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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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  1. Everything that is wrong with college football, college basketball has found a way to get right. Completely different sports but college basketball has evolved much more quickly that the football monopoly.
  2. 5-7, a second half collapse (again) and no bowl game: L - Wisconsin L - @ Georgia Tech W - South Carolina State W - SMU W - @ UConn W - BYU L - @ Navy W - @ East Carolina L - Temple L - Cincinnati L - Memphis L - @ UCF
  3. I think if you can get a couple of the MWC teams to consider it, it will create a bit of a panic among the rest of the league to not be left out.
  4. That’s not as big of an issue as many believe: In football we’d have eastern and western divisions where each school would only play one road game on the other side of the country - bye weeks can be creatively scheduled to allow for extra time In basketball there would be one division and each school would likely play 3 games on the other side of the country - that can be scheduled in 1 or 2 road trips Its not convenient but it can be worked around to mitigate some of the risks.
  5. No, it's this one. See where Dayton then got relegated to the A-10 when everyone else bolted to join a handful of Metro Conference schools (Louisville, USF, Charlotte, Southern Miss and Tulane) in 1995 to form C-USA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Midwest_Conference
  6. 2.5% of all AAC revenue goes to Aresco's salary - the highest among the P6 commissioners. Now how do you feel about him?
  7. You don't kick them out - you do what Michael's improv class did in The Office They got away from him by saying they each had a common friend who invited them to a dinner party when in fact they just didn't want him there. Just leave them behind.
  8. Tulsa ranks among AAC football schools including UConn: TV market: #61 (11th out of 12 AAC schools, and behind 7 MWC schools) Athletic Department Revenue: $42M (11th out of 11 schools*, and behind 7 MWC schools) 2018 Average Football Attendance: 17,098 (12th out of 12 AAC schools, and behind 9 MWC schools) *Navy figures not available
  9. Time to grab the other 9 AAC schools (everyone except Tulane and Tulsa) and the best 5 we can grab from the MWC and form a NEW 14 team conference. This would solve multiple issues: No litigation issues as no one kicks Tulane and Tulsa out of the AAC (see my prior post about how the Great Midwest members got rid of Dayton and formed C-USA) By raiding the MWC you cripple our closest competition leaving them with 7 of their weaker schools - the rest of the G5 disappears in our rear view mirror A TV deal likely surpasses what we'd see today on a per school basis as we shed smaller TV markets and add Top 20 TV markets in San Diego and Denver, and football and basketball programs that have more prominence and draw more fans/eyes than Tulsa and Tulane We rid ourselves of Aresco
  10. Do what the Great Midwest did to Dayton. All of the teams in the Great Midwest left to form Conference USA and they left Dayton behind. A 10 team conference is also attractive because you can play home and home against all conference opponents with 18 games.
  11. I think this is dangerous for a couple if reasons: This would leave conference members with only 2 non-conference games and potentially hurt SOS if they are unable to schedule anyone reasonable, which puts the NY6 game at risk To your second point, there is already talk among P5 conferences to schedule more P5 games - this type of move would further isolate the conference as the P5 would happily schedule someone else (I really doubt P5 fans would care if their school scheduled FAU instead of USF)
  12. They were last in AAC attendance last year with just over 17k per game, and 1 of 3 schools that averaged less than 20k (Tulane and SMU). Throw in UConn at 20k and everyone else in the conference averaged 28k or higher.
  13. That's why you leave them behind. Ask Dayton what happened when everyone left the Great Midwest conference to form C-USA and they were the only team not invited. Instead of kicking them out they just them behind.
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