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  1. It's about as real as a political blog with journalists writing "newsy" postings can be. Florida Politics endeavors to cover a lot of Tallahassee-based and Florida local government issues. I don't foresee UCF getting dissolved, but it'll be interesting to see how seriously the State Legislature continues investigating the misappropriation of budgetary funds over in Oviedo. This is yet another "black eye" for the school out East, and it doesn't even involve athletics.
  2. These past two games against UCF and Temple are indicative of how young of a team we have. I'm hoping for payback against the Citronauts this Wednesday, and that Temple loss last night was just gut-wrenching. These kids are scrappy, and they'll learn to put away teams with icy-veined resiliency.
  3. Paisa el Toro

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    And if things don't improve in fb, to getting out-hustled by our competition. That's our biggest "branding" during CCS's tenure so far.
  4. Paisa el Toro


    How? Our donor base is paltry compared to our conference mates. I'd be in sports administration, if I knew how to solve the attendance riddle.
  5. Paisa el Toro

    USF vs Uconn - It’s Gameday Baby!!!!!

    I'm riding solo for this one. My lovely wife is staying w our lil one. We've got to capitalize on free-throw shooting, if we expect to pull this upset off tonight.
  6. Paisa el Toro

    USF songs

    Delby the Maestro.
  7. Paisa el Toro

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Blast from the past name drop. Some were calling for his hire during the tail end of the Holtz New Era. Speaking of blasts from the past, what up with Ironside?
  8. WR's and Strength and Conditioning next? Was it formally announced that Mattox is joining Gilbert at McNeese?
  9. Paisa el Toro

    Transferring players

    We need a Clint Hurtt/Joe Kinnan mind meld.
  10. We also have weird wizard hands. That's become a "tradition."
  11. More like the "Nee" Table and discuss fake national championships.
  12. Paisa el Toro

    USF Bull Statue?

  13. Paisa el Toro

    Womens Volleyball

    The USF story. So Close, Yet So Far.
  14. Paisa el Toro

    Let's Just Take a Breath

    Or name a stadium after a guy that committed sodomy with a baseball bat.
  15. Paisa el Toro

    Kelly sticks with Strong

    Gilbert, Mattox, and Williams need to be given their walking papers. Offense, o line, and receivers were mediocre to bad.