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  1. The independent entity did investigate Gregory and other staff. It found no wrong doing there. I guess this one we can agree to disagree on. I just don't see something libelous out of the TDS article, even with the Coaching Changes tweet quote.
  2. Not sure what part of the headline or article have you heartburn, Trips. The investigation examined two areas. Regarding Herrion, his contract wasn't renewed. Regarding Gregory or other staff, the investigation found them reasonably proactive in addressing this seemingly isolated series of incidents. I don't see this as a "hit piece."
  3. If this bit of speculation from Robert Steeg @ the Daily Stampede is accurate, it appears to be Memphis PG Aerial Wilson.
  4. What's up with that "indefinite return date" for the remaining game at UF? If the Gators have cancelled, how much was their buy-out?
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