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  1. I for one am shocked, SHOCKED that P5 teams don't want to come down and play in that stadium. I mean, UCF says they fixed *some* of the life threatening problems the stadium faced. ( https://www.orlandosentinel.com/classified/realestate/os-ucf-stadium-rust-20171010-story.html) And when UCF says they fixed some of the issues, you can believe it. Why, it's been a whole week since their last cover-up was exposed.
  2. Absolutely great points about the money numbers, and the gap between us is alarming. However I don't think there will be a next round of alignment. ESPN owns all the major teams' tv rights now anyways, and I doubt they'd want to pay more for a conference just because a school moved from conference A to conference B. And if ESPN doesn't offer substantially more to the expanding conference, the existing schools won't want a pay cut just to get a new member. (IE see the AAC's strategy when UConn left... leaving the spot open)
  3. Super simple. 1. Collapse of the Big East. Goodbye USF recruiting advantage. 2. UCF has cheated in every sense to get ahead in football. (Which is the money maker and 'front porch' of the university) From cheating on the construction of facilities (building dangerously unsafe stadium) to cheating to get recruits (receiving post season ban for recruiting violations and then getting off on a technicality) to cheating on funding buildings (breaking Florida law) to cheating on how they report metrics (claiming higher grades) to cheating their way to a ******natty (by just claiming one and ignoring the rules). The simple answer is cheating does work. Look at the Houston Astros, the Red Sox, the Patriots... All cheated to win and all got away with it. UCF's cheating got them competitive advantages (money, publicity, more NFL graduates to use as recruiting stats) that they reap to this day. Yeah Scott Frost was a stellar coach anyways for them, but his accomplishments were still on top of their cheater pile.
  4. Here here! I second that. Despite common sense saying a full time coach is better than a part time coach, I got bashed for saying I didn't like him treating us as second fiddle. Fans completely blinded by optimism or misguided hope (that transitive properties of championships exist), simply can't comprehend anything negative about the situation though. So their brain goes 'I can't imagine how these guys were unhappy with Scott staying at Clemson, so to put my mind at ease I will make up a reason I can understand and say they don't like USF or just are biased against the hire' But objectively and unequivocally the guy put another team as his priority.....you should be allowed to dislike that. In fact some people that really love USF would rightly be offended by the slight, considering the guy already had a pair of rings.
  5. Don’t worry, all the ex FAU coaches will be able to step in and regale the recruits with tales of their bowl game win.
  6. Whoa whoa whoa, a play calling OC who doesn’t share his responsibilities? Don’t get greedy.
  7. Yeah...On the bright side Scott won’t have to decide between staying for a victory parade or coming straight to USF.
  8. That’s also me waiting on USF to be mentioned during the game, to get that great publicity we were promised.
  9. I agree, we definitely needed to replace our last coach with a competent coach, in order to turn things around....
  10. Our last RB coach was Shaun King and he was recruiter of the year for AAC in 2017. So yes every coach has the potential to make an impact and I’m worried about every open position because of ramp up time. It could all be a moot point if coaches get hired and setup today or tomorrow, but I’m talking about the disadvantage we have right now. And I’m harping in it because few want to call it a disadvantage. I absolutely may be overestimating the damage. I’ve never done coaching before, what the hell do I know? My big issue here is that few want to call it even a potential problem (that he’s not here full time), so I’m trying to illustrate all the issues and call them out as opportunity costs Scott has caused by going for a third natty instead of helping us. When people act like it’s a good thing that he’s focused on something else right now it makes my brain explode because it’s obvious to me that not having a full time coach < having a full time coach. If everyone was instead saying “well it stinks that he’s not here now, but we just have to hope it works out for the best” then I’d literally have nothing to say.
  11. It’s so bold of you to introduce that argument, that no one else has made, and then refute it. And not once, but twice! I don’t understand how my point was missed. Of course administrators and IT people do the actual work of getting new employees into the system. My point is that ramp up takes time and we currently do not have every staff position filled. Thus, for every argument I see about “it’s only another week” or Scott’s only at Clemson “until Jan 13”, I say “you are underestimating the logistics of spinning new hires up”. The longer it takes us to staff our positions, the longer it takes those new employees to move down here, get acclimated, get into the system, and thus the less time they have to prepare for recruiting. That particular point I’m making has nothing to do with whether or not Scott can make a hire remotely, it has everything to do with how long it’s taking him to do so because he has prioritized another job over USF.
  12. I sure hope you don’t think I’m in that crowd. As much as I like ole Jim, I didn’t want to hear ESPN comment during every single game about how USF hired back the guy that smacked a kid. I’m genuinely put off by the fact that our new coach is spurning us, and setting us behind, for a chance to do something he has already done twice. (And it drives me nuts that I feel like I’m one of the few who actually see that)
  13. It says a lot about his loyalty to Clemson. The place he went to school, played football for, and worked his entire professional career at up to this point. I doubt 4-5 years of service at USF will make him bleed green and gold and make him stay on for some NY6 bowl if a P5 job (especially if it were Clemson) came calling. Speculation but that’s based on how he’s treating USF right now.
  14. Oh wow I didn’t realize these “phones” as you call them have the power to activate coaches in the USF system who haven’t even been hired yet. My entire point is the staff is not complete and the recruiting period starts within days of the championship game. Y’all are acting like you’ve never on boarded new employees at a job before. It takes time just to get someone activated on an email server, to say nothing about authorizing credit cards and who knows what else has to be done for the coaches.
  15. USF absolutely should have gotten a coach that wanted to be here day one and make this job his priority. Scott couldn’t be clearer with his decision to stay with Clemson that USF is not his priority. How this is spun as a positive, instead of openly admitted to as a negative, is beyond me. That is why I maintain it’s a coping mechanism. We got a new girlfriend but she wants some extra time with her ex to break up the right way. I’m no coach and I’m betting you aren’t either....so suggesting there is literally no advantage to a complete coaching staff in place preparing for recruiting over a month vs a partial staff whose focus is divided is what doesn’t hold water. Everyone is using the “dead period” as a crutch to excuse not doing stuff, as if the entire staff can simply be turned to *recruiting mode* within a couple of days of the Clemson natty game. You all realize coaches have to move down here, find a place to live, get setup within the USF system, get work credit cards activated for spending, have meetings to plan and coordinate the recruiting....etc etc. I can imagine a ton of red tape that would need to be cleared up beforehand, but everyone else is ignoring that and insisting it’s no big deal to have this disadvantage when we shouldn’t have it. Scott has already won his natty, and not just once but twice while at Clemson. He’s not the head coach, and isn’t even the sole offensive coordinator so staying on for another run isn’t that critical.
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