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  1. Sitting here as well with the same thoughts. F this coaching staff.
  2. This should be a good gauge of our continued development as Austin Peay is a strong team out of the Ohio Valley Conference. Finished 3rd last year to Murray State and Belmont. Having gone to the home opener, there is a lot to like about our team. They can only get better with more playing time together. I really like Kiir with his length and athleticism (still unknown how he got that 2nd technical last game). The freshman C Durr has tremendous upside with his size and hustle (unlike Omogbehin of yesteryear, this 7 footer can move). Rideau showed flashes in the 2nd half of last game as he settled in, and Collins is coming off last years all rookie team performance. In short, calling out all locals to make a conscious decision to get out and support this team. Strive to make it out and catch a game. Maybe we can setup a bullspen tailgate for the 11/24 Saturday 2pm game vs The Citadel. Tailgating for basketball. Possibly celebrate a UCF upset?
  3. My 7 year old was running around the house yelling "Nighty night" after that one.
  4. TBBull717

    Sirius XM

    Check out @ScooterMagruder’s Tweet: Awesome recap of the week. USF getting more love.
  5. Embrace the suck. Just as Denver & Utah teams have a home field advantage with the altitude, we have it with the heat / humidity. To our fans sitting on the East side this Saturday, I salute you.
  6. TBBull717

    New adidas gear

    Adidas coaches polo is legit. Cool detail on the shoulders. Will see how well it holds up after a few washes.
  7. TBBull717

    New adidas gear

    Finally. At least the coaches polo is now offered.
  8. So Barnett had 3 scoring drives, McCloud had 2, and yet the defense won the day. Is it safe to assume Oladokun and Kean did nothing today?
  9. Looks very plain
  10. TBBull717

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Supporting business that supports USF
  11. Off to buy a case of Yuengling
  12. TBBull717

    USF new requirements

    Where was this information pulled from? Doubt this applies to all student athletes as you said average weighted GPA and SAT. All women sports tend to do very well academically. The few football and basketball players (let's say 70 total that are average or below) will do little to affect an average when blended into an incoming student body totalling 8000-12000.
  13. TBBull717

    Quiz: USF vs ECU

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 108 seconds