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  1. Pro style hu? That's been so successful here .
  2. We don't have the money for the buyout. We have another year of **** to look forward to.
  3. McCloud is a gamer. He's easily a top 30 gamer QB in the country. You'd be crazy to take him out of the game.
  4. I'm going out on a limb and say we cover the spread. We back baby.
  5. I mean, current projections are for Tuesday morning. So, some on/off rain on the weekend before it hits. Normal weather for this time of year. We should have some ok weather this weekend.
  6. 1) South Florida2) 40-303) Jordan Cronkrite4) Randall St. Felix5) 437
  7. I'm out for next year with Charlie being head coach. I'm saving some money and watching every game from the comfort of my house. Screw Strong and his coaching staff. Bunch of loser cowards. Taking a knee...get the hell out of here. At least pretend like you have balls and try something.
  8. I miss having a true dual thread QB out there.
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