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  1. How old are you? The Pac 12 has USC? Yes. UCLA has also been a storied athletics program, with its ups and downs in football as of late. Stanford has been a solid football program for close to a dozen years between 07-19. Oregon even better. The Pac 12 doesn't get a ton of publicity on this side of the country, but still has prestigious institutions and enough money between them to throw around. You also forget the ACC which has plenty of top tier institutions as well. The Big 12 is the only conference right now being questioned about its place in the world, at least where it matters (we know the American is going to dilute itself now but they're not a P6 player anymore). The B1G has 13 out of 14 members in the AAU. Nebraska isn't. Know who else is? Kansas and Iowa State. I know most people are jaded about media markets from some of the last rounds of expansion, but some conferences look at the big picture when choosing members (clearly MD and RU weren't powerhouses in much and they got in, and don't tell me Maryland had much media market to care about). If conferences all decided to keep up with the Jones' of the SEC, UCF isn't getting a sniff in any of the three other major conferences that exist in the Eastern Time Zone. If the B1G and ACC added two teams each, best bet the Big 12 will be calling the AAC again, and USF has to get off its ass to shine up for that round if/when it ever comes.
  2. The Big 12 is smart to be meeting now to have a game plan and a short list. I don't see them holding an open RFP like before. And that MHver West Virginia guy was the same guy throwing every possible scenario out in 2009 and he got close on a few things so people somehow take him seriously when he's no more in the know than anyone else. Ignore him.
  3. Just wanted to pop in and admire that this thread has endured the test of time and the pillars of speculation and rumor will support this everlasting debate for many years to come. And for my official take - the powers that be don't want to allow the Big 12-x to rebuild. The SEC will whisper "16 is king", and the others will scramble to add leftovers to get to 16 themselves, or as close as possible [looking at you Pac "barely gonna make it to" 14]. The AAC will pound its chest and try to invite the 3-4 leftovers, but the brand equity and name of the Big 12/14/16 will essentially involve a merger, keep the Big 12 name, and it will become the P4 and Aresco/Bowlsby will scream "Pee Five" from the pit as the four super conferences lower the basket of lotion and offer them a playoff spot if a team can go undefeated 3 years in a row with a SoS in the top 30.
  4. Anyone can make a graphic about anything online. Unverified random big game boomer's opinion... Also, Temple put twitter handles on jerseys 2-3 years ago.
  5. Maybe was too much house for him. That thing is gaudy massive.
  6. I don't know if there's a deadline to jump into the portal, but just because they're here today doesn't mean they will be tomorrow. Perhaps they're in the know and waiting to see if Herrion gets canned, and if so, they stick with BG (or even stay if BG gets canned too). If Herrion stays, maybe that's when they bolt? Very fluid situation I guess.
  7. The caveat UCF has is that they've had sustained enough success that even a decade of struggle seasons will still bring in fans. My UCF grad brother would probably still buy some season tickets to save his spot, just likely wouldn't drive from Tampa as often to see the home games, and that likely would require them to play super terribly poor. He even attended many of the games when they were staring 0-12 in the face a few years ago and knew it was coming (granted, then they were still riding high off the Fiesta Bowl year so fans were hopeful they wouldn't go 0-fer again). They've at least reached the point where they could have some really HoltzStrongian years where watching games are painful, and likely the locals would still show up, take the kids to a few games, etc. That plays into not having the same competition in sports as Tampa Bay does (esp since Magic games don't interfere until later in the season and MLS is winding down). When I briefly attended UCF 20 years ago (yikes, realization I'm old now), I think in the 2 years I was there, I think I only attended 2-3 games in 2002, their first year in the MAC. Team was decent, but I distinctly remember feeling at those games like I sometimes feel at Ray Jay, regardless if we are winning or losing. I think USF has a ton better gameday experience now than UCF did in 2002, but when I went to the 2008 USF-UCF game with my brother, we set up the tailgate at 7:30am and even in enemy territory, it felt different. It felt the same way it felt when I visited Michigan State, UF, and FSU. Walking to the stadiums felt different than it does at RJS. Hard to explain, but there is no denying that is one facet of an OCS we won't have until we have it. All those points aside, RJS is still a badass stadium that's easy to get to, is comfortable, and can carry a good vibe, especially when exciting and winning. It's just different. If RJS and the campus were closer, I'd never want an OCS and I don't think anyone else would either. But at this point, I'm happy that at least our off campus stadium is the one it is, and not the Citrus Bowl of the early 2000's. I'd take an OCS any day if built right, but will accept what we have and just hope that the team is competitive and can build and sustain success at this point - because winning seasons drown all of this out.
  8. Of note, UCF's point came on a USF own goal. So not great for us on that part, but UCF themselves actually got shut out. Good win.
  9. I would assume my degenerate friends would say to put money on UF balking on the later date.
  10. Which could take a few years (because they're so boinked on scheduling anyone worth a crap right now), but if a few big dogs step up and volunteer, their reality dose will come briskly and boldly.
  11. This is the year of free eligibility transfer, if Gabriel bolts, that'd be something for sure.
  12. Leavitt is headed to SMU to be DC so there's that
  13. Not a surprise, but good guy. Dunno how he pans out, but perhaps he has some role somewhere. He was an Armwood guy, yes? At the very least, he has some insight and hopefully offers some kind words when Armwood friends ask him about USF and he can help put in a good word.
  14. I only voted no because i do like the slime, but historically they are not top three, and i'm into the neons and blacks. i do wish they slimed the helmet iconic U though.
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