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  1. Yes, that's what Jordan meant. But since G5 programs are locked out of the college football playoff, the best they can do is win a conference championship and hopefully play in a NY6 Bowl game and win that. Given that uneven playing field winning a conference title is important. I think we all know that the playoff is a farce because it is just a P5 creation and not a true NCAA Championship like in the lower levels of football or, like my favorite, the NCAA Tournament. The world would be a better place if the NCAA stepped in and ran a FBS tournament that included every conference champion.
  2. I wasn't comparing our conference championship to the NBA title. My point was that he was saying winning all those games doesn't matter if you don't win the championship. What does the trophy look like for being ranked number two in the country for one week? I've never seen it. I searched Google Images for it for years but can't find it. The next time I'm in the Lee Roy Selmon building I'll ask the receptionist where it is so that I can take a picture of it.
  3. "AAC trophy? Nothing. You get to play a meaningless game against a disinterested P5. Nothing." Lol The "USF beat Notre Dame and was ranked No. 2 in the country at one point," mindset that I believe USF fans need to grow out of. Yes, beating Florida would be a bigger accomplishment than beating UCF. Beating Notre Dame was a great accomplishment. Being ranked number two in the country was a great accomplishment. What does the program have to show for beating Notre Dame one time and being ranked number two in the country for a week? Nothing. Winning championships is what matters. Playing in NY6 Bowl games matter. That leads to national relevance, that sells tickets, that generates revenue, that helps recruiting, I want to win championships. If in the process of winning championships USF also defeats Florida, or Miami, or UCF, great. But at the end of the day I want to win championships. If USF loses to Florida but still wins the conference Championship I'm good with that. That's a great season. But if USF beats Florida and then loses 6 games in a row. kind of like when the Chicago Bulls won 72 regular season games and set an NBA record. Michael Jordan said that won't mean anything if they don't win the NBA title. He was right. I want to win championships. It's disappointing, to me at least, that more USF fans don't seem to feel the same way.
  4. Well, until USF wins a conference championship and/or a NY6 Bowl beating those guys up I-4 is the highlight of the year (when we do beat them that is).
  5. Heck if I know. What does Houston have to do with a this particular discussion?
  6. Ok, so when it is close T&F will hurt USF but the blame for losing 70-14 can't just be dropped at the offices of the T&F coaches. That is getting defeated at an epic level.
  7. Losing 70-14 is due largely to the track and field programs?
  8. I was in Alabama during the football season and was listening to Sports Talk Radio and they were calling the local show and complaining about UCF. But not one of those fans in Alabama ever said that Alabama should just play them. The important audience, recruits, their parents and their High School coaches are talkin about UCF winning and playing on New Year's Day and getting guys drafted to the league. Those people and alumni are the audience that really matters. That it bothers everyone else is just icing on the cake. Like Nas said "you can hate me now." The 2-for-one scheduling is a non issue for me. If you are a G5 program you can play a home and home series with a P5 program. It is just most likely just going to be Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech, Maryland, North Carolina, Rutgers and not FSU, UF, Ohio State or Michigan type programs. Besides UF didn't even offer UCF a 2-for-1. It was a 2-for-neutral. I don't blame them for not being interested in doing that. UCF is trying to sellout all of their home games while USF is just trying to sell tickets period. The programs are in two different places but Michael Kelly is doing a great job imo. I respect what UCF is doing. They aren't settling. They're winning and they're making noise about the corrupt College football system. Many programs don't want to schedule UCF or USF because it is too dangerous.
  9. It is not just football. Have you seen the War on I-4 overall point total? USF has a ways to go. Hopefully can get there fast.
  10. Again, the loser mentality. I'll take an undefeated season, a conference championship, a Peach Bowl win, plus months of ESPN shows talking about my school any day and twice on Sunday. Meanwhile plenty of people in the other 49 states think USF means the University of San Francisco and don't understand why the University of South Florida isn't in South Florida. But they know where the University of Central Florida is. You do you and make comments about the 737 Max, rest in peace to the all of the people onboard those flights, I'm sure you think you are clever. Meanwhile athletically USF remains little brother to those other guys because too many of us are happy with beating them an bringing the I-4 trophy back, temporarily, to Tampa and are okay with bowl games in Birmingham and Memphis in July because #Food instead of playing in Atlanta or New Orleans on New Years Day. Not enough fans are demanding excellence. I'm beginning to think that USF deserves to play in Bowl games in Ray Jay in December against C-USA teams in front of 15k fans.
  11. They're not the voice of college football, they do have a strong social media 'voice' though. But they are definitely the squeaky wheel for G5 inclusion to the big boy table. The rest of the G5 teams & fanbases seem to be taking a "we'll just sit at the kids table until, hopefully, a P5 conference invites us to join. Except the Bulls lost to them 2 years ago, they went on to win the conference championship and onto a NY6 Bowl to beat a good SEC team and get more publicity than they could ever buy. And tbh, many of us were pretty arrogant during that brief moment USF was ranked second in the nation.
  12. I'm all for beating those guys but it seems like too many fans see that as the Holy Grail. Yeah the I-4 trophy is nice but I can deal with taking an L to those guys IF we still win the division, play for AND win the conference Championship Game. The I-4 trophy will go back and forth between the two schools but the conference championship trophy stays in the trophy case in Tampa.
  13. NY6 Bowl games matter. I've never before heard or read Birmingham or Memphis as a destination city. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went to Memphis in 1968 to support a sanitation workers strike. There was trash in the streets. Some of that trash is still in the streets of Memphis today.
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