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  1. Bull-Hornz

    What Charlie Strong Did Before the Game...

    Gatorade Bath... http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=21859764
  2. Bull-Hornz

    Willie to FSU is official

    Saw this http://www.oregonlive.com/ducks/index.ssf/2017/12/if_the_ducks_stay_in-house_wit.html I thought the Cristobal vs Leavitt poll result was kind of interesting...I also voted and skewed the results to the current coach that is lower in the poll ;-)
  3. Bull-Hornz

    Nebraska's Frost coming after our recruits

    I certainly haven't been following the recruiting trails but according to this article he has 'publicly named USF as the leader'...i guess your info is more up to date.?
  4. Bull-Hornz

    Nebraska's Frost coming after our recruits

    ...I see what you did there
  5. Bull-Hornz

    What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    Will be interested to see how the line opens
  6. I'm really starting to not like this guy...hope this lights a fire under CCS and staff!! RB Jerome Ford (3 stars, Seffner, Fla.) https://www.landof10.com/nebraska/nebraska-recruiting-scott-frost-staff-offers-adrian-martinez-jashaun-corbin/amp
  7. Bull-Hornz

    What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    In general all P5 thinks like this... It was funny earlier this year I told a colleague we were playing Illinois and he was like 'o that's a 'big' name uni'...and implied that they will be a tough game...I was like no they suck and I expect us to win. In general that is the same thing I find in my research/profession...its a form of elitism that exist among the have and have nots. It's pretty primitive honestly...
  8. Bull-Hornz

    What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    Seems like not all their fans are dumb ;-) I expect us to show up and surprise them! TheRaiderfan 2944 posts 87 minutes agovia Mobile Not firing Kliff was a terrible shortsighted emotional decision. We will be exposed by USF but it will be too late to get into the coaching carousel.
  9. Bull-Hornz

    What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    A few sentiments seem to resonant though for their fans - it's a lose-lose situation for them - we are a nobody
  10. Can u guess what they are saying?? https://247sports.com/college/texas-tech/Board/102951/Contents/Birmingham-Bowl-against-USF-111665041
  11. Bull-Hornz

    Q we love ya brother!!

    Gonna bump this bc it should be ahead of the nonsensical gap thread...
  12. Bull-Hornz

    AAC to Big 5 Gap Is Clear

    Ummm...again I think you are off the mark man. While I agree USF didnt play a perfect game, as is typical in CFB, there is no way you can look at either of those games and come to the conclusion you have just made. In fact look at the bowl game recently and your statements are proven incorrect. We will see how it plays out soon enough...
  13. Bull-Hornz

    Q we love ya brother!!

  14. Bull-Hornz

    AAC to Big 5 Gap Is Clear

    You clearly don't watch CFB....
  15. You played a hell of a game as did many of your brothers. You left it all out on the field. We appreciate you all! Keep your head up and finish strong for each other.