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  1. You make me chuckle. Just deal with the L & keep it moving
  2. Ranting? Pointing out facts to someone making a dumb hot take is ranting? Hahaha okay.
  3. I've got two words for you: Hot take. I see you don't know much about college basketball. This past season South Dakota state was 24-9, won their conference and got an automatic bid to the NIT. They had three guys who made better than 43% of their threes. One of them made 45% on 245 attempts. They had a good team.
  4. 113-51??? Did the entire South Dakota State team drink all of the alcohol in Canada the night before that game? That looks like a women's basketball game between the No. 1 team in the country and the No. 20 team in the country.
  5. I get that football season is around the corner but camp had not even started when Brian Gregory had his press conference and let the media watch practice. Besides the media is almost never allowed to watch a basketball practice. Typically they get to watch the first 15 minutes a practice maybe twice a year. So the fact that they were invited to stay for practice and only two of them stayed the entire time it's still disappointing to me. But I think it's because most of them really don't understand basketball like they do football to understand what's going on at a practice
  6. No Torello. No TV people could be bothered to show up. He said the two that stayed were clearly basketball guys. Said the coaching staff came over and shook their hands afterwards and one of them, he thinks it was a guy from the Rivals site, was even talking with them about plays they ran. Said he was more engaged in the practice than any media guy there. Said he was clapping at times not to applaud good play but like he was trying to create energy. He said that at the end of the practice they scrimmaged and had referees. One of the referees knew one of the guys who stayed the entire practice and even came over and shook his hand & they talked for about 30 seconds. Said the other guy took lots of notes. My source said he was not surprised that those two stayed for the whole practice. He said it was pretty clear from the start of practice that they knew what they were seeing while the other guys just seemed happy to be there so they could take pics.
  7. Sadly there are members of the Tampa sports media who still aren't paying attention to USF basketball. Before the team left for Canada Brian Gregory had a press conference and I heard he let the media watch practice. Not the first few minutes either. The entire practice. I was told that nobody from a Tampa TV station showed up. I also heard that only two media members stayed for the entire practice. That only two media members stayed for the whole practice did not surprise me. I have long felt that most of the local media that covers the USF basketball team are really football reporters. So most of them probably did not know what they were watching when they were at a basketball practice. Probably kept waiting to see a jet sweep.
  8. Without looking it up I doubt anyone could name the program with the largest turnaround in the 2017-18 season or who won the 2018 CBI Tournament. USF will be on the radar of opponent coaching staffs for sure, but the average fan? Nah, not until the Bulls beat someone good.
  9. Just saw a tweet that the Rivals site is offering $75 in gear from the adidas store with a annual subscription of $75. I'm thinking of signing up for that. The gear is basically free and the best part is that I don't have to go into a store.
  10. Team flying out of Orlando because they couldn't get a direct flight out of Tampa. Did the same thing for the Jamaica tournament last year.
  11. Cool another team that was in the 2019 NCAA Tournament. So Wofford, FSU, BC, FAU, Drexel and the Cayman islands tournament are what we know thus far.
  12. All I care about is the players having a good time in Montreal and everyone returning to Tampa without sustaining an injury.
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