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  1. Some additional articles on Boise State's current options. The first article mentiosn Boise State, Air Force and San Diego State coming to the AAC to get us to 14. https://mwwire.com/2020/01/27/will-boise-state-mountain-west-rift-bring-on-more-realignment/ https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2020/01/25/weekend-hot-clicks-boise-state-possible-realignment https://saturdayblitz.com/2020/01/25/boise-state-football-best-post-mountain-west-options/
  2. You're welcome. I have a tendancy to be data driven due to my job and believe that data can tell you what the root cause of issues are and ultimately tell what you need to do in most cases. Otherwise we see these widely ambigous positions being taken. On a funny note, I was in an executive meeting once and we were discussing underperformance for a specific client and one VP's solution was to "double our efforts". Bewildered I asked, "if you can double your efforts, why not just triple your efforts?" Ambiguity is a *****.
  3. Then that may be a way to address the money issue. Personally, I'd still like to see it be a basketball conference too. With 5 west coast teams you can probably get away with 2-3 road games a year out there and do it on a single trip. It might be a little more challenging for a west coast team in an 18 game conference scedule where they would need to make 2 trips out east. For example, SDSU could play home and home with BSU, Air Force, UNLV and Colrado state for 8 of their games, but will still need to play 5 away games against the rest of the conference.
  4. It a great question. Winning a secondary post season tournament can be a spring board to great things the following season.
  5. Is it possible that if 9 football members of the AAC (everyone but Tulane and Tulsa) left the conference and joined 5 of the MWC schools to form a new conference (BSU, SDSU, Air Force, CSU and UNLV), wouldn't they be able to negotiate a new TV deal with any network they wanted as a new conference?
  6. Trip wasn't happy that I mentioned that this will be the 10th straight year that CBG had finished 7th or worse in conference (and 12 of the last 13), but he did mention that despite low conference finishes he was still able to get his teams into post season play. Over the last 10 years USF has only finished 6th or better in conference once, so I wouldn't hold my breath that a coach who can't finish in the upper half of his conference can get a team that can't finish in the upper half of their conference to finish...you guessed it, in the upper half of their conference.
  7. Good point about Miami. That pretty much ruined any chance of us getting a publically funded stadium. Charlotte may be a possibility as well.
  8. I like it except for the part about getting to 16. If we add more team I'd want to see Tulane and Tulsa dumped.
  9. Over the last 3 games we have an OER ranking of 351 out of 353 schools. Over that span we are 9 of 57 from 3 point range (15.8%). Collins and Rideau are a combined 2 of 22 (9.1%).
  10. I hope you are right. While its not the primary reason why would should build light rail, but finally getting with the times and getting some form of it in the Tampa Bay area would help with attendance at a new stadium. I regularly go out to San Diego for work and use their light rail system alot to go to Padres games.
  11. I'll stand corrected on Antigua after looking at the numbers. Its been better but that's not saying much.
  12. Yeah, I think the Rays are gone too. I enjoy watching their games but hard to get too invested knowing that the ownership group can't wait to pocket every penny they can and then bolt for greener pastures.
  13. Thanks. I'd really like to see an individual shot chart for each player to get a better sense for where on the court our players are succesful at converting, but am just working off of what I have seen in person and on TV.
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