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  1. I don't think it's insane to consider Kiffin a possibility for USF. I mean, he *is* at FAU right now. He probably could've landed in the AAC to rehab at some point if he wanted to. And who is to say he's ready to be a head coach in the SEC again, even after his rehabiliSaban stint? SEC teams, even the doormats like Ole Miss and Arky, may not be ready for him yet and may want to take other routes. I think USF fans think Kiffin to USF is insane, and I can agree that he's not the type USF typically likes to hire, and doubt Kelly is seriously looking at him but can't dismiss it, esp. when people are willing to not dismiss certain other candidates.
  2. signing with both schools would be a classic Kiffin move.
  3. Candle has trended downward after some of Campbell's guys have rotated out. I think you have a better shot at this point.
  4. usc is retaining helton. he's moving into a consultant role, and with the other guy already in place, seems he's looking to actually step back/away as they may have had something in place to have the other guy step up as he steps down. a lot of banter online is that he may actually be moving towards retiring or tv gigs, some coaches don't run it into the grave.
  5. i got what you were putting down lol but it's funny the fsu folks online are preaching similar to us "don't complain about the coach and then when he gets fired, complain the recruits are all leaving too".
  6. A lot of FSU armchairs are quick to spout Jimbo left the cupboards bare, especially at QB and then they tried to rely on that one ND transfer who didn't pan out. Most FSU fans as usual were delusional and spoiled to want Taggart out so quick when some of them who knew what he walked into wasn't going to be pretty, and Taggart absolutely was the someone who knows how to turn it around - doesn't mean Taggart was meant to be there more than 3-4 years but they probably would've been 6-6 this year if they hadn't fired him yet. They'll be in for a surprise when they don't go 11-1 next year lol
  7. In the end, we'll never know what the 2010-2019 seasons would have looked like if Leavitt had remained coach. We could've tanked and moved on from him, or he might have gotten us to a BCS bowl and/or 10/11/12 win seasons. 8 or 9 wins likely would've gotten old by 2013-2014 if we entered the AAC and still couldn't win a championship, much less a division. Do I think Leavitt's team beats Notre Dame still? Yes. Do I think they beat Florida? No. Do I think they eek out a win over Miami somewhere and get Randy Shannon fired still? Yes. Do i think they win another game against FSU? Yes. I don't think we'd have ever lost, much less been blown out, to McNeese State, or ever have gone 2-10. I honestly think Leavitt would've kept the team from tanking in 2011-2013 like Holtz did. But I could see 5-7 seasons and rebuilding as well. If he never gets fired, we'd know.
  8. I do think Kelly has his list of possibles, including pipe dreams that he'll reach out to and get a No (but always take your shot). On the other end of the spectrum (and there's very little way to prevent or know if someone will end up doing this), I don't want to pull the whole early hire and we're all gung ho, and then he gets a big sack of money from someone else and bolts after being on the job for a week or two. It's happened, though I don't think I foresee it happening here...which is because I don't think we're very good at hiring anyways, so the people we're hiring aren't getting bigger offers two weeks later from a big P5 school. We've now had two "promotion" coaches in Holtz and Taggart, and one retread in Strong. Holtz wasn't ready for the next level. Willie was and then climbed the ladder (to find he belongs no higher than our rung at this point - though I believe he could've been better at Oregon than at FSU if he stayed). At this point, I want to give an OC a shot at a promotion. The arguments about "can they be a HC" are moot to me, we've hired already-been-HC's and we see where it got us. This is the AAC, and the offenses are churning. We need that young energetic OC to get his shot at the HC position and get us exciting and efficient again. Defense will need a good DC hire, but in many of these leagues we just need to be where we are now - serviceable. We can get one at a decent value and an exciting team, even if we lose 1-3 games a year, will put butts in seats.
  9. I know many want to fire Charlie into the sun this morning, but Kelly is a very measured guy. I think he waits until the end of the season. I could see him booting Charlie before the UCF game, likely not earlier. It would surprise me, at least. I get it, the whole "fire early and put your name in the hat" for all of the prospective coaches to lure, but to me, USF isn't in a position to take advantage of that like the FSU's of the world are.
  10. And i do like Mario Cristobal as a coach. I'd never have thought he'd be at Oregon, but he really did well after his FIU stint by working with Saban and co for a bit. He's a coach I would've liked to see given a shot here back in the day.
  11. Taggart was never the right hire for fsu but man what a spoiled ass fanbase. Part of me is jealous they can cobble together 20 million on some angsty boosters, but man. I dunno. I hope they wallow in mediocrity.
  12. They're still an impressive team, I thought they'd drop off after Satterfield went to Louisville
  13. Throw out FCS scores and it adjusts slightly (yes, i'm aware three teams totals wouldn't change because they didn't (and don't) play an FCS team): my math is probably wrong but close. 1. UCF +145 +832. Tulane +120 +683. Memphis +101 +704. SMU +95 +95, no FCS4. Navy +95 +576. Temple +65 +217. Cincy +46 +46, no FCS8. Houston -6 -269. USF -9 -4810. ECU -16 -5511. Tulsa -53 -53, no FCS12. UConn -143 -146 (lol, only beat Wagner by 3)
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