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  1. You weren't far off. As recently as 2000 Gardner Webb was D2. Recently they've been posting some nice seasons (17 to 21 wins) for a team that plays four or five road games against P5 teams for $.
  2. Three jucos: Scekic, Maricevic and Lubin (walk-on who was at USF last season as a scout team player for the women's team). Transfers from 4 year schools: Dawson, Rideau, Kiir and Lang.
  3. The dead that I was referring to was the body language of the players when they were walking to the locker room at halftime. The way they close the first half was crucial with that 7-0 run. During the halftime warm-ups I noticed an assistant coach on the court fist-pumping the players, shouting encouragement and creating energy. I don't think I saw any other coaches doing that throughout the season.
  4. I don't know why but despite the 22-5 run Stoney Brook went on, despite being down by 25 at one point, despite Stoney Brook making 8 3's in the first half, despite the team looking about as close to dead as dead could be when the halftime buzzer sounded, I was never upset, down, worried or any of that. For some reason I was just calm. When they tied it at 66 I literally LOL'd.
  5. And some of the press conference videos I linked coach Gregory made statements that sound like USF would accept a bid from the CBI. The CIT is for smaller programs like Northern Colorado etc. So if no invite comes from the CBI the season is over.
  6. Like I said earlier, USF would go on a run and cut the lead down to single-digits but it would just be a tease
  7. No adjustment by Gregory needed, the kids are playing terrible perimeter defense. They have been out of position, slow to rotate and are not closing out with a hand high. Collins needs to. He has played 20 minutes and attempted 3 shots.
  8. They will make a run, but it will just be a USF tease. Carlton is on the bench for UCONN with 2 fouls, when he returns they will be scoring inside and out
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