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  1. I do. My entire USF tenure was in the IT program at USF Lakeland. This was the goal the entire time, to make it a satellite UF campus - Polk County and Lakeland is a huge UF area, and the good ole boy system is alive and well. The BS they pulled finagling poly away from USF and that PCC campus, their endgame was always to make it tied to UF somehow - they tried to pull that early on under the guise of using the UF accreditation umbrella and that failed spectacularly, and there was that county commish who was tied to Ben Hill Griffin/Alico (who benefitted immensely from selling land to make way for FGCU) who was shady too (Alexander). I got the hell out, only ever go back to Polk to visit the folks and most of the time they come to me. Edit - also, this goes to show the entire FL Poly scheme was built with intentions in mind and now that it's been considered a failure to some and a tax burden to others, they're trying to save it. These are the same people who are forcing toll roads to no where conveniently along their and their buddies' old land in the name of "rural sprawl and commerce innovation".
  2. It's all fun and games until you try to recruit the Africa map.
  3. The offense looked good. Even if it's not the Gulf Coast 'score every 30 seconds and put up 50' at the start, it looks like it will have a focus on being balanced, spread, and using multiple looks out of the same formation will help keep some things simple and hopefully be productive. Clemson didn't win last night but their offense did well. LSU came up with a few more stops than their defense did, and the better team won, but I'll still take that offense. Watching some of the film breakdown by the other guys (those bloggers everyone here hates for some reason), I think this staff can get some production out of our current roster believe it or not. At least to the point where we can be somewhat exciting, put some points on the board and win a few games, maybe even six next year. Time will tell, but at the very least, the new coaching staff can hopefully coach the kids up and get the best out of them. While we might have a lack of talent to some, maximizing the talent they do have is the quickest fix.
  4. I will be rooting for the Tigers. /ba-dum-tsh
  5. I wonder if Texas Tech and Kansas fans burp the worm over coaches fired 10 years ago for "issues not pertaining to wins or losses" as well.
  6. Jason Jones has a pretty solid resume. So to get back on topic, I don't see a problem with some of the hires. USF may not necessarily have better talent than FAU right NOW (i don't do 'cruitin stats), and I think every logical person on this board knows next year won't be a 10 win season, and may be a struggle to be a 6 win season, but USF CAN and SHOULD recruit better talent than FAU. So if these coaches at FAU can coach up nobody kids to a couple solid seasons, they should be up to the task to do it to the talent level that can be had at USF. I'll go talk to Rick and Morty - maybe they can find a parallel universe where Leavitt comes back and we can find out if there's any inkling of success...
  7. Not bad. Seems to go along with some consensus from Clemson folks and those who know him that he will rely on an OC to actually call plays perhaps and will use the money to bring in and/or keep good assistants on staff. Also, I know most will say you never turn down more money, but perhaps he's a good humble guy and isn't looking for the big bucks payday (or knows if he earns it he'll enjoy it at that time), in order to have that money for his staff.
  8. it's judy, kelly probably gave her a text all excited and she fwded to brett!!!!! conspiracy!
  9. eh i got no problem with it. he's no adam schefter, but he gets the info.
  10. I don't think it's insane to consider Kiffin a possibility for USF. I mean, he *is* at FAU right now. He probably could've landed in the AAC to rehab at some point if he wanted to. And who is to say he's ready to be a head coach in the SEC again, even after his rehabiliSaban stint? SEC teams, even the doormats like Ole Miss and Arky, may not be ready for him yet and may want to take other routes. I think USF fans think Kiffin to USF is insane, and I can agree that he's not the type USF typically likes to hire, and doubt Kelly is seriously looking at him but can't dismiss it, esp. when people are willing to not dismiss certain other candidates.
  11. signing with both schools would be a classic Kiffin move.
  12. Candle has trended downward after some of Campbell's guys have rotated out. I think you have a better shot at this point.
  13. usc is retaining helton. he's moving into a consultant role, and with the other guy already in place, seems he's looking to actually step back/away as they may have had something in place to have the other guy step up as he steps down. a lot of banter online is that he may actually be moving towards retiring or tv gigs, some coaches don't run it into the grave.
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