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  1. The SEC is going to NFL protocol. I imagine the others will join with that. The AAC is going to need a major financial commitment.
  2. ...and when Ohio State hired Urban Meyer? What about when Bob Stoops took Oklahoma from the Triple-Option to Spurrier’s spread?
  3. Seriously? Charlie Strong might have been a disaster, but yes, he took ownership. wisconsin...
  4. We’re not good. Anyone who expected anything more than what has happened today was just blindly loyal.
  5. Typical Of our fans on here. Overvalue a not so great performance against a I-AA team, then hit the panic button when a clearly better team/program blows our doors off
  6. Good: We’re playing football. Bad: We’re in for it at ND unless something drastically changes Ugly: Offense needs a lot of work.
  7. RIP Herman_Momart and Ari_Finkelstein
  8. Re: Conference only seasons Don’t out think this guys. It’s easier if to reschedule virus delayed games if you’re a entity controlling 10-12-14 teams than a giant entity controlling 130+ teams.it has nothing to do with distance, and everything to do with logistics. Most non-revenue sports will be going Conference only with a touch of regional games. (if played at all)
  9. You’re going to see two things at a lot of schools. Sports cut. Severe regionalization. Why send women’s soccer to Missouri or wherever when we have so many teams in state.
  10. This board’s “Greatest head coach ever“ continues to be an assistant...
  11. No. This is not true. Scott has been USF’s top target. They’ve talked to other coaches, but the focus has been on Scott from the beginning.
  12. I won’t mind Taggart back...but I caution. It took **** Tomey and a high school coach to save his ass here. They got him to trust his assistants and let them coach. He ignored all that at FSU.
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