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  1. I was happy to hear him say that too. I don't know what I'll do if I see Rideau throw up another horse shot in an end of game situation.
  2. I would like to see this as well. On Saturday I think you have to credit the coaching staff at c. They saw the end of the ECU game and expected USF to give the ball to Rideau and set a ball screen for him to get down hill. So c. switched on the screen and Rideau was defended by 6-foot-11 Collin Smith. Durr rolled to the basket but was not open due to good defense by Ingram (I think) and Milon coming from the weak side to help. Rideau had to put up a shot because unlike the ECU game there was not 16 seconds left in the game when Rideau got to the basket. I would have rather seen Rideau and either Dawson or Collins in a dribble hand off while Durr was at the pinch post to keep Collins away from the basket and let Dawson or Collins get into the paint. Neither of those guys are what I'd consider explosive but they have more elevation than Rideau.
  3. Okpomo is a better athlete and rebounder than Mack but Mack is more skilled offensively from what I have been told.
  4. If Mack doesn't transfer I'd rather have him backing up Durr. Mack will provide some offense. Okpomo is a rim runner who scores on put backs mostly when I watch Oak Hill Academy. Mack is more skilled. If he is with the team next year I expect Mack to be in even better shape than he is now. Also, you left out Chapman and Akec.
  5. I hope he gets some minutes and their guards pass it to him. Whenever I watch he gets few minutes and few touches.
  6. Read elsewhere that USF wanted an alternative uniform for use in several games but the athletic department chose to use these for just games against Central Florida.
  7. I asked someone and they said that usually the head coach and as well as at least an associate AD would have to agree to an alternative uniform. He said the school will usually approach the apparel company with a request for an alternative uniform and tell them something like 'show us some mock ups of a black uniform.' He also said that the apparel company may suggest an alternative. It depends on the contract and the relationship. He estimated that USF paid at least $7.5k on the lime green unis. Which kinda blew my mind since they're only going to be worn in two games.
  8. Bulls offered his "brother" on Tuesday. I think they were adopted by the same couple or they are guardians or something. I saw an article about it but most of it was behind a paywall.
  9. I didn't see anything on social media from USF but I saw this and he tagged in the USF men's basketball account, the kid and his school so it must be legit.
  10. IIRC... Against Memphis Rideau had foul trouble late and sat for a while between the 8 minute and 4 minute TV timeouts. During that time the team had difficulty initiating the offense. Partly because that Harris kid gave Castaneda fits so Collins had to initiate the offense because Gregory trusts him more than Dawson due to experience in his system. FSU switched defenses around the 5 or 4 minute mark and started trapping Rideau or Collins when they had the ball near the sidelines. Poor decision making by those guys led to turnovers. USF didn’t make an in-game adjustment to the trap. Defense got them back into the game against ECU. Mack missed an open 3 and Rideau made a bad decision flipping the ball up to the basket, with 16 seconds left to play, against Gardner instead of dribbling it back out and finding an open teammate. This team sorely needs a consistent perimeter shooter. Has several streaky guys.
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