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  1. Yes folks. We have not died, we have not faded away. I would be surprised if we did get rid of him. If we had the cash to pony up, then yes. But with Holtz's buyout, we don't have the cash in the coffers to add Willie to the buyout bus. So folks, grab your rears and switch the gears. It's another year to endure of mediocrity and D2 mentality.
  2. Well folks, the old Reaper is back!!! Years older, years wiser, a coach in the High School ranks myself, and ready again to add the good ole 2 cents. Good to see old faces(names) again. Rome certainly wasn't built in a day, AND the walls of Jerico did fall. However, What is disparaging to me is that the team in all facets looked ill prepared and looked lost. This was a new look I have not seen for USF football. We always had our she-at together for our first game or was better prepared. We then worked out the bugs and got better each contest, or attempted to. This team seems to have no leadership or no fire. This I attribute to coaching. If we can't prepare, how do we expect our players to perform. It's too easy to blame the players when we really need to look at the source. Once again, good to be back and more from me coming in the future. Don't fear the Reaper!
  3. Well folks, it has been a long time. The thing that amazes me is the fact we have mucho losses due to poor play calling and a porous defense. Last night, the D steps up, has adjusted and righted their "ship." Fitch and the O seem stuck on 34 leads, 10 yard hitches, and a run, run, pass, punt offense. I mean, cmon USF, where are the things promised? Where are the improvements, the fire. So far this season, I have yet to see it. Generic, vanilla, or simpleton plays...you bet. Sorry folks, time to hit Skip with the hard questions.
  4. Come join us at our tailgate location, 2 blocks east of Ray Jay in back of ABC TV. Look for Bulls Tailgating Association tents and signs. Good food, good games, no restrictions. See you there!!!!!
  5. Be sure you have the graft $$$ in hand to "insure" the passing by the fire marshall!!! Well..... that's how we did it in Chicago!!!!!! ;D
  6. Oh yes !!! Baseballl!!!! I thought it was the stench coming from the Mens B-Ball program. Silly Me!!! >
  7. Also Bullwark... this is not the most stupid post ever, I can attest to that. These kids excuse is getting OLD!!! THEY ARE GETTING PAID. A SCHOLLIE IS NOT PAYMENT??? C'MON. If you have witnessed their play it has been lackadasicle at best. TRYING HARD??? I think not in my opinion. They have to show me more. If you know me, which I don't think we have had the pleasure of meeting, you would know why I am upset. The name says it all to the remaining few who knows me. It hurts me more than you know to say we need to boycott. Mediocrity is no longer an excuse at our U. We are one of the largest Universities in the country. It is time to pony up to that! Smaller schools do, why not us!
  8. If Heath gets us to the NCAA's in 2-3-4 years, I personally will proclaim on the steps of the Sundome for all to hear while wearing a dress 1. I am wrong and Stan Heath is the best coach ever... 2. Will buy 6 B Ball season tix 3. probably have a heart attack and last... 4. Shave my freakin head! No hate towards the man... but business is buisness.
  9. Greg didn't own me... not just yet. My response to that would be... Greg, what is your explination for the success right away at West Virgina. (Spelling error intended by the way). Can you say Bob Hudgens? Ist year...entrance to NCAA, second the same. always putting up numbers. Can you say "EL SQUIDDY"? For those not in the know- John Calapari. His success at Kentucky goes notice. It herein lies with the upper echelon in chosing a coach. Heath was not the answer after mcCullum destroyed this team. We had a chance at Booby Knight, who was VERY interested in coming here to USF. "WE" didn't want him because "WE" didn't want his baggage. What did he do? Went in, first year mind you, and turned TT into a contender. So you see, it lies in the judgement of our AD. Spend the $$$ you have so carefully put away to get in a NAME coach. Our program also could turn around. In the meantime, I will continue with my boycot. And as many of you know, this is a very hard thing for me to do!
  10. It is time for the supporters to speak up. Put the pressure on the AD dept. Pull the players schollies and make them earn them back. Get a coach with fire in his belly! A new change has to be made. Maybe these suggestions are drastic, but just think about it. What could be worse????
  11. Streetball! Pure streetball! Wake up mens BBall! This is D1. Pull all their schollies and make them earn it back. That will change their attitudes. Laziness, not caring, coach seems to not give a **** and accepts losing. Not for my watching dollar. Boycott mens BBall and go support the girls instead. At least we get entertainment value for our $$$$!
  12. Coaching, laziness, not giving a ****. Time to boycot mens basketball people. Start giving the girls support. The men don't desrve it! What a total meltdown! Again, boycot mens Basketball. Maybe the AD will get the message then!!! >
  13. This is what happens when a coach loses a team. Gilchrist should have been let go to send a message. This action only lets the team run the show, not the coach. They are lazy, streetball minded, and only out for themselves. That is why a team like Georgetown can disect us to the nenth degree and tottaly humiliate us. Just watch! Attendance for the next game will be about 2,000 if that. Why pay to watch streetball, it can be free on the playground. Poor poor management by the staff to let this happen.
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