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  1. The recent articles on RayQuawndis Mitchell on the Rivals site have been better and included quotes from RayQuawndis (which has to be on an all time name list). Also the Rivals site has an update on a Mississippi State transfer named Prince Oduro. It is premium content so I cannot link to it.
  2. Towards the end of the season I asked someone, who is around the team, what kept Chaplin off the court. He said the kid has a pretty jump shot but it almost never goes in. Said that Chaplin really needs to fix that in the offseason. He said Chaplin is the most athletic guy on the team.
  3. I don't know but this is USF so he will probably transfer to ECU, get a waiver for immediate eligibility and play so well he spends the next three seasons making us mad that USF didn't play him more. Mack makes a jumper, runs past USF bench: Shoulda played me more. Handshake line after an ECU win over USF: Shoulda played me more.
  4. I am sorry about that. Sometimes their content is free and sometimes it isn't. The BJ Mack article was so I thought the Darius Banks article was too.
  5. I like Rashun but he is really a three. I am not a fan of Madut, he is only here so USF could get Mayan Kiir and now Kiir is gone. I like Anderson he's a 3/4 that can shoot it some. I hope that kid can add some weight. If USF has to use Rashun, Madut and Anderson at the four IF Lex isn't ready or is slow to get back into form; then it is another 7-11 or 8-10 conference record.
  6. I guess you didn't see any improvement in Durr or Antun this year? Or you choose to ignore it?
  7. Tulio Da Silva was dismissed from the team on Jan. 20, 2018 after the Bulls' 19th game of the season. He did not last a full season under Gregory and if I recall his dismissal happened after the spring semester began so he had to wait until after the season was over to transfer to a new program. He probably got a waiver since he had no choice but to transfer and USF probably said nice things about the kid to the NCAA.
  8. My guess is BG was honest with the kid from the start but sometimes kids only hear the parts that they want. Downside is that Mack was probably the most skilled big man on the team this season. He would have been a big help next season backing up Yetna. Matter of fact, what happens if (Jeez I hope this doesn't happen) Yetna isn't ready at the start of the season or isn't ready to play more than 12-17 minutes per game. Someone will have to play the four. I really want Justin Brown to be able to slide back over to the three.
  9. USF students really only turn out in number for UCF, UCONN, Memphis and maybe Houston. When they do come to games the don't make noise throughout the game like most student sections. They just kinds sit there and wait for an exciting play to cheer for. I'm not including the pep band in this description of students because the pep band stands most of the game and does different chants during the game when they aren't playing their instruments. Also USF doesn't do a good job of promoting basketball games to the students. So, students who aren't super into basketball don't know when there is one, or that they get in free, or that the first 100 to arrive get access to the Student Lounge with free pizza, free Coca-Cola products, TV monitors, pop-a-shot games etc. Students at basketball games should only sit down during timeouts or halftime. The rest of the game they should be on their feet creating energy in the arena instead of waiting for something to cheer about.
  10. Why? Their averaged announced attendance is 6,838 per game. Their areas seats 7,035. That's 97% of seats sold.
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