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  1. Bry, I really appreciate your data driven posts.  Your approach to analytics is a welcome addition to the board.  Keep it up!:guinness:

  2. The next coach that can get us into the CBI should have a statue of them built outside of the Sun Dome.
  3. Watching your #1 revenue sport go up in flames and refusing ro do anything about because you're worried about a couple million is completly short-sided. This is what happens when you have accountants running yoir athletic department - they worry too much about the numerator and have no concept of how to grow the denominator.
  4. If the school doesn't have the money to fire him and hire a new coach, their hands are tied. Unless donors come up and provide a new source of funds... There is nothing else they can do. How about when the current donors,season ticket holders done renrew? I have talked with Many who are done Enough to cover CWT's buyout for the duration of his contract? If so maybe you guys should pool some money and offer to get that buy out taken care of..... How about they use some of the $25MM - $33MM in Big East buyout money? Why should the donors have to bail out the athletic department for their ineptitude, especially when the university has neen financially rewarded for their inability to get off the Big East sinking ship (another scar from the university leadership)?
  5. The only arguement I have heard from the pro-CWT crowd is that we cannot afford to pay three coaches. I would argue that you cannot afford to keep him - he is erroding USF's revenue streams. Its time to put some of that Big East buyout money to work.
  6. His offensive gameplanning is one dimensional and lacks creativity. Gameplanning against USF must be easy the way CWT calls a game.
  7. This team is painfully boring to watch. If USF was talented enough or could execute with more consistency then winning would offset the total snooze-fest that is our offense. Watching this team is like watching someone pushing against the sea.
  8. Taggart is staring at a 4-8 season in a terribly weak AAC. I suspect he gets a third year but some coaching changes may be coming on his staff. USF cannot afford a 5th straight losing season and alienate what little fans remain. I think many on this board would be surprised if Taggart was let go after this season but Taggart is not Harlan's guy, and he is seeing what the on field performance is doing to the turnstile. Beyond the record that are many red flags about Taggart and his style of coaching/scheme. Harlan may limp along for a 3rd year but anything short of a bowl game next year and Taggart is gone - good luck with the quarterbacks we have. If Harlan knows Taggart isn't his guy then it's better to pull the plug on it now.
  9. Amen to that, and btw, what the eff do you fire (insert some poor coaches name here) people want? If we happen to win 6 this year and go to a bowl, are you all going to bash the team and say we only did it because the competition sucks? F all of you entitled, instant gratification needing brats. You just saw USF's last win this season. What signature win has Taggart had?
  10. R.I.P Willie Taggart (2013-2014) As shocked as I was that USF lost to McNeese State to open the Willie Taggart era, its become clear after the Bulls 14-13 win at winless SMU that this Bulls team has gotten worse since their first loss to an FCS team. Don't be fooled by the score - this team is bad, historically bad. Coach Taggart has shown an inability to develop players, specifically quarterbacks, and his stubbornness to stick with an offensive gameplan that doesn't mesh with his personnel will ultimately be his downfall. Scoring 14 points against the worst defense in FBS is the latest in a long line of offensively embarrassing performances Bulls fans have seen over the last two years. Taggart was hired to turn the program around after Skip Holtz's departure, but instead has driven the Bulls to new lows. Every SMU opponent has scored at least 38 points this season, except for the Bulls. No matter what quarterback Taggart has put on the field this year each has been inept. The common denominator is Willie Taggart. While many Taggart supporters, at least those that are left, will say USF cannot afford to pay off another coach. But with a weak 2015 home schedule and no hope of any improvement for next season Athletic Director Mark Harlan will have to weigh how much money will be lost by retaining Taggart as USF encounters a rapidly shrinking fan base. On its current path USF will have to begin to worry about meeting FBS requirements for attendance or face relegation later in the decade to the FCS sub-division. USF doesn't have the generations of fans that many other schools have that will stick around for a long stretch of lean years. While the idea of being forced to FCS seems impossible, so were the prospects of losing to McNeese State and SMU. Having Willie Taggart as head coach has taught us all that anything can happen and its usually bad.
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