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  1. Danm1983

    Petrino is out ...

    Strong will get mentioned for UL ad nauseum, but won't get rehired there. Gossip incoming: UL twitter says UL won't hire Strong whom supposedly had an affair with a booster's wife (insert bad taste in the mouth pun here). Apparently, Petrino didn't sit well in WKU either so don't expect him to go back. This whole "coaches going back to old jobs" thing is tired. Other than Bill Snyder, it doesn't seem to work for others (Edsall, Petrino). My take: Strong will get looks, and he'll stick to the UL rumors because the media just assumes he "did well there" and "UL > USF (it is)". He'll come up for Maryland and possibly Purdue, if Brohm heads to UL. I don't see any SEC jobs opening up this year yet, and I don't think Strong gets strong looks (no pun intended that time) out west or in the Big Ten other than PU. Don't see many jobs in the Big 12 opening up yet either. I think if Strong leaves, it will be due to the domino effect and a bigger school throws a bag of money at him, my darkhorse would be UNC.
  2. Houston 33 USF 30 Cronkrite St. Felix 349 yards
  3. Danm1983

    Florida Poly - what is going one?

    As someone who went almost exclusively to USF Lakeland back in the day, it is par for the course for Polk County, basically being a Gainesville State booster county. The good ole boy system is alive and well, and this was just one of many reasons I got finished with USF-Lakeland and not only moved to Hillsborough at the time, but also got the f out of my job in Bartow. The way Gator boosters talk about USF back then (and probably still do now) was appalling, and they went on surface level, not knowing the great things USF was doing or how many strides they were making academically. They certainly rode on JDA's jock and wanted nothing to do with reasoning about why USF-Lkld was fine as is. I never had a problem in any classes (almost the entire IT Dept was based out of there at the time), and Polk CC/State had a good partnership and the campus was nice - obviously just a typical basic satellite campus. Lot of people in Polk are blindly UF because UF has its Agriculture all up in there as well as ties with the phosphate industry.
  4. Publix lost a spot with me when they 86'ed their presses and stopped making delicious honey butter smothered pressed Cubans. And they seem to have slowed wayyy down on service, the one up here off 54 rarely even has 2 people working the sub counter during peak times. And their bread doesn't seem to stay as soft or fresh as it used to. I don't get the Subway hate, some of their stuff sucks, but it's not terrible. Jimmy Johns is the same thing, kinda bland but fast - I just can't keep all the insides from spilling out the back half the time though. Jersey Mike's is where it's at for me. Firehouse and Quiznos are cool (if you can still find a Quiznos), but some of the Firehouse steamed meats don't agree with me for some reason. But that brisket sub is good enough it took me a few times to realize it was an automatic visit to the men's room a few hours later, Back on topic, at the very least, I'd kill to have a Publix on campus because being able to walk to get groceries and back to the dorm would've saved me a heck of a lot of money and time back in the day.
  5. Danm1983

    Welcome A UCF Fan

    Do we have to? j/k welcome aboard.
  6. I like him, he's pretty well rounded to me on the airwaves, he's jovial, but serious, and level headed and realistic but still a fan. Feel he's always been fond of USF over the years.
  7. Danm1983

    Adidas is official

  8. Danm1983

    Adidas is official

    I'm sure they can somewhat replicate some of the So Flo stuff. I really like the baseball jerseys, not sure if Adidas (or USF athletics) are still interested in the So Flo thing.
  9. That's the next thing to worry about. Not that there's a ton of Willie's coaches leftover that are still with Strong's staff, but Taggart coming back and still poaching guys from USF is kinda irky.
  10. Danm1983

    Yet another OCS thread

    I like it, design reminds me of an open ended Baylor stadium. The design to me makes it look bigger I guess because of the double deck tiers, seems like it would hold the sound in decently too, and while I like more enclosed on one end, having the ability of some breezes to blow through is nice on those dumb September nooners we end up with. I'd agree, 250M isn't bad and it has some suites, but I'd guess there's not much of a club area there and that'll surely miff a lot of our season tix holders who like the a/c and cushy stuff we're used to.
  11. Didn't we have a QB battle with some Evelds and Mike White and stuff? heheheh
  12. Danm1983

    DJ thread for UCF

    DJ will finally get slightly winded in the 4th quarter, but he will be assisted as Tyre McCants plows his way through the secondary like someone forcing the same magnetic poles to touch on a magnet.
  13. Danm1983

    Fun question

    i would never root for UF but want them to win because they'll end up 5-6 and no bowl and fsu will end their bowl streak, they can have their bowl game vs la-monroe the following week and hand them a big fat check to go with it. they won't be a 5-7 team to get a bowl bid, hoping everything else falls the right way so both of those schools can sit at home this winter and shut their mouths for once. (and further hand wring that their annoying ass Miami friends can rag on them alllll winter)
  14. Even if they woodshedded Georgia Tech, I don't think they'd crack the 10. Agree, it's not like 2007 where we were in the BE and had the respect. They'd have to have beaten GT soundly, had GT win the ACC, had Maryland win their Big Ten division, and had an amazing year out of all of our AAC teams in non conference play to really garner any thought about getting up past 10th in the polls. Sadly, we'd be in the same spot, even if we had a game against Wisky and they went 11-1 afterwards.
  15. Wilcox is a good athlete, but he'll somehow catch a ball while upside down and getting sandwiched by two defenders, but he'll drop a pass near his chest on an open route near a sideline or something. I can't tell if he's really athletic or not, he has the measurables. After reading a blog breaking down our blocked kicks, I stared at every field goal and punt from both teams Saturday night. Watching the Houston guy on the end (don't know if it was a TE or what), use his technique to hitch step and put his leg out to keep our rushers from blocking a FG or whatever, and seeing our guy do it, he executed on Sat night, but still not sure if he's bad at executing or if the coaching is not that great on special teams (leaning latter after our ST issues). Dillon is non existent but that's what depth charts and schemes will do to someone.