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  1. How do you lead with the helmet there? That has to be targeting (review pending) - but just another really foolish play
  2. 2-for-1's get us paid... We should play 3 pay day games a year and build things like a practice facility
  3. Yeah I mean this isn't exactly breaking news... USF isn't a very good football program. You can support them or move on but it kind of is what it is.
  4. Yeah I agree, not a national disgrace. Very unfortunate for some kids. It happens - Ivy league schools have had issues. But man, embarrassing for sure.
  5. USF Admissions Dept takes another loss... wonder if they hired some of the old Athletic Department marketing team from Doug Woolard era! This actually made local news out here on West Coast. While funny - definitely feel for the kids who maybe saw the email, informed their family, etc. Awful (and stupid) mistake. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-hillsborough/university-of-south-florida-st-petersburg-mistakenly-sends-out-hundreds-of-acceptance-letters
  6. West Coast has great grocery stores but not at the price point of Publix - they are all kind of premium to Whole Foods - PCC, * Market (where * is whatever town you are in), and even Whole Foods are all solid but easily 2x Publix prices.
  7. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out.. i mean the HC said he needs to recruit bigger and faster players. No doubt there are some not welcome in the new regime.
  8. I thought the welcome note was amusing... Brand isn't normally known for his negative threads!
  9. An argument can be made that Coach has lost this team. You have the sideline interaction last week, the lack of passion. I think just young and inexperienced, but Mr Fauria could be right.
  10. The Washington Generals are on the field again... just look silly out there...
  11. We were never that good this season - fans who felt so just aren't realistic. This is a young team and we will build. The foolishness you are seeing isn't lack of hustle - we just don't have the talent or experience - yet. (I get it is hard to watch)
  12. I think more realism is good. I also think frustration when a team is loosing is actually a great thing. It shows passion, it shows engagement. When we play soft and no one cares, that is the sign of a dead program.
  13. Let's be realistic. Anyone who has been watching knows this team isn't very good. A bit of luck, a lot of tenacity, and most of all an horrendously weak schedule got them to 7 - 0. So seeing this performance shouldn't come as particularly shocking. But it is weird, almost uncanny how much worse this team is on critical downs (3rd or 4th when deep) against Houston.
  14. Hang on - it is 3rd and 8 again... Oh, yep - completion for 10 yards. Time to flip over.
  15. 9 - 12 with some 4th down conversions mixed in. I mean there isn't much you can say - Houston has confidence they can convert from anywhere and USF defense knows they are out classed. We need to be kicking onside and going for turnovers every play. Little chance of stringing together 3 (or 4) consecutive stops.
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