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  1. That aren't part of the "P6"? These are the top four non-P6 coaches whose team have a Sagarain Rating of 70 or higher (inside the top 66) Bryan Harsin, Boise State ($1.75M, 79.43 Sagarin Rating) Eliah Drinkwitz, Appalachian State ($750k, 78.60) - previously the OC at NC State and Boise State Billy Napier, ULL ($875k, 72.54) - OC at ASU and WR coach at Alabama Gary Anderson, Utah State ($900k, 70.61) - second stint as USU HC; previously the HC at Orgeon State and Wisconsin Other coaches to lake at from the FCS ranks include: Matt Entz, North Dakota State (76.81 Sagarin Rating) - first year as HC Curt Cignetti, James Madison (70.92) - three head coaching stints over the last three years Our options will likely be a lower level head coach (see above - options appear thin and none with a Florida background), non-elite coordinator (elite coordinators will likely land at a P5 school) or a retread head coach (this will be the most likely option we go even with our experience with Strong).
  2. Right now we are slated to get the 6th overall pick. With Burrow and Herbert likely gone before the Bucs selection, they would be advised to trade down until they can land one of the next tier of quarterbacks (e.g. Tua, Love, Fromm, Eason). With the extra picks they acquire they need to stock up on offensive and defensive lineman.
  3. I think there is alot we could learn from UCF and how they have been able to grow their revenue: Move USF to a city where there is nothing to do but go to overpriced amusement parks and watch other teams beat up the only major pro sports franchise Save money on an on campus stadium by using shoddy construction risking the lives of thousands Invent national championships Winning some football games wouldn't hurt either.
  4. This comment just screams for a Judge Smails meme.
  5. The Bucs will draft him. He fits exactly what they want in a kicker - misses and lots of them. Spencer Shrader's field goal percentage of 44.4% ranks dead last in FBS.
  6. Must be a different school.
  7. You missed the original point - I didn't think that USF would win the conference this year and I don't think Charlie ever will here. And if Kelly knows that as well then I will repeat "what should be done eventually, must be done immediately." And if he doesn't know that then he can't evaluate coaches.
  8. Below is a chart with the total head coaching compensation for 123 of the 130 FBS head coaches where 2019 data is available, bumped up against their respective school's Sagarin Rating through yesterday's games. Of note: Coaches in the upper left corner are the worst value - 2019 total compensation vs. 2019 Sagarin Rating Coaches in the bottom right hand corner are the best value (this would be a good area for Kelly to identify and consider G5 coaching candidates) Coaches circled in red have already been fired this year Charlie Strong is circled in green Sources: https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/ https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/sagarin/2019/conference/
  9. This is so laughable that you should have your keyboard taken away. Charlie Strong is the 16th highest paid coach in college football and your expectation is that all he should do is have a winning season and go to a bowl game?? I think you need to reset your expectations to what we are paying him and not what you think is Strong's ceiling. Eve by your lowly standards he going to fail to meet those expectations two straight seasons.
  10. A coach can impact winning and winning can impact attendance and giving. What you are describing is a victim's mentality.
  11. Kelly's well connected to this, but again when the priority is around expenses and not revenue then it becomes a slow circling of the drain. We are keeping a coaching failure simply based on financial impact to the expense line and ignoring the downstream impacts to revenue.
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