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  1. Completely disagree. They built a program and a culture. It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened with several years of commitments. Stadium. Facilities. Student base. Alumni base. Even when we were winning, we struggled to get students out. Struggled to get alumni involved. Didn’t make a major commitment to any facility upgrades. USF HAS to mimic that.
  2. It was like that when we were 10-1 in 2017. That Tulane game before UCF’s game was so poorly attended it was a joke. The program has been lifeless for years. It’s time for a reset and commitment to creating a new culture.
  3. Never happening, nor should it. The program as a whole needs a reset, and going to the past isn’t going to help.
  4. Sports marketing 101: Free tickets are a bad bad idea. Ask anyone in the business.
  5. Georgia Tech is maybe a 4-5 win team. In for a long year...
  6. Everyone who is saying stay at 11. It would require the NCAA to reverse course on their ACC decision in 2004 and their Big 12 decision of 2015. The ACC petitioned for a championship game with 11 teams. It was denied, so they added BC. The Big 12 went and did the same it was granted solely because they played a round robin. So. Either we keep UConn in football, add a team, play 10 conference games a year, or axe the championship game.
  7. We’d have to play a round robin if below 12. That’s the only way the Big 12 got their waiver. we’re adding a team
  8. In what regard? The area is already built up. It’s packed most nights. That’s part of the reason they aced the plan. Its been proven by every major economics expert in this country that baseball stadiums don’t enhance the economic impact to an area. The issue is the Rays want a billion dollar stadium, and there is zero data to back up the idea that (1) it’s not a loser for the area and (2) that fans will show.
  9. No shot. Florida gets a “home” game in Tampa
  10. The fans will come! No greater honor than hosting the CBI quarterfinals. Participating in the Gasperilla Bowl in our home stadium was close and the attendance was through the roof for that.
  11. I don’t get to post on here as much...he will be missed. RIP buddy.
  12. I love all the excuses. There were 15, 000 tickets distributed or sold. The rain wasn’t chasing that man fans.
  13. 12,500 actual bodies in the stands for a home bowl game. This program’s fan support is dead.
  14. The idea that we’re firing Strong is comical. We knew this would be a rebuilding year. Let’s see how 2019 goes. Realistically, 2020 might be in the table unless it all goes to hell. I support Strong!
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