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  1. You’re going to see two things at a lot of schools. Sports cut. Severe regionalization. Why send women’s soccer to Missouri or wherever when we have so many teams in state.
  2. This board’s “Greatest head coach ever“ continues to be an assistant...
  3. No. This is not true. Scott has been USF’s top target. They’ve talked to other coaches, but the focus has been on Scott from the beginning.
  4. I won’t mind Taggart back...but I caution. It took **** Tomey and a high school coach to save his ass here. They got him to trust his assistants and let them coach. He ignored all that at FSU.
  5. It’s about attracting talent. Just pointing to the G5 level, you can have a great coach and struggle to attract talent when you don’t have the guns to do it. what is USF’s selling points? Location. A NFL stadium. Compare that to Location. Indoor practice facility. Football only weight room. On Campus environment.
  6. I agree with this post. I’ve said it multiple times, it won’t matter who the next coach is. Our facilities are so far behind it’s laughable. We’re going to struggle to bring in a decent head coach. College football has changed in the last 7-8 years. A middling school like Clemson became a power because they spent insane amounts of money on facilities. Alabama has carried a strong program for the same reasons. G5 schools like UCF and Cincy have dumped money into facilities.
  7. I’m in compliance. If you believe facilities don’t matter you’re a fool. The data directly connects it. There is a reason FSU went to crap and Jimbo left. It’s hard to recruit a kid when they’re looking at a school 80 or 180 miles away that has a football only facility with an indoor practice facility. Trust me, schools don’t want to have to build these which is why Florida and FSU held off. It allowed a largely marginal school like Clemson to build. It allowed Georgia to become a consistent power. It allowed Oregon to rebuild so quickly.
  8. That’s just patently untrue. UCF won a BCS Bowl before Frost. As someone who works in major division I athletics facilities are everything these days and though who committed to them ten years ago are thriving. Those who didn’t are struggling.
  9. That and they’ve dumped millions into football specific facilities. It means a lot more these days then just nailing a coach.
  10. Coaching is one thing (it's bad), but the bigger issue is the lack of commitment to the program. It's just comical at this point. We lack an indoor practice facility. We lack a football facility, one that has had a targeted groundbreaking changed a couple times. Our players are sharing weight rooms with other student athletes. We lack so much of what other schools can offer. While that might seem like a silly thing to be concerned about, it's what other schools can provide. We're competing with UCF, Mississippi State, NC State, Arkansas, FAU, etc for the same pool of Florida recruits and we lack so many selling points. This in turn leads to the talent level being average. This school lacks a commitment to football, and has for some time. It's so much more than firing and hiring a coach. It's so much more than pointing at Raymond James and telling recruits the Bucs play there. It's an department wide commitment, and we've lacked it for a long long time. It's not getting better until they get together and make a commitment to changing that.
  11. What? No. This is not true. Donations tabbed specifically for the athletic departments go to athletics here, just like any school. Schools aren’t taking general donations for academics and throwing it at athletics. What the writer was saying is that the school has asked for specific donations (medical, Marshall Center) and that has probably affected athletic donations because of the limited pool.
  12. Completely disagree. They built a program and a culture. It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened with several years of commitments. Stadium. Facilities. Student base. Alumni base. Even when we were winning, we struggled to get students out. Struggled to get alumni involved. Didn’t make a major commitment to any facility upgrades. USF HAS to mimic that.
  13. It was like that when we were 10-1 in 2017. That Tulane game before UCF’s game was so poorly attended it was a joke. The program has been lifeless for years. It’s time for a reset and commitment to creating a new culture.
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