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  1. Just got off the golf course and saw this. Good laugh. I actually respect the kid for making this decision - blaze your own trail.
  2. We're 2 months out and limited practicies have occured and already games are being cancelled. Now we we are hearing NBA players are unhappy with the bubble and the NFLPA wants the preseason scrapped. Golf may be the only sport that makes it through the rest of the calendar year. We need a vaccine bad.
  3. Its only July 3rd, but here are a list of games that have already been cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns: Colgate at Western Michigan (9/4) Langston University at Jackson State (9/5) Southern vs. Tennessee State at Detoit, MI (9/5) Lafayette at Navy (9/12) Jackson State vs. Tennessee State at Memphis, TN (9/12) Florida A&M at Southern (9/12) All NAIA schools have been prohibited from playing in games prior to 9/12. Other potential games that are reportedly looking to be rescheduled or cancelled include: Bucknell at Army (9/4) Fordham at Hawaii (9/12) Colgate at Syracuse (9/19)
  4. Yep. I think its looking more and more likely that we won't have college football this fall.
  5. I'm glad Brad played his trump card because I am bidin' my time here until Covid-19 is over.
  6. The NFLPA is now asking for all preseason games to be eliminated (which unto itself could ADD to injuries). https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29406113/nflpa-board-votes-recommend-canceling-all-preseason-games-year Additionally, several NBA players are now questioning the benefits versus the negatives of being stuck in a bubble, and if its worth restarting. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/29400971/what-people-nba-saying-orlando-restart-coronavirus If professional sports don't restart we can forget about college football season happening this fall.
  7. Well, I led with a political map in the OP, but simply to test it as a predictive indicator, so I can see how some would use it as an invitation to do exactly what Trip is trying to get people to NOT do. Trip, thanks for the reply as well. My hope is to use this thread to provide updates about how conferences are thinking through and ultimately deciding on fall sports, and bump them up against my original hypothesis.
  8. Not getting political Trip - just looking at generally accepted metrics to understand where we might see the first dominos fall around college football in 2020. We're already seeing actions being taken that follow this hypothesis. If this is not directed at me then disregard, if it is then let me know and I will respond accordingly.
  9. July 8th will be a good date to get a sense if there will be football in the fall. The Ivy League was the first league to cancel their conference basketball tournament and everyone essentially followed their lead afterwards. A conference-only season starting later in the fall or even the spring are being considered as alternatives. Ivy League Executive Director Robin Harris said regarding the conference basketball tournament, "We weren't going to create an exception for athletics that didn't apply to the campus at large", which sounds like that philosphy will be applied to the upcoming Ivy League football season.
  10. Only only be allowed in the game if you bring your own bubble - Travolta-style.
  11. Looks like my prediction about the PAC-12 is still a good bet: "Scott told the Mercury News on Thursday that if the spread of the coronavirus doesn't slow, he'd have a "pessimistic view" about campuses opening and college sports being played this fall."
  12. He's the most consistent mid-range shooter on the team. Hoping Anderson can also bring that to the team this season and that Collins has worked on a pull up jumper to play off of his almost exclusive 100% dribble, drive game,
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