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Frost got 3 average commits, congrats.

I don't think it's about that. This blogger(homer alert) kind of sums up why Frost is a breath of fresh air compared to GOL. We won't know for a few years if he is a good HC but it's the feelings of a lot of UCF fans & I think even USF fans agree about the points about O'leary..



UCF has needed a culture change for years. It's shocking to say that given that the program is 2 years removed from the most shocking BCS bowl upset in college football history. But that year masked many if the problems surrounding the O'Leary regime. No I'm not talking about the Erek Plancher  case. The issues ran a bit deeper than that. George O'Leary had enjoyed running over the fanbase. The students in particular. His press conference were not Bout energizing and uniting the fanbase, instead what we got was a lecture. A lecture about how the fans needed to show up on time to games and not leave so early. His appearances at UCF's homecoming event Spirit Splash seemed forced and contrived. He didn't want to be there, the fans did not want him there. There was hardly any accountability for a poor performance, everything was someone else's fault. Even as it became clear this season that O'Leary's coordinators could not coach themselves out of a wet paper bag, he blamed the players and not his staff. And that underlines a point if a coach was an O'Leary favorite they got 0 blame. First it was Tim Salem who was a disaster as an offensive coordinator in that was shielded from O'Leary. Then it was Brent Key, the failed offensive line coach and recruiting coordinator turned historically awful offensive coordinator. Up until O'Leary was removed as head coach, he defended Key staunchly so much so that anyone that questioned him was shouted down or made to feel stupid. That pushed people away and divided the fanbase. 

O'Leary ran his row times with fear. There have been multiple stories from players, current and former, that say that George would berate players. That players were so scared of making a mistake and being berated. It was something that almost drove Jeff Godfrey out of the program. Intimidation and fear of failure led to scared and timid play in the field. This led to boring bland football that was painful to watch after Bortles, Storm, Perriman all left. While every college football team, including the likes of Alabama and Stanford, had adapted to a faster style of play O'Leary's played at the slowest pace in the game. It made it painful for even the staunchest of supporter stay for an entire game. The community in Orlando was put off by O'Leary's lack of recruiting local kids. Instead of grabbing some kids from the likes of Doctor Phillips, George would send his assistants to recruit the likes of Syracuse, New York. That is not the home base of UCF and pissed off high school coaches in Orlando. The reason for this was that George believed that kids did jot want to stay home for school, instead wanting to go somewhere else. In other words, he didn't even try to recruit local kids. The Orlando Senteninel recently had and article about the layers UCF passed on: Jacques Patrick (Orlando Timber Creek), Martez Ivey (Apopka), Chandler Cox (Apopka), Garrett Williams (Orlando First Academy) and Tommy Townsend (Orlando Boone). In addition to Karl Joseph and Pig Howard. In fact UCF did not have a single recruit from Orlando in 4 years. In short, O'Leary in the end was a cyst within the program. One that kept, fans, students, and alums far, far away.



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Well, if you consider two of the fastest players in Florida average, then yea.  Frost knows more abot the Oregon Offense than anyone except Chip Kelly.   He knows what type of player excels in it.

Yes, by recruiting standards (what everyone uses to rate recruits) I consider them average.

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pump the brakes.

he's probably going to be a pretty good coach.

he will recruit some great and fast players.

but usf has fast players too. on defense. and the oregon offense can be stopped.

let's let it play out. you can be excited but there's like 345 more days or something until we'll know anything (vs usf).

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