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  1. Paisa el Toro

    Men's soccer is 0-4?

    The OOC schedule was front loaded with some tough matches. I'm not getting panicky until I see what's up during conference play.
  2. Paisa el Toro

    UCF fans are special

  3. Paisa el Toro

    We have a QB1

    Can't wait to see those types of throws against higher caliber competition.
  4. "Taggurt" voted to break his feet.
  5. Not sure if it has to do w their Athletic Department being characterized as a DSO. May be exempt from public records laws, if their DSO tracks attendance.
  6. Paisa el Toro

    AAC Games and Upcoming Opponents Thread

    Temple . . . woof.
  7. I refuse to patronize that Heads and Tails place off Kennedy. It's named after those schools in Gainesville and Tally, no thanks!
  8. Paisa el Toro

    Next week is gonna be HOT.

    Eggs, kegs, and dehydration this Saturday, baby!
  9. Paisa el Toro

    Home Stands on TV

    Need more butts in seats, the students weren't the problem yesterday. I hope to see more USF than Ga Tech fans next week. Some season ticket holders love selling their tix to the big games to make back some money, instead of showing up.
  10. Paisa el Toro

    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Good points, BDYZR. We were noticeably beat in the trenches by Elon. Both USF O and D lines looked ineffective yesterday. Hope we can correct by next Saturday.
  11. Paisa el Toro

    Um.... Run Defense anyone...

    Run D was suspect last night for sure. My hope is that we can neutralize Ga Tech into short yardage situations with our swarming speed. Otherwise, it's going to be a loooooonnnnggg Saturday afternoon with the Jackets.
  12. Absolutely. I hope we see some Tampa Bay headquartered corporations jump in the fold as well. We now need our private, individual donor numbers to increase drastically too.
  13. Paisa el Toro

    OCS Profitable for CSU

    We lack this. We're not even close to being top-3 in this conference in this metric. I'm hoping Michael Kelly improves our donation situation.
  14. Paisa el Toro

    USF License Plate

    All hail robo-goat! Is it just me, or would anyone else rock some throwback gear with the hunched Brahma?