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  1. On August 22nd the guy who covers USF for Rivals made a Rivals Future Cast pick for Virginia Tech.
  2. I noticed that the guy who covers basketball recruiting for the USF Rivals site didn't Tweet about this kid or write an article about him. So I sent him a DM about the kid. He said that he is 99.9% certain that this is a fake offer.
  3. He talks about playing faster, Murphy has a chance to be a special player, an in-state bubble and some other stuff.
  4. Top 5, maybe top 4 basketball facilities in the conference. USF needs to have a top 5 or top 4 program in the conference.
  5. Having a former D1 basketball player who was a personal trainer to a 6 time NBA all-star is pretty cool.
  6. USF football media. I read elsewhere that his usual attire at games and press conferences is a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. I don't expect the media to be in suits and ties but ****. Shorts and sandals? LOL
  7. THAT is good for recruiting. Parents see that and have another reason to believe that Coach will look out for their kid if he plays for him.
  8. After his press conference on Thursday he gave an exclusive interview to the Rivals reporter. He asked Gregory about a specific type of bubble and Gregory gave a brief answer then kind of pivoted away which made me think something is close to being agreed to by 4 or 5 schools.
  9. Gregg Marshall? He's really good but I think the best coach in the league is Kelvin Sampson.
  10. Lots of mouths to feed. Hard enough to have a 10-man roster.
  11. It was kinda mutual. IIRC, I read that Tchewa was liked by the Texas Tech staff but he really wasn't a good fit with the style of play. Also, the Texas Tech assistant who recruited him took a head coach job at a smaller program. So TTU wasn't exactly running him off but they also weren't trying hard to convince him to stay.
  12. The College Football Playoff, nor any of the Bowl games, is not run by the NCAA so the Rose Bowl.
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