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  1. Well, Temple traveled to the Yuengling Center. Can't say the same for our Bulls. We've fallen asleep in the 2nd half.
  2. Coach O was Taggart's S&C coach. He had a bit of controversy at Oregon due to a bunch of players being hospitalized due to alleged over training. When Taggart was fired from FSU, Coach O was brought back to be USF WBB S&C coach. Could a transition back to FB be in the cards?
  3. The visual was much more striking to me last season. Maybe it had to do with watching more on TV than in-person. Glad that we have the Colorado transfer RB, we need that size on the backfield.
  4. I wouldn't call MBB a mess. See MBB during Antigua, end of McCullum/Greenberg regimes. Lost locker room and hopeless play. I really want CBG to correct the simple things, so we're at least top-5 in conference consistently. To keep this on-topic, football will still be digging out of a Strong hole next year. Transfers are always such a crapshoot. I hope the last two seasons' of transfers contribute even marginally, so we can eek out some improved play.
  5. This needs to go on a #ComeToUSF T-shirt.
  6. I'll take a double of your optimism cocktail or peyote. We're still lacking depth in several areas. I'm taking the under on 4.5. I'd love to be proven wrong.
  7. This. When we play out of conference, I almost expect us to be smaller but nimble. This past season, I started noticing how much smaller we were compared to our conference brethren. Not even the most skillful coaching can combat an across the board size disadvantage and lack of depth like that.
  8. Really, I just want to see improvement out of our players, and I want to see that staff is cognizant of things like the shot clock. Our lack of consistent FT & 3pt shooting have been issues for a few seasons. Collins appears to have regressed in many aspects. Game management is questionable when the game is on the line. I'm patient, but I'm starting to see too many reoccurring issues to blankly give CBG the continuing benefit of doubt. Seat should get hot next season, if we continue this way and still get out hustled by ucf.
  9. And in close games we consistently s@&t the bed in conference play. It's a reoccurring issue, and I'm starting to question coaching. I want CBG and MBB to succeed, but we're not good at doing the simple things consistently well.
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