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  1. USF_Grouper

    USF vs UF Continues

    I am not sure I wouldn't rather just to 3 in G'ville and take a bigger pay out. Hopefully things get turned around, but at this point we are giving them three home games just one of them happens to be played in Tampa! Buyout seems skewed in a 2 for 1 though.. i mean if they buy out the trip here does that just give them 2 for 0 for ~$4MM? That isn't much more than they'd pay for those games to schedule anyway.
  2. USF_Grouper

    Flowers to the Bengals

    Yep - that is great. I knew he was back returning kicks for a bit and at one point got game checks while on practice squad (to prevent another team from picking him up). Wish QF the best.
  3. USF_Grouper

    Flowers to the Bengals

    How many games did BJD play?
  4. I think OCS is great - but not sure that is cure either. I think we need compelling competition.
  5. I tend to agree with you on the cost of stadium. Does seem ridiculously to keep throwing the fees on students. Given we struggle with attendance playing inferior competition I'd recommend we look for a 4-5 home game season and take the pay day from the extra games to help offset the costs. Win Win Win - better competition, more money, and better attendance at limited games.
  6. Don't worry about it.. the $80 will just get financed into your student loans, you'll never even notice it. With all that negativity why did you waste a valued spot at USF? Aren't there still community colleges or trade schools you could attend?
  7. Given our attendance numbers I think we should be doing this more often. Play 5 home games a year if we have to - but bring it more quality opponents. Reduced quantity and better quality increases demand. Further funding from pay-day games helps cover improvements like indoor practice facilities. I am just a little dissapointed in the opponent quality - seems for 2:1s we could have went after a consistent top 20 team.
  8. USF_Grouper

    AAC > ACC

    Yeah - why are we all forgetting Memphis? Really Memphis and UCF games are the only ones that illustrate a reasonable comparison. Virginia was 3-5 in conference with their wins coming over UNC, Duke, and GA Tech (only mediocre conference team they played). Texas Tech was equally bad in conference play. Unfortunately these early low-tier bowls pit successful G5 teams against barely eligible P6 teams - props to AAC for raising above and at least winning those match-ups and bigger props to Navy for doing it convincingly but it doesn't change anyone's minds about where the conference is. Memphis will be a great game to see where conferences stand - basically AAC #2 against a mid-tier P6 school. I am hopeful!
  9. USF_Grouper

    DJ’s non-TD

    it looked like it was his calf (and not hip) that hit first, which is obviously pretty unusual. 50/50 IMHO if he got in. No blame on line judge from me - you want a TD then don't leave it in hands of official.
  10. Perhaps the one play was lucky - but giving up the TD was just poor play. And seems to be a consistent theme - giving away game late. Sometimes QF pulls off miracle (like yesterday) but in our two losses he ran out of time. Good defense needs to be able to put games away.
  11. We have to be able to get half a yard! That isn't coaching in any way shape or form. That is terribly awful offensive line execution.
  12. Looked like his calf was actually down. 3rd and goal from the 10 and run the ball - def an interesting call if it works!
  13. How do we not take the free snap as the red raider is running off the field? QF has to see that!
  14. QF needs to turn that up and not run out of bounds! If he plays on Sunday it will be as a RB, show you can take some contact!
  15. Wow - DB is running a good 5 yards behind!