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  1. Supposedly the Valdosta State kid is graduating with a year left. Kids a duel threat. Could be what we need next year and he would know the offense.
  2. Last 4 games Jennings was hurt, cronkrite was out 2 of the 4. And last 4 games were the best teams in our conference! We had more yards and competed with Cincinnati. We missed like 5 field goals. We couldn’t block temple dline so we had No shot (Jennings got hurt 2nd drive of the game) Memphis and ucf were just way better than us plus, we didn’t have a scholarship qb who could hit a open wr like high school.
  3. Williams was interested in going to Valdosta State to play Bell. One of the reasons why the 3 kids from Columbia were coming here. Bell has that connection and brought him in.
  4. So we can Admit we are in rebuild mode but then Bell being here less than a year no recruiting is his fault. Supposedly the best wr on the roster Latrell Williams has to sit out this year! (who Bell brought in) we don’t want Bell doing the rebuilding ?
  5. If he reminds you of Q and Kb don’t run a “spread offense” even tho his Valdosta QBs ran for over 1100 yards and 18 tds then why would he recruit Jordan Smith if he’s so hung up on pro style.......mhmmmmmm
  6. Stacking box vs the run. Make qb make throws and wrs get open to beat them. One game that guys got open and qb hit throws was Ecu
  7. Mhmm than you have no idea about football. Bell ran outside zone all year last year, and power read and read plays. Go watch film of their games.
  8. Can’t win a championship like that unless you by far have the best players in that offense.
  9. Kb Offense is a zone blocking scheme. At Valdosta they ran outside ZONE more than any one in the country. But here he didn’t have athletic enough oline to do it. We have a bunch of big slow lineman. Why he couldn’t run his outside zone running scheme. Go watch Valdosta state and watch us. Outside zone was the staple of the offense when he gets the right olineman.
  10. Yes with Kb recruiting his guys in 2 to 3 years we will be competing for the conference championship.
  11. Every team stacked the box on us and dared the wrs to get open and the qb to hit them. Watch the games.
  12. King = coached high school and was unsuccessful. Got out of coaching then did 7 on 7 and has been a position coach. Been average recruiting the bay and you want him as head coach. This board is crazy
  13. Probably a better player and had better players around him......
  14. Bell offense scored more with less qb and less players than Harrell did vs BYU.
  15. For his offense to get going he just needs 1! He knows talent and knows what he needs to be successful!
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