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  1. Would have been a little bit of conflict for me had the bucs done the smart thing this past off-season and ditched the general manager with a 5-27 record... Marlon Mack is one of my all time fav players, (maybe even more than Q) so I say light em up this year Mack Attack. Then maybe the bucs will finally replace the GM who traded up into the 2nd round for a KICKER.
  2. You know what, you're right. I may have taken it a bit too far when I started the church of Leavitt. *Attention everyone* I am hereby closing the church. We not longer need to pray to Leavitt. You may once again use the words Rutgers, choke and slap as they are not forbidden.
  3. I would too if he merely 'started the program' and just went about this job. However, as many people have shared on this forum, he did much more than that. If you choose to ignore those comments then you never will understand where people's appreciation comes from. I'll recap some and add my own... - Had great fan interactions at outside events (several people have shared personal stories) - Did not treat this job as a stepping stone (wanted to retire here, even passed on Alabama job when opportunity arose) - Showed real passion and enthusiasm that resonated with people because it showed how much he cared (ie headbutting players with helmets on and getting bloodied up to motivate the team) - Had high profile upsets (Louisville, Auburn, WVU, FSU...) -Undefeated against Georgey Porgey and the knights - And yes, the 'golden oldie' for us Leavitt fans, led the program to a #2 ranking in just a decade after starting with nothing. Getting national exposure was huge, but unfortunately it just couldn't be sustained
  4. Thank you a thousand times over for this post. I get so tired of uninformed "bUt WhAt AbOuT tHe ChAmPiOnShIpS?!!?" comments that ignore context in favor of ranting just for the sake of ranting.
  5. I don't know whether to laugh or feel sad...
  6. Lol don't you see the discussion point that's been launched by my comment about his success? You couldn't help replying quite a bit about why you disagreed- which is perfectly fine, but it shows just how strongly people feel about these things. Good luck limiting that talk to one thread without it ever spilling out...so I say why worry about it?
  7. I think it speaks to Brad's point about a portion of the fan base wanting/needing reconciliation between the two (USF and Leavitt), that topics do get taken over by the subject. I'm not defending that type of behavior, I'm just saying a real solution likely isn't going to come from marginalizing people's feelings and calling it more or less hero worship (a la 'needing a shrine'). But the other side of the coin (ignoring the firing) is that this program hasn't replicated the type of national success since he left...so it's natural and perfectly okay to have people who want to talk about him and those days. It's a fan board, you better get used to posts by people who are fans of particular players and coaches.
  8. I can understand your sentiment if a Leavitt discussion took over another topic and went off the rails, but this post is literally about the dude. What did you expect when you opened it? I mean this is exactly what you suggested, a post for people to praise the man, yet here you are still complaining and trying to tell people how to feel/act.
  9. I didn't get to watch the game but is the offensive line a concern to anyone who did? I remember Barnett getting beat up too much last year, and I worry that's the only major prob left on that side of the ball.
  10. Omg, all this talk about finally getting a playbook this year made me see how smart Gilbert was. McNeese is getting ahead of the curve
  11. I'm really happy for those guys. It's absolutely tremendous the turnaround basketball has had. Winning any tourney, especially one that ends with a best of 3 format, is impressive and something for them to be proud of. Now they get a whole off-season of great memories and confidence from winning to build on.
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