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  1. I'm out for next year with Charlie being head coach. I'm saving some money and watching every game from the comfort of my house. Screw Strong and his coaching staff. Bunch of loser cowards. Taking a knee...get the hell out of here. At least pretend like you have balls and try something.
  2. This game looks completely different. It's over.
  3. CPR

    This team is not good

    I miss having a true dual thread QB out there.
  4. Thanks, I'll check that out.
  5. I signed up for the free trial of Youtube TV and they are showing SMU vs Michigan, not USF. Anyone with PSVue know if they are showing USF? I'll go ahead and get that with my ps4 if they are. Can anyone please confirm? I'd really appreciate it. If not, off to a bar.
  6. CPR

    Football: better year?

    This is a 7-5 team. Flowers masked a lot of the flaws that will show this year.
  7. Exactly, screw UCF and the love fest in the last couple of pages of this thread.
  8. Breaks usually go both ways. Auburn got a huge break too when Milton missed a wide open receiver for an easy touchdown.
  9. The majority of the P5 teams that get stuck in this bowl game never play very well. That's why I didn't know why so many on here thought Auburn would win so easily.
  10. CPR

    Signing Day

    So far, they're doing better than us according to 247. Average rating: UCF: 82.40 USF: 80.90 https://247sports.com/Season/2018-Football/TeamRankings?Conference=AAC
  11. CPR

    Signing Day

    Taggart was a great recruiter for us. I didn't really hear anything about how coach Strong be be that much better than Taggart. I expected a team ranking from 40-50, just like where we were with Taggart.
  12. I could be wrong, but I don't think any of our 23 verbal commits have an FSU offer. Again, we very rarely beat FSU out in recruiting battles and the guys we do get with FSU offers, FSU has cooled off on recruiting them. Frost is the guy we need to be concerned about, not Taggart. FSU will continue to land top 5-10 recruiting classes with or without Taggart, nothing changes there. But, we'll get in some actual recruiting battles with Frost.
  13. Isn't it very different since we had Taggart for 3 years, compared to them having him for what barely seemed like a year? I get some of the similarities, but it's not the same.