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  1. What's this AAC thing ya'll keep talking about?
  2. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2019/05/01/a-usf-bowl-game-in-boston-dont-hold-your-breath/ "As we all know, bowl games (and the four-letter firm that owns many of them) are about creating matchups that will sell the most tickets and generate the most favorable TV ratings. And for its last bowl, in its home stadium, USF attracted an announced crowd of 14,135. Would Bulls fans travel en masse to Boston for a chance to see their team in a classic venue? Possibly. But nearby Connecticut (if it ever becomes bowl-eligible again) almost certainly would attract a better audience. And Temple’s in a larger TV market. So is Houston, for that matter. And even if the most attractive bowl matchup surfaced for the Bulls (say, USF vs. FSU), conference and bowl officials almost certainly would work in unison to stage that game in Florida (i.e. Gasparilla). None of which is to suggest the Bulls have no shot at the Green Monster. Just figuratively speaking, it’ll be a tough wall to scale"
  3. I think it's fantastic that we (and you know who we are) are embracing the latest in streaming technology (ESPN +). Look, all the cool kids - that elusive but desirable marketing demographic - are all about streaming and not sitting in front of the old skool tee-vee like mom and dad did for the Brut Sun Bowl back in '07 (just six short years before the first Smart TV was available for retail). What a forward thinking move, that's sure to endear our product to a more desirable (ready to part with their foldin' green) consumer base. Do we reaaaaly have a nationwide audience that warrants nationwide 'broadcast' expense? IF we were really going to capitalize on our strength, we'd go the exclusive PPV route. Just imagine the billions of dollars we'd reap, given that USF football fandom is on par with that of UFC (not to be confused with UCF...who are addressing other financial issues at this time). Yes boys and girls, time to jump into the twenty-first century streaming pool and get all sopping wet with revenue. Respectfully, D. Samuel Robinson President, Golden Rays of Sunshine Up Your *** Marketing, LLC
  4. Interesting Green-n-White discussion. We used to be season ticket holders to Publix.
  5. Sat with some WSU alumni at the game. They reside in Vero Beach and came up - last year for UCF - and this year for USF. This is a down year for the Shockers. 'Rebuilding' is the common phrase, and they have a lot of guys who, last year, were playing high school ball on the court getting good experience for the years to come. WS this year is across town from the NCAA teams of late. I don't think we need to risk a broken arm patting ourselves on the back. The first half looked more like high school ball.
  6. I'll swing by Tuesday night and eyeball this alleged bump in attendance myself. Bringing der frau und in-laws so that should skew the headcount towards a more "mature" demographic.
  7. I was speaking in the "we" the university sense of the word.
  8. Wait a minute. Those numbers don't seem to be too far off from what we're pulling in twenty-one years later. Is it possible that our attendance has plateaued? Is it possible that, miracles aside, this is what we could be looking at for the foreseeable future? IF it is, we might not need to build Neyland Stadium 2.0.( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._stadiums_by_capacity).
  9. What was attendance for game #2 in our storied history? They wised up. It was the new shiny object. It was history in the making. Then, as is often the case, the luster wore off. Critical to vitality? That's a tough one. Could we be satisfied with an IPF and another two decades at RayJ?
  10. Well, 5-7 or 6-6, either way, the line item for celebration budget expenditures is safe. No chance of drifting into the red on that one.
  11. Probably don't wanna hear this, but we did the annual closet cleaning before Xmas and hauled a couple of bags down to Salvation Army. Fellas, there was some genuine green-n-gold Bulls regalia in those bags. So, although Santa wisely passed our humble abode this year, there's somebody, somewhere, who will wind up with some second hand gameday apropos athletic wear. As an advisory, if you run across someone wearing an away style USF jersey with the name "Wooly" on the back, it ain't me. I pretty much wore that solely for away games. So you know.
  12. Push at Five. But being honest, even if we went .500, that's still not cause for celebration.
  13. Why? Then ESPN is stuck having to fill December programming slots with darts, billiards and volleyball. And if I recall correctly, no one is holding a loaded forty-five to the heads of the ADs of the participating schools. Any school can take the moral high ground and say "You know what? We finished 8-4 this year, aren't even ranked in the top 20, so we'll decline the option of playing in the Battle Frog Makers Wanted Bowl. It's just not a money making proposition. We'll spend more than we'll get revenue wise. We're just gonna cool our jets here at the ranch until next fall. Thanks for the invite, but we're gonna pass (in the participatory sense of the word)." For some bizarre reason "Hey, we went to a bowl game" and "we won our bowl game" (without going into a lot of detail vis-a-vis sponsorship) seems to have merit. We all get the joke that there are only a handful of bowl games that "matter". I think these also-ran bowls are just a natural extension of the season. It's not about rewarding a stellar season. It's that you didn't have a losing season. And we just happen to know this company willing to pay $X to sponsor a bowl. That being the case....
  14. I think unannounced suspensions should run parallel to unannounced attendance.
  15. Remember, sports fans, if you are gainfully employed by HCPS you got free tix for you and your family to the game, and free transport to and from various locales within the county. HCPS employs a whole heap of people, so it'd be interesting to see how many people were there taking advantage of that, vice payin for a seat.
  16. Well, on the plus side we didn't play any ineligible players so there's no risk of having one of those precious seven taken away. Hey...someone has to be the first one to jump outta the door, why not us. There are worse things than 7-6, and you know what I mean!
  17. Which is not uncommon. I'm sure - somewhere in Cleveland - there's a guy saying "Yeah! Next year Superbowl". The great thing about such statements is they don't cost anyone real money and everybody loves a cheerleader (to a degree). Because the last thing anyone wants to do is temper expectations (e.g. no, you ain't that good and you're ain't gonna be next year either). Yay! Go team go! And Dave's right...we need to at least make it to the conference championship. If we were playing with real money, would you bet on being there next season?
  18. Nope. A quick survey of the environment shows that there is but a glass block USF pencil holder on the office desk. So, that's loosely the only evidence that USF football either exists, or may have existed at one point some time in the past. Based on such scant evidence, I see no reason to investigate further and am going to declare that USF football is "probable".
  19. Dignity is grossly overrated. 'specially when it comes to ho'ing out for football limelight. If we're gonna avoid "anything else that makes us look inferior" , there's gonna be a whole bunch of disappointed FCS schools and a few conference members as well.
  20. Yeah, maybe to baby Jesus. But to the people of earth, noooooo - we thrive on segregation! Over here, real football. Over there, the poor, tired huddled masses yearning to breath the rarefied air of sold out conference championship stadiums and wretched refuse of "our own championships" me-too pandering. I slam shut, in-yo-face, the golden door of playoff access!
  21. I agree completely with the article. You know, there's this word that gets under my skin: 'deserve'. How, exactly, is the 'deserve' factor defined? Having played a mediocre schedule and mopping up doesn't mean you necessarily "deserve" to be included with teams that play - in essence - UCF bowl opponent games on a weekly basis. Once upon a time Tulane - captained by Shaun King - went undefeated, and for entertainment purposes (as we often have nothing to do) the discussion was "Hey? Undefeated? So why ain't the Green Wave champions? Why ain't they playin' in this new BEE-CEE-ESS thing?". That's where we part ways. Yeah, you practiced (just like everyone else did) and you played hard (just like everyone else did), but you just didn't play the hard games (which everyone (P5) else did). That simple. You don't "deserve" having P5 schools do anything but 2:1. If you honest-to-god wanna be in with the in-crowd, you play by the dictates of the in-crowd. Not 1:1 at this time. After you've earned your patch, then we can talk 1:1. Until then, it's either 2:1 or Charleston Southern. You don't have to like it. You don't have to think it's "fair" (another word that grates on me). You just gotta do it.
  22. I dunno, I was thinking something more like the emesis of the board.
  23. I was working at an architectural firm, Rosser-Fabrap (the Georgia Dome), when the Giants were "a done deal". Apparently not as done as some of the boys wanted to think.
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