just over a year ago. Here are the highlights that match up with all the knocks I've leveled against it (don't worry I'll cite my source after these whoppers): "The home of the UCF Knights football program has become so rusted that an overhaul could cost about a quarter of the stadium’s $54 million price tag". "UCF had earlier estimated a football stadium would cost more than $100 million but came back with plans for one that was about half the cost"... "was investing only enough to expect something along the lines of a high-school stadium" "built the stadium during an 18-month period that was compressed to meet the fall 2007 season." "launched an “emergency” rust remediation plan and the emergency was due to the deadline of football season instead of safety." "Rather than tackling the fixes all at once, which would interrupt football practices and games" (the path UCF chose)"could take two to four years, depending on how much the school spends" https://www.orlandosentinel.com/classified/realestate/os-ucf-stadium-rust-20171010-story.html So in summary-the school cut costs and corners and rushed construction to open it for 2007. In addition to the easy to spot terribleness at first (no water fountains, no credit card readers for concessions, and a shakiness in the stands) there were hidden structural issues that were exposed in a shockingly short number of years for a new construction (the rust). Instead of fixing all of the structural/rust problems, UCF did THE EXACT SAME THING that got them into the mess. They again emphasized time (upcoming season) and money (cheap). They only fixed the short term problems. Long term solutions could take years. But please, dismiss me and that article as chicken little. Enjoy that POS stadium that UCF still has no interest in fixing the right way. I'll never set foot it in again knowing their priorities are keeping it open instead of safe. You'll probably get lucky and the thing won't collapse. At least, that's the gamble UCF has been willing to make from the start; but it's not a gamble I want to take, especially when 44000 ppl are jumping up and down stressing the structure beyond what UCF paid their engineers to account for. Q.E.D. The prosecution rests.
  6. I'm flattered you liked my analogy so much you tried to put your own spin on it. Trouble is that's not a good take. You can check our board and see plenty of USF fans who want their own stadium. No one is deluding themselves thinking the game day atmosphere is *better* off campus. Unlike UCF fans who delude themselves thinking a cheaply built, aluminum filled, unstable stadium makes USF fans jealous. In general USF fans want a good gameday atmosphere on campus, just not in a stadium that we have to lie to ourselves about the quality of.
  7. "Ghostbuster used Rare Positive Speech. It's super effective!"
  8. If my stadium was so poorly built that it shook all the time, I would definitely look out for random compliments too in order to convince myself the flaws don't really exist. (It's called being insecure) Spoiler alert though, those flaws do exist. Calling it "The Bounce House" was a way to try and prevent people from making fun of it. Now it can be called a *feature* because it's the nickname! UCF is like the 'ricer' kid in the neighborhood. He buys the cheapest car he can afford and then tries to pimp it out with big exhausts, big racing tires and a god awful spoiler. Stop shooting your mouth off saying you have this awesome racing car, you don't. You got a piece of crap. While it's definitely yours that you own, no one else would be caught dead driving it so stop thinking you're the envy of the neighborhood.
  9. All right so I've been a pretty cynical and negative person lately...So much that I wasn't really 'feeling' a bowl game. But the more I think about it the more stoked I get for it. Why? This is a second chance for our team and our seniors. They get a chance to have their last home game in Ray Jay go from an L to a W. We fans get a chance to see them sent off the *right way*. No stupid traveling to remoteseville in a lame stadium no one cares about. Instead we get one more chance to watch McCants drag defenders across the goal line in the comfort of 'our house'. So no more whining about what has or hasn't happened this year. Think about what the game can mean for everyone. LETS DO THIIIIIIIS!!!!!
  10. It would cost double what UCF spent because UCF gambled on being able to get away with the cheapest options, cutting the most corners, risking safety issues (like the very ones that came up https://www.orlandosentinel.com/classified/realestate/os-ucf-stadium-rust-20171010-story.html ) and BY SHEER LUCK they got away without major incidents. Now the money they got from having their own facility, money they gambled to get, is being used to patch the fundamental issues. That's pretty much the worst model to follow. I don't care how many gimmicks they add to that stadium (fake sand, endzone tents, future pools), it will always be a cheap bouncy piece of junk. USF should absolutely do better. And btw I was in that stadium the night UCF lost their 12th in a row. It wasn't filled because of the team's success (or lack thereof). The counter is true for them now. It's not because they have a stadium on campus that it's filled.
  11. I'm far less optimistic. Look, eyes need to be watching the games and if every team sucked apathy would be death. So you're right in the sense that there's potentially some benefit to the whole conference that UCF is doing well. But the flip side to that argument is that ESPN already owns everything it needs. There's no really no fear that the AAC would leave ESPN for another station because no one has the resources and megaphone that ESPN has when it comes to sports. The AAC already gets disrespected, and it's a product ESPN sells. My guess is it won't even get discussed if it leaves ESPN. So UCF doing well or not, my bet is the conference gets a marginal 'cost of living bump' and that's about it. There's just no reason for a big bump when ESPN already has us and the leverage. And if you think about it that way, then UCF doing good just makes it harder for USF to recuit.
  12. Lol. I'm not going to say that the overall success of a season is because of refs, but you have to acknowledge last night was *incredibly* lucky for UCF when it came to penalties. 3 flags got picked up? Memphis rightfully should feel like they had to beat the refs too. By the same token though, their coach was dumb for not recognizing and adjusting for the 'ref variable' in the second half. (Ie instead of settling for 3 pts from the 2 yd line, go for the TD in case the refs bailed UCF out later) This isn't me trying to take away from the fact UCF players had to overcome a lot and they had to make the plays in those situations when provided with either 'luck or friendly refs'. But I'd be willing to bet that those calls did make the difference last night. And there was one other close game (hell maybe it was the previous one against Memphis) where I remember just on a single drive UCF got 2 critical calls that even the announcers went back and showed were both badly missed. The one I specifically remember was a great long pass to the sideline, but the receiver was definitely out of bounds; one ref ruled it out but the other came to say inbounds. Can't remember the other play on that drive that had the favorable call, but the drive only had like 4 total plays and ended with a touchdown. Blah blah blah, I'm just saying a lot of stuff has to go right to win 25 in a row, and the refs (when they have occasionally made their presence felt in the handful of games that weren't decided by a huge margin) have "not hurt"- to put it mildly. (For the record I personally I think last night was too egregious to be luck but what do I know)
  13. Yeah there was no reply because this was a dumb thing to make a rallying cry around, and it turned out their stadium looked full. For goodness sake these people paid out fake national championship bonuses but for you the *possibility* of them not selling their final 2500 tickets and being at (let's check the math...) only 94% fill capacity was what you wanted to make a "thing". They're now one game from declaring another fake national championship, who cares about attendance? And yes their side was also dumb for trying to troll us, prior to the Black Friday game, about the Dunkin Donuts promo USF had that give away tickets. I'm just calling a spade a spade no matter what side says it.
  14. Not going for it on 4th and goal from 2 was a bad call imo