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  1. With that 40 time he is comparable to a slower version of Luke Stocker who the Bucs drafted in the 4th.
  2. Agreed. Last play just told the Temple DE “Hey man, free pass. Go rip the **** out of McCloud”.
  3. What sort of misogynistic bull **** response is this friscobull? Regardless of sport, Courtney is a top 10 all time USF great.
  4. Lot 6D being forced to make a left on Columbus was a big negative
  5. Agreed. Minus that fumble recovery, Macon playing decent, and McCloud with a few plays at the end, there was nothing.
  6. Always a great time cheering on USF with fellow diehards on the road.
  7. 1. McNeese St - 53-21 2. Tulane last year - 41-15 3. Wisconsin - 49-0 4. Rutgers '09 - 31-0
  8. Leacock wasn't suited up. Waller was in at DT. Absolutely massive but didn't look to get in on any plays of note. Vaughn made a solid tackle in the 1st quarter. Got cut down but kept contain to take down one of the QBs that rolled out. It will be nice to see Reaves go hard for 1st-2nd down this year then see Vaughn come in on situational pass rush downs this year.
  9. $17 for a lower level seat is a great deal. No doubt my son and I switched seats at halftime to change our luck.
  10. Vitter and Ferrari both have intriguing experience and skillsets.
  11. https://m.adidas.com/us/college_gear USF nowhere to be found. Definitely dropped some feedback on the link provided. Can only imagine it would help if other diehards reinforced our desire to have our logo displayed alongside money 5 teams and have more clothing options.
  12. http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/25892739/the-talented-duo-miami-country-day-basketball-no-1?addata=espn:frontpage
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