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  1. VSU QBs rushed for over 1100 yards and 18 touchdowns.... how much more dual threat do you want? We just need to pick better QBs many have came and left or haven’t been good in the last couple of years. That’s what he does well is picking good QB’s.
  2. If he doesn’t pick dual threats then why would he recruit Jordan Smith?
  3. Yes we need to add more depth to the o line. Maybe recruit more physical players. CKB probably isn’t doing quick game with Barnett because he takes too long making decisions. He was late throwing the ball all of the time on Saturday while receivers were wide open. WRs should be blocking. Let’s see if he will do quick game with McCloud.
  4. Recruiting has been terrible. Our team is not real good. The defensive transfers have definitely helped us. CWT was a good recruiter. CCS has run off so many players.
  5. Me too. CCS has no choice. If he doesn’t make a change he is going to get fired. Blake can’t get it done.
  6. I totally agree. There were receivers and running backs running open. He doesn’t see the field. He would throw in double and triple coverage. He has no feel for the game. McCloud seems to fit Bells offense much better. He is young and will make some mistakes but we have a better chance of winning with him.
  7. McCloud is more of a dual threat QB which CKB usually has leading his offense. He looked poised and made good decisions for a redshirt freshman. Hopefully CCS will make the right decision and let him start. I think we can win with him.
  8. CCS is slow to make decisions. There should be no competition. CKB loves a dual threat QB which is what McCloud is. He was poised and made good decisions. We can win with him. And it looks like the team has more confidence with him as well.
  9. From what players are saying Blake hasn’t been his favorite. But how do you bench a 5 star senior QB that is CCS big recruit. CCS makes all the final decisions. Hearing that CKB wanted to start Mccloud after halftime. We saw what happened with that.
  10. That’s a joke. I understand giving the senior QB a chance. But he is awful. It is very obvious he can’t read defense or make decisions.
  11. Dude if you look at his film from VSU and JU he runs a pro with a spread and has to have a dual threat QB. Have you looked at our talent? We’re slow and our recruiting here has sucked the past two years. His offense requires speed and playmakers. Which we obviously don’t have here. Why do you think he moved Ford to receiver?
  12. I don’t think so from what I’m hearing. CCS is making all the decisions. He recruited Blake and promised him he would be the starter. He doesn’t want to bench his 5 star player. CKB was never high on Blake. If you look at past film of CKB past offenses at JU and Valdosta he only recruits and plays dual threat QBs who are athletes that can run and throw. Look at the two QB’s he has committed for next year.
  13. Welcome to TheBullsPen.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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