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Stupid Remark by UM fan

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do me and my friend are walking from the usf section on saturday to my dads car, and we had to walk through all of the UM fans, and one of them says to us "Go Louisville"  i turn to him with a confused face and am like what the ****.  weird ****.  also had one guy who just laughed at us and told us don't even talk to him until we get a ring.  stupid fans, gotta ruin it for the rest who weren't bad or didn't say ****

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I think, the most interesting thing about the Miami fans were that they tended to fall into opposite ends of the spectrum. You had those who were cordial and reasonable, and you had - as is often the case** - some fans who are intent on showing their ass.

In particular -getting right in the face of two of the women in our group and bellowing "f* you guys, f* USF!" on our way into the stadium.  

** - a good example, some USF female fan pouring beer over the upper deck onto UM fans, flipping them off, etc (and getting the official MPD escort).  Two folks from our group also had a "chat" with the man (over what, I don't know), but the obnoxious fan label can be liberally applied.

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The fans down there were absolutely horrible. I don't think I met one decent Miami fan. Not to say there aren't any but I saw none. At 27-7 I was accepting the loss but the Miami fans still had the nerve to talk s*** to me. It took every ounce of energy to not knock someone out. Just a bunch of punks down there!

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