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  1. Throw out FCS scores and it adjusts slightly (yes, i'm aware three teams totals wouldn't change because they didn't (and don't) play an FCS team): my math is probably wrong but close. 1. UCF +145 +832. Tulane +120 +683. Memphis +101 +704. SMU +95 +95, no FCS4. Navy +95 +576. Temple +65 +217. Cincy +46 +46, no FCS8. Houston -6 -269. USF -9 -4810. ECU -16 -5511. Tulsa -53 -53, no FCS12. UConn -143 -146 (lol, only beat Wagner by 3)
  2. Their defense seems better than last year, we know they're going to control the ball and the clock and try to grind our defense down. We will need some solid sustained drives to give the defense a rest and give them less time to run their playbook. Even with them throwing more, if USF can actually come out swinging hard and put some points on the board, Navy playing from behind is their weakness, they will stick to their playbook but if we could somehow muster up a more than 7 point lead and maintain it into the 4th, they'll start running out of time to execute their 30 play, 8-10 minute offensive drives.
  3. let's go get Paul Johnson and run the triple option. then we don't have to recruit a QB who can throw.
  4. Don't schools usually pay FCS teams to play though? Or is the ROI on those games worth shelling out a few hundred thousand to get a win (except for that Furman game a few years back) worth it to have a 7th home game?
  5. UCF claims it's bad because something something homefield advantage, but on the other side of their mouth they love to talk about how they sold out all their season tickets and are busting at the seams and turning students away because SELLOUT when if that's the case, drive down the 408 and pack the citrus bowl for your game with UF or [big name program who doesn't want to play at bounce house]. the citrus bowl was renovated recently too so it's not a total dump anymore, their fanbase is just angry because they think they're big enough to host the biggest programs (and point to Texas in the 07 opener like it's some sort of rule and not the exception). or ucf could expand their stadium into the 50k's and then maybe more big programs will come visiting. that's on them. imo, if they're orlando's hometown team, why not play in the middle of downtown for more to see. cincy doesn't seem to care, hell i'd bet if tulane got really good and had to play LSU they'd do it in the superdome, houston has played in the texans stadium before i think too.
  6. agreed. sooner or later no trophies will cost you your job in this business. moving to the AAC, that's where i wonder how he would've done - would his style of play and recruiting allow usf to win some AAC titles, or would it have been status quo and status quo after coming into this league? i think reasonably he'd have 2-3 years in the AAC and if no titles? time to move on.
  7. I know there was a lot of lament even on this board for "suffering" through 8 and 9 win seasons, but I don't know how long it would've taken for USF to fire him for "underachievement". CJL could have probably kept winning 8-9 games a year (and likely a 7 or 10 win season sprinkled in), and kept his job for a while. I know Judy and some powers that be didn't like his stature as biggest man on campus and probably would've loved to can him at some point, but his incident was probably viewed as the best thing to happen in their eyes because i don't think the fanbase would've ever turned on CJL for constantly going to bowls and 8/9 win seasons, though it's fun to wonder if he continued that win rate into the AAC if that would've been viewed as acceptable at THAT point. I agree though, at some point even the smallest programs that haven't made a bowl game in 30 years finally have a few winning seasons and then grow tired of not having 9 or 10 win seasons (and then end up with another slew of dud coaches and suck for another generation).
  8. Zero. Because you can have a muscle car that runs 11's, but doesn't mean squat if everyone else is running 10's. And I do not want him back (other than someday getting some praise for his contributions).
  9. Leavitt built up the muscle car from scratch, got busted driving 150mph, and got it taken away. He'd be coming back to take it away from 3 other owners of the car who have changed out parts to make it their own, and it's been crashed twice and currently sits in a scrap yard. I don't know at this point if he wants to do it. But, his mentor Bill Snyder did it twice, but Snyder has a totally different personality than Jim does. From his vague social media presence over the years in San Fran, Boulder, and Eugene, i think he's made peace with what went down and has embraced just doing what he loves doing, coaching. That said, I don't think he comes back to coach, though I do think one day he'll step foot on campus (now that judy is gone) and at least get a standing ovation from some as a "thanks for building up what you did." i mean even people at OSU praise Woody Hayes for being a good coach and how he treated players overall, but certainly there was one incident that you couldn't ignore and know it's a permanent tarnish.
  10. I know this stuff is done more often than not and it's just not as exposed but man this just doesn't sit right with me. I understand if you're a 1-2 year player and they RS you, but if you're at the 3-4 year mark (being a jr or sr) and you want to sit so you can maybe be good next year and have a better team around you? Seems kinda **** to those seniors who've been there for you and with you over the years. i get it, probably coach's decision/idea. In the end, it's not going to help or hurt his draft stock much IMO, and he better **** well hope he doesn't blow an ACL or get some other injury next year, all a gamble.
  11. Yeah, i skimmed but it doesn't seem like it took into account the catholic schools of the big east that were fine with the exodus and used it to essentially leave 3 programs out in the cold (UCONN, USF, Cincinnati) and to an extent Temple and temporarily Louisville. And there's that whole "ND will never truly join a conference" thing too that could've played into some of it. Hell, I still blame Penn State for not joining the Big East in the 90s.
  12. i probably read too much into it, but the whole running of the bulls and bullfighting usually ending with the death of the bull.
  13. Ooh after us it's the last civil conFLiCT game
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