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  1. Since it appears that USF and Gregory are working on an extension it is kind of a moot point. Gregory probably should have received a two year extension following the 2018-19 season. If the Bulls earn a NCAA Tournament berth that is a big step for the program because USF hasn't been in the Dance since 2012. If they're invited to the N.I.T. after next season it still shows program growth. He took over a program that was basically a sh#t stain in the college basketball world. Seven overall wins? One conference win? You don't turn that around quickly unless you are the coach of a school that doesn't care if you're dropping bags all over the country to bring some one and done guys or multiple 4* guys into your program.
  2. That creates an extremely difficult challenge for recruiting. It will be even easier for other programs to negatively recruit against USF. Also it sets the Coach up to fail. Why would a talented kid, with other good options, come to USF if his Coach could be gone before he enrolls in Summer B or before his sophomore season begins? So, in this scenario, USF takes kids who aren't good enough to play in this conference. And guys on the roster who are good enough transfer out.
  3. Maybe it is an extension of years with more performance bonuses but not an increase in base salary.
  4. The Rivals site did a Zoom interview with Michael Kelly today. https://usf.rivals.com/news/q-a-with-usf-v-p-of-athletics-michael-kelly
  5. Down to 61. A kid in the 2021 class reclassed into the 2020 class and he pushed all but the top-12 guys down one spot.
  6. Nothing to see here. Murphy signed in November. Since then USF added three players aka the three newcomers: Anderson, Oduro and Tchewa.
  7. Fwiw the USF coaches are very confident that Oduro will get a waiver.
  8. Not anymore. Derrick Sharp took the head coach job at Bishop McLaughlin. His son Emanuel is transferring there to continue to play for him.
  9. I like how you are thinking. The challenge is that around 1,000 Division I basketball players transfer every year. Most of these transfers occur shortly after the season ends and most HS players who are available in March are either among the best players in the nation and they're waiting to see what the rosters look like at schools like Duke, Kentucky and Kansas. Or they are not good enough to be impact players in the American. Or they have academic issues and are likely headed for a JuCo. But the players who are available and are good enough are...transfers. It is quite the conundrum. All the way up to 33%
  10. Fortunately that article is a month old and nothing seemed to happen between the Bulls and Jonah Antonio because I do not want. All that guy does is jack up threes at a high volume and he isn't particularly good at making them. This season he made 31.5% of his three pointers which is basically Xavier Castaneda, who made 31.2%, level accuracy. Now imagine Castaneda attempting 6 three pointers every game. Because that is what Jonah Antonio averaged this season
  11. I may be in the minority but I believe Oduro will get a waiver. I also think the first time transfer waiver rule will pass and go into effect immediately which will benefit guys like Makhtar Gueye. Who knows if Gueye is their top target. That reporter mentioned other targets on the Rivals message board but it is behind a paywall.
  12. Maybe. Here is an article on him https://usf.rivals.com/news/uab-transfer-makhtar-gueye-talks-usf-decision-timeline
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