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  1. So is the "quick slant route" just not in the playbook or what. We need something to counter our o line getting blown up quick
  2. Ghostbuster

    Is it better or worse for USF if FAU upsets ucf?

    Easy. All you ever need to root for is for USF to beat UCF; none of the other schedule minutae matters. Having said that, I personally I want them to go winless. While I know a good rivalry with strong teams gets good ticket sales, tv ratings, rankings etc, it doesn't do me any good. I have to deal with hearing their alums frequently enough. If you want a rivalry, find a school that doesn't encourage their fans to delude themselves into believing they are national champs. Final answer: Better for me if FAU upsets, better for USF football if UCF takes care of biz and USF beats them in turn
  3. Ghostbuster

    You get to pick one

    National Title game (win) all the way. Conferences can come and go ::cough Big East cough:: and theres no guarantee the sweet flow of money will continue for the P5 members. Look at how fast ESPN is losing money after overpaying for TV rights in the era of cord cutters. Wouldn't be surprised if only a few big name teams got paydays down the road instead of conferences as a whole. Besides look how well that P5 deals gone for Rutgers. Stadiums collect dust half the year and we can get one eventually. (Besides I like my current seats) But national champs... you'll always have a title.