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  1. So you're telling me there are people with a strong, almost...*fanatical* opinion of their team on a fan forum? From 2001-2003 (pre "big boy" days in big east) we averaged 27,545 at home. From 2015-2017 in the AAC (post big boy conf) we averaged 31,839 at home. (Feel free to check my math from here https://gousfbulls.com/news/2011/6/1/1425766.aspx?path=football) So we've got more people coming to games now than when we got the call up before; which means there's no factual reason to knock attendance and blame it for lack of a better conference. You've either read too many Times articles harping about attendance (cough Joey and Fennelly cough) or you're looking for an excuse to be down on the team. And don't try to blame the lack of championships during our big east days for our current conference situation. Cincy won big, had an undefeated regular season and they're in the same boat.
  2. If what he said is true, about it being used against us (and why wouldn't it) I think it's reasonable to draw attention to it. It's just a matter of hurting our (fans) pride at this point because obviously the players have come to terms with it. Maybe calling it out will help draw donations from ppl to get it addressed.
  3. Ghostbuster

    USF New President Search

    I hope they want new branding...(or old branding for that matter) Get that current logo and style outta here
  4. Ghostbuster

    Remember that time...

    I can't do internet today I quit
  5. Ah yes the new "Pro" league. How fitting the league chose that stadium. Now another tenant can claim their own championship and whine about not being invited to the big game, even though they played lesser competition.
  6. Pffff, everyone's talking like the UF game was moved "up"...
  7. Ghostbuster

    UCF Admiration Society

    I assume you mean it was too much to go against the 13th player on the depth chart for each of LSU's defensive positions. You know they had a wide receiver playing defense because they were down so many starters and backups? BTW I have 0 problems admitting UCF beat USF this year. USF, like most of the AAC conference, was trash this season (look at the conf's bowl results). I just wish your fan base could face facts too by admitting they did not win a national championship last year. But go ahead, keep playing pretend. After blowing it against the only ranked team you played (at time of the game) ur brain is probably doing Olympic caliber mental gymnastics to avoid accepting the reality that you are NOT on the same level as Bama (the real defending champ). You're probably clinging to hope that the Colley rankings (which you had never heard of until last year) will still put you at #2 even tho you darn well know the real rankings are going to drop you below *gasp* UF. (I know the quickest way to boil the blood of most snowflakes from UCF is to suggest they aren't the best in Florida)
  8. Ghostbuster

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Yeah better hurry up and sign him to a contract before Miami can get to him. They would totally respect a signed contract by an AAC team and stay away. Especially if we introduce him as a coach.
  9. Going by that posted article about strength and conditioning, I think you can make the argument that even if Charlie's guys are impact players on the roster right now, they were "replaced" with better versions of themselves thanks to the new s&c. I'm no expert in this stuff but that article had some jaw dropping stats of before and after. That's one more reason people don't want to give Charlie as much credit for their current success. Fact is coaching really can make a huge difference with the players on a roster. Look at the results with pre gulf coast mindset Willie vs gulf coast. Look at UCF pre Scott Frost and post Scott Frost.
  10. In the past 2-3 years they must have suddenly built an on campus stadium, indoor practice facility and dedicated football facility. I've heard you can't field a good team until you have those. I mean if they already had those then maybe, juuuust maybe you could go out on a limb and say it was the coaching.
  11. Ghostbuster

    UCF Admiration Society

    Personally I like how nothing I said can be refuted so you try to deflect with something else. *I* can admit the USF trophy case is empty for conference championships. However UCF, an "institute of higher learning", would rather perpetuate a lie about their Natonal Championship trophy case than face reality. See that's why so many people, who would otherwise be sympathetic or even apathetic towards UCFs loss today, are relishing it; because it's a case of a fraud being exposed and getting their comeuppance. (And yes losing by 8 to a defense made of second string, third string, and converted offensive players counts as being exposed)
  12. Where's the option to vote for "USF donor winning Powerball"?
  13. Ghostbuster

    UCF Admiration Society

    Except for the part this whole past year where they acted like a arrogant, self deluding, cry babies. There's a whole bunch of ppl that wouldn't have had an opinion of them that became haters because of how they acted this past year (fake Natty and all). Sure they got ppl talking about themselves, and that included ppl saying positive things, but they certainly also embarrassed the league in many ppls eyes. There's a saying 'Act like you've been there before', and UCF did not. They made a giant fuss over their undefeated season because they hadn't had one before and they darn well knew it could be fleeting (success is typically cyclical in college). I don't remember Cincy going nuts when they were undefeated in the Big East and failed to get selected to play in the championship game.
  14. Ghostbuster

    Holgorsen To Houston

    I used to think Woolard and Holtz were our worst combo...but even with Woolard giving Holtz an extension, we still were able to fire the guy the next year. Contrast that to Harlan and Strong who are now taking the top spot in my mind. These two apparently made an unbreakable contract. Ugggggh.
  15. Ghostbuster

    So...are 'the wheels coming off'?

    I keep seeing comments talking about pot like this and @NewEnglandBull commented on players 'not following rules'...did a story come out saying players were doing this? What'd I miss?