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  1. The fans will come! No greater honor than hosting the CBI quarterfinals. Participating in the Gasperilla Bowl in our home stadium was close and the attendance was through the roof for that.
  2. I don’t get to post on here as much...he will be missed. RIP buddy.
  3. I love all the excuses. There were 15, 000 tickets distributed or sold. The rain wasn’t chasing that man fans.
  4. 12,500 actual bodies in the stands for a home bowl game. This program’s fan support is dead.
  5. The idea that we’re firing Strong is comical. We knew this would be a rebuilding year. Let’s see how 2019 goes. Realistically, 2020 might be in the table unless it all goes to hell. I support Strong!
  6. I’ll take this over the dumpster fire seasons of Holtz or even Taggart.
  7. Meh. Houston would have been in after they beat Oklahoma a few years ago, and they choked. UCF hasn’t played a team with a winning record, and were ranked above NC State and Colorado in the weeks before. Whatever
  8. It looks like crap and is a rip-off for the taxpayers
  9. https://twitter.com/TBTimes_Bulls/status/772491091979427840
  10. Greg used to report these same numbers, no one batted an eye. Joey does it, everyone flips.
  11. It was a mutual cancelling. They pushed once. We pushed the second time. Then we both called it. Regardless, we’ve got a new series with them.
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