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  1. It's a scenario with long odds, but one that, if it occurred, would drive UCF fans cray: In 2018 UCF runs the table and finishes outside of the CFP (very possible) due to their lack of marquee wins In 2019 USF runs the table while the Big 12, PAC 12 and Notre Dame fail to field a CFP quality team paving the way for USF to make the CFP (improbable) While USF's schedule in 2019 is much tougher then UCF's in 2018, making the CFP playoff would require alot to happen for USF, but imagine how mad it would be to UCF fans if they were to win 27+ straight games and be excluded from the CFP, only to see USF make it happen the following year. THIS IS NOT A PREDICTION, just a fun "what if" scenario.
  2. But its good to see it validated in the numbers.
  3. You’ve illustrated what has made Bulls fans crazy this year (other than our run defense) - ranking #16 in yards per game should net us a much higher ranking than #41 when it comes to points per game. That disconnect of 25 places is larger in 2018 than any other year you show, and shows that we can move the ball between the 20’s but lack the ability to punch the ball into the end zone with regularity. As a result I’d suspect we rank in the lower half of Red Zone Touchdown %.
  4. Surprisingly Temple ranks #41 in Pass Offense and only #76 in Rush Offense so you might be right. We rank #31 in Pass Defense - now that could because everyone knows they can run on us so why bother passing, but if you watch the games our corners aren’t terrible in pass defense. The key will be if our #121 ranked Rush Defense can keep Armstead from running wild. On the other side of the ball Temple has given up over 1150 yards of offense the last two weeks combined to UCF and Houston, so they are far from the dominant defensive team they are sometimes made out to be. Deoending on who starts at QB for us the Bulls should cover.
  5. brybull1970

    Fire Gregory Now!

    This is a bit extreme although we need to find someone on this team other than Lang who can hit a jump shot.
  6. brybull1970

    USF vs Austin Peay - 11/12 7pm

    Outside of Lang no one could hit a jump shot and the fee thrown shooting was attrocious.There is a lot of time to get better but this was the definition of an ugly win.
  7. brybull1970

    USF vs Austin Peay - 11/12 7pm

    Did I say anything factually incorrect? I guess you just want the facts that make you feel good. By the way, the team got the rim frequently.
  8. brybull1970

    USF vs Austin Peay - 11/12 7pm

    15 missed free throws tonight.
  9. brybull1970

    USF vs Austin Peay - 11/12 7pm

    The Bulls have only made 4 field goals more than 3 feet from the basket.
  10. brybull1970

    USF vs Austin Peay - 11/12 7pm

    Scekic with a foul, technical foul and a foul in the same possession
  11. brybull1970

    USF vs Austin Peay - 11/12 7pm

    TJ Lang is the only USF player to make a shot more than 3 feet from the basket.
  12. brybull1970

    USF vs Austin Peay - 11/12 7pm

    We’ve only made two field goals more than 3 feet away from the basket.
  13. brybull1970

    Point spread vs Temple

    The same one that we have seen all year. Fall behind early, don’t stop the run.
  14. That seems to be working great for Rutgers - only 4 win so in their last 33 Big 10 games.