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  1. Here is my uplifting post of the day: Q's shot against SMU was the biggest highlight of the year and a great way for him to end his collegiate carrer The over/under at 4.5 for the football team is low - even without UConn on the schedule there are enough wins in a down AAC to get to 5 wins, plus I think Scott will have this team steal a win or two late in the season Yetna was a lottery pick before the injury - while I am not sure if/where he will get drafted I think we will be following his career in the NBA Next season's MBB roster is as loaded as its been in recent memory and should lead to an NCAAT invite or a deep run in the NIT Florida at USF is 523 days away - everything Scott does needs to be about building to win that game and having USF acend back to its rightful place in Florida's Big 4! As a side note, for those who think I am only negative you will find all of these in prior posts I have made, and you'd know this if you'd learn how to read thoroughly you self inflicting triggered snowflakes.
  2. Brad, what on-field success have we recently had in football and MBB to be objectively positive about? What some on this board deem as negativity is simply a barometer for the results we have seen. Probably the only high point was the CBI run from last season which was fun to watch - but what made it fun was being able to see what this team could potentially become as they got more experience , not because winning an also-ran tournament meant anything. But that leap didn't happen and not discounting the Yetna loss, but most players on this roster got worse year over year. And while Gregory has done a fantastic job putting out the dumpster fire, he is a terrible coach down the stretch of games and he hasn't finished higher than 7th in whatever conference he was in since Obama was 2 months into his presidency! If people on the board want to manufacture positive stories then more power to them! I can sift through the propoganda and the messaging of those that are just tools of the athletic department. But I don't begrudge them - in times like these being positive is welcome! But I'm not going to lie and tell people what they want to hear. Now back to the original post - Oduro is basically a swap out for Mack but we won't see him on the court next season if he isn't given a waiver. It will be interesting to see what playing time he will get because in 2021-22 when we will have Durr and Yetna as seniors, Anderson and Okpomo as sophomores.
  3. I actually posted something very positive about Q in the thread after you commented. I also like the "over" of 4.5 wins next year for the football team. But no, I don't manufacture positive stories for USF - I'm not on their payroll.
  4. All the world must be a hater to you. I know facts can be annoying.
  5. The funny thing I would never have though of doing this if you hadn't incorrectly labeled me a hater. So in an attempt to show you the error of your ways I am going to show you what a true hater is.
  6. Nobody is saying he won't play professionally - Q was an outstanding defender and upped his offensive game down the stretch. And he gave us the highlight of the year in what turned out to be the season final.
  7. What some perceive as "hate" is just me accurately portraying the state of some, if not most, of our athletic programs. FACT: chapelbull is still blocked OPINION: Winning the CBI is like banging a fat chick. Sure you got laid, but you're still searching for respect. Stay safe everyone!
  8. That is correct - stating facts is not being a hater. This is being a hater:
  9. I don't feel compeled, but do want to rebut your opinion with some facts.
  10. While I'm happy he hit the game winner in his final collegiate game, it doesn't change the fact that he was one of the worst offensive guards in the NCAA last season. 3.3 turnover per game (T63rd most in the country) 56% free throw shooter 29% three point shooter So when I ask the original questions its because its something fans of whatever overseas team he plays for is going to hear, unless he winds up playing for a coach who can actually develop his skills.
  11. He was in the 97% percentile in turnovers per game amongst all NCAA starters. If by hating you mean stating undisputable fact then yes I must be a hater.
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