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  1. Hopefully as Brian Gregory continues to develop his program, he will always have 2 or 3 GAs and always at least 4 team managers.
  2. Boston College lost their leading scorer and their 4th leading scorer from last year. Their big man is pretty good and played at least one year of high school ball down in South Florida. That other game you are referencing will not be a home game.
  3. That's fine by me. Most of these waivers are b.s. anyway.
  4. Most kids want to play at the highest level and, believe they will earn a starting spot, so if they get a P5 offer they take it. USF should absolutely not stop taking transfers. Not every transfer will turn out like Marquez Valdes-Scantling, but if you stop taking transfers you will definitely miss out on the next MVS.
  5. Not just the Colonial. As a freshman reserve at Boston College Milon averaged 5.4 ppg and made 39-79 threes (.494). He made 23-48 (.479) against ACC opponents and was expected to have a bigger role as a sophomore. So, if Dawkins figures out how to use Milon I'd expect him to double your 5-6 ppg in the AAC.
  6. Aubrey Dawkins stock was never high. He HAD to enter the draft, he's **** near 30 years old.
  7. Actually, the UCF fans I talk to expect the team to take a step back. Most think that their ceiling is probably 6th place. They are just hoping that Johnny Dawkins can win without Donnie Jones' recruits.
  8. They also lost BJ Taylor, one of the best point guards in the conference until he slid over to shooting guard when they added Terrell Allen. Btw, Allen surprised UCF by transferring to Georgetown in late April. Also lost Chad Brown an energy bringer off the bench.
  9. Meh, Ollie got the strongest sanctions. Connecticut is penalized one less official visit this year and one less official visit next year. My goodness. How WILL they ever recover? Very few basketball programs use all of their allotted officials. Two years probation is nothing as long as they don't violate rules during the probationary period. Since they hired outside of the Jim Calhoun coaching tree that probably will not be an issue.
  10. I've never met a UCONN fan who cares about college football. Dan Hurley: ‘Who wouldn’t want to play here now? We’re back in the Big East’
  11. This coming season will be the last time Connecticut wins the conference championship. And the AAC will have to find someplace other than Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT to hold the tournament.
  12. IIRC Boston College was an original member of the BE. But to clarify I mean when the BE consisted of: Providence, St. John's, Georgetown, Syracuse, Seton Hall, Connecticut and Boston College, Villanova and Pittsburgh That was a great conference. They had three teams in the 1985 final four and Boston College was a buzzer beater away from possibly advancing to the Elite Eight. The BE of today pales in comparison. It really is Villanova and nine (soon to be ten) other schools
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