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  1. From 5 days ago... https://usf.rivals.com/news/usf-bulls-basketball-usf-offers-emerging-2021-tn-wing
  2. Madut Akec will probably see less playing time with Yetna, Oduro and Anderson available.
  3. He averaged 5 minutes per game in 23 games. In comparison, Jamir Chaplin averaged 4.5 minutes in 20 games. That's not much playing time imo.
  4. Where is that from? Anderson has been enrolled at USF since late December.
  5. Wouldn't she have to leave the country and play in Europe for Jose Fernandez to recruit her?
  6. I was referring to home games. Games in the Yuengling Center. I saw a list of games on the Rivals site earlier this month. It is behind a paywall though
  7. Conference only schedule makes it very difficult for teams not in the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Pac 12 and Big East to get in the tournament. Side note: the home non conference schedule is terrible anyway.
  8. That whole Oct. 15 being the first day of practice for every school ended years ago. IIRC "Practice" starts 45 days prior to a team's first game. "Workouts" with coaches on the court usually begin, in some form, in May or early June. Just for a couple of hours each week and continues when incoming freshmen and transfers arrive for Summer B. These workouts are usually done by position not the entire team at once. Workouts end in August. Practice, with the entire team in the gym working on plays, working on defense etc. begins in September. I think the first day of practice last season was September 24, 2019. Hope that was helpful.
  9. It is free to read the list of schools, which is why I posted the link, but you have to subscribe to read what he said about each school. I hope I didn't violate a rule. https://usf.rivals.com/news/usf-basketball-recruiting-four-star-wing-michael-james-has-usf-in-final-8
  10. The all-star was great so he could pick anyone to be his personal trainer and he picked this guy when he was 25 years old. And he caught the attention of the Raptors strength coach enough so that "Wallace helped play a role in assisting Toronto's head strength and conditioning coach in pre-draft workouts and the NBA Summer League." I see this as nothing but a good thing. USF's players, who have all dreamed of playing in the NBA, will have a strength coach who trained a NBA all-star and knows what it takes to prepare your body to perform at a high level on the highest level. On paper this seems like a good thing for USF. Hopefully it works out well.
  11. Maybe not strength and conditioning coaches who were the personal trainer for a 4-time NBA All-Star.
  12. So that Tweet would have you believe. However, I was told that Prince Oduro was not run off and the Mississippi State coach was caught by surprise that he entered the transfer portal. Same person told me that Oduro was likely to get a waiver because of some things that went down at his first school (Siena) which ultimately led to sanctions and I think a show cause for the coach. Kids can transfer and play immediately when that happens but Oduro left the school before the NCAA investigation was completed. What I was told was that part of Oduro's waiver application would include being given immediate eligibility because of what happened at Siena and he already sat once. Whatever it was I'm glad he got the Waiver. Kid can back up Yetna and in a smaller lineup he can back up Durr.
  13. Did not know we had an opening. Then I read the article and we lost our strength coach to Tampa Prep?
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