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  1. Other than fans not being able to attend Raider's home games this season, Las Vegas sportsfans must be having a blast these last 2 years!
  2. You won't get suspended. Your undying love for USF will gain you favor with the moderators. I assume you wanting to meet up to discuss this is now a threat. Moderators, again at my request don't delete Friscobull's post - I might need this one later too.
  3. I get that we don't always agree and I harp on some pretty consistent themes, but that type of response isn't even close to the line. Its jumping over it with both feet. If the moderators are going to selectively apply the alleged rules (my thread regarding threatening someone has already been deleted by the moderators, but they have failed to respond to myself or the board regarding Friscobull's post) then there really are no rules. While wishing for someone's death is pretty classless, I'm more upset by him referencing my father's early death as hope that I too might die early too
  4. Wow, so you are wishing for my death and using my father's actual death - as part of a positive USF post - as a reference. I knew we didn't always see eye-to-eye on things, but if this doesn't get you suspended from the board nothing should ever get someone suspended from the board. At my request Moderators, do not delete Friscobull's post - I might need it later.
  5. I agree that CWT recruited better than CCS - Strong was about as lazy as it came. But let's not over romanticize the CWT years - his defenses were not good. In his last year - with HIS guys - we gave up over 31 ppg. Again, QF bailed him alot. CWT's lack of success without QF in his career leads me to believe he is more hype than substance.
  6. Trust me I DON'T. I think you mistake my criticism of our current state as some kind of wish for misery. I actually wish for the opposite, but it sounds like wishing is the only hope we have.
  7. I think that's the reality check everyone needs - even if there was a P6, we are likely the worst athletic department amongst those 76 schools, and there are likely some athletic departments outside the P6 who are ahead of us. For football, this is barely an FBS competitive program and the 2020 version of this team would struggle to make the FCS 24-team playoff.
  8. QF is the ONLY reason the football program hasn't been a dumpster fire the past 10 years, and I would argue it still has been a dumpster fire even with those 2 seasons with him firmly at the helm. Do we even have another QF on this roster right now? Do we have one in an upcoming recruiting class? Our athletic department has proven that in major sports it can't compete in the AAC. And in football we haven't won a division title despite playing in one of the worst divisions in college football. It's time to make a move down if we aren't going to fund the department at the level needed to be
  9. Should we? What makes you think that a program with limited resources who has only has two 10-win seasons in 20+ years should recruit better than that level?
  10. We all know the bay area is loaded with talent but we haven't ever been every to create that mythical wall around the Tampa Bay area. What we are experiencing now is simply only being able to recruit low level talent that doen't have better options (generally speaking).
  11. Slick Willie's career coaching record when QF isn't his starting quarterback is 37-55 (.402 winning percentage) - let that sink for everyone: 37-55 (.402)
  12. I hate to say it but every college coach's legacy is tied to their ability to recruit a QB.
  13. UCF has won 23 of their last 25 conference games. Cincy's game at UCF, the weekend before ours with them, will decide the division and likely the G5 representative in a NY6 bowl game.
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