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  1. With the wealth of unbelievable talent we’ve had since 2009 this has to be true...
  2. We’re making progress. I said back I. 2007 it was shortsighted not to have committed a future plan for a football only facility (whether that included an OCS or not). Facilities aren’t the sole reason for our disappointing years, but they do factor in and are key to rebuilding.
  3. Think about that. Jim Leavitt never was a head coach again. Says a lot.
  4. Your grammar and spelling almost is as bad as your take on this subject matter.
  5. Despite the fact that completely blows off the point I was making I’ll respond. (1) They’re not a restaurant (2) They employing the same standards as pretty much every sports venue operating with fans right now. (3) Despite the state order there are still restaurants and bars social distancing and requiring masks when not eating and in between drinks. I’m sure you would elect not to attend those places given your feelings on the subject matter. That said, if you elected to go to a place with such rules, I’m guessing the staff and management might have similar takes as Raymond Ja
  6. A very detailed email went out last week laying out the rules for attending the game. One, which was very conspicuous, and stated you had to wear a mask at all times if you were coming to the game. The rules pretty much reflect the NFL rules. Stadium employees, many who probably have been jobless or working elsewhere for months...have missed out on working during Lightning playoff runs (many work at both venues)...have been handpicked to be some of the limited employees on that work force to return to work during this pandemic. Said employees have also been trained at lengt
  7. Nah. It’s just dumb to be angry. We’re in a global pandemic. You’re in a public venue. They told you before you went in what the rules are. The fact that you’re shocked they enforced them...
  8. People who don’t want to wear masks are more snowflakes than people who want to wear them.
  9. It’s only been 6 months. I’d imagine they’re coming. For the record, I’m not someone who isn’t going out. I have no issue going out to eat, or to the store, and I’d go to a game. I just am not going to blow off the guidelines. If they say wear a mask, I’m going to do it.
  10. That restaurant is taking the risk of going against CDC guidelines. I wish them luck. Many places have not opened up like that.
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