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  1. Anyone can make a graphic about anything online. Unverified random big game boomer's opinion... Also, Temple put twitter handles on jerseys 2-3 years ago.
  2. Maybe was too much house for him. That thing is gaudy massive.
  3. I don't know if there's a deadline to jump into the portal, but just because they're here today doesn't mean they will be tomorrow. Perhaps they're in the know and waiting to see if Herrion gets canned, and if so, they stick with BG (or even stay if BG gets canned too). If Herrion stays, maybe that's when they bolt? Very fluid situation I guess.
  4. The caveat UCF has is that they've had sustained enough success that even a decade of struggle seasons will still bring in fans. My UCF grad brother would probably still buy some season tickets to save his spot, just likely wouldn't drive from Tampa as often to see the home games, and that likely would require them to play super terribly poor. He even attended many of the games when they were staring 0-12 in the face a few years ago and knew it was coming (granted, then they were still riding high off the Fiesta Bowl year so fans were hopeful they wouldn't go 0-fer again). They've at leas
  5. Of note, UCF's point came on a USF own goal. So not great for us on that part, but UCF themselves actually got shut out. Good win.
  6. I would assume my degenerate friends would say to put money on UF balking on the later date.
  7. Which could take a few years (because they're so boinked on scheduling anyone worth a crap right now), but if a few big dogs step up and volunteer, their reality dose will come briskly and boldly.
  8. This is the year of free eligibility transfer, if Gabriel bolts, that'd be something for sure.
  9. Leavitt is headed to SMU to be DC so there's that
  10. Not a surprise, but good guy. Dunno how he pans out, but perhaps he has some role somewhere. He was an Armwood guy, yes? At the very least, he has some insight and hopefully offers some kind words when Armwood friends ask him about USF and he can help put in a good word.
  11. I only voted no because i do like the slime, but historically they are not top three, and i'm into the neons and blacks. i do wish they slimed the helmet iconic U though.
  12. Ah that Pitt game - another Thursday night road game while ranked. GUHHHHHH i remember driving home listening to that game and it was over by half, we were spinning our wheels
  13. Being in the stands and seeing the other team get the ball with under 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter within 7 points was excruciating. I remember screaming at DBs to play closer, they were literally 8-10 yard cushions and they'd dink and dunk down the field, but at the perfect pace so we'd have like under 2 minutes to make another TD scoring drive and we'd never get there. Prevent from winning indeed. As for Holtz, good dude. I think overall it was a perfect storm of recruiting missteps and coaching decisions that just didn't pan out in the Big East level of play. I could see hi
  14. at least it's on a time and channel i might actually get to watch live for once.
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