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  1. White Out on Sunday. Brian Gregory https://youtu.be/GXiZdqeRDOU Michael Durr https://youtu.be/xPLQUmNAzi4 Xavier Castaneda https://youtu.be/ErFxewfrAKQ
  2. I think the ceiling for BC is 8 ACC wins. Most likely they go 5-15 in their conference.
  3. All of last year Dawson was on the scout team. So, yes, he did practice with the team but he was playing the role of the shooting guard for USF's opponents. Both redshirt players were on the scout team last year. If I had to guess I'd say last season's scout team was Lubin (walk-on), Dawson (redshirt), Akec (redshirt), Calleja (walk-on), Scekic (stiff).
  4. It's a double hit because Kiir is not available
  5. Have seen Mack a lot. Kid works hard and I'm rooting for him but I really don't know who he can defend.
  6. I want them to have one of those replicas of the final four Center Court to mount on the wall in their practice facility and a crystal basketball for the trophy case.
  7. He might be the first newspaper columnist to lose a job because a salesperson lost a key account. I wonder if that salesperson was also laid off
  8. They have their moments but it is basically a fanboy site.
  9. I love how the helmet looks in pictures but on TV (with the exception of a close up on a player) it looked like a white helmet with something indistinguishable on it.
  10. Can't wait for the season. The reporter on the Rivals site predicted that the coaches would pick USF 5th and predicted coaches would vote Rideau first team, Yetna and Collins second team.
  11. Adidas is enormously popular outside of the U.S. especially in soccer and T/F. Under Armour is a much younger company than Nike, Adidas and Puma. I was a Nike wearer for decades but switched to UA in 2012. I do like the look of the Adidas classic shoe and the Stan Smith but I doubt I'd ever buy them.
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