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  1. That Strong buyout will be steep. Exactly how so is unknown. That document is buried somewhere in our DSO, outside of public records reach. Cutting loose Strong will make it tough to attract another coach and cut into the indoor practice facility funds. What a conundrum.
  2. I thought we would drop this midweek game against Stetson, even with the series victory against Houston this past weekend. I hope USF Men's Baseball can make a run to close out the season, so that the team is eligible to make noise in the conference tourney.
  3. I'm pleasantly surprised we pulled this game out. FGCU seems to have been on the winning end of quite a few contests against us in recent memory.
  4. That's an understatement. We s_it the bed to close out last season. I'm concerned about the lack of depth of defense. Hope Strong can mine the portal for some depth.
  5. Maybe Bergman used it to sodomize another victim?
  6. Delicious ucf donuts. Only school to have gone 0-fer in three separate seasons. You guys out east are adorable.
  7. The last few seasons have turned me into a pile of hopeful mush. "If" is all I've got with USF FB now.
  8. Allow me to thread hijack for a minute. Re-reading my reference to Omogbehin, did any of you know he's trying his hand at pro wrestling now?
  9. Crap, ESPN +. Silver lining, if we can get our ISH together, there's no grant of rights hindering our ability to skedaddle, if some other conference calls.
  10. Agreed from an academics standpoint, but I was hoping to see more folks that some Tallahassee-experience. At this point in our school's evolution, we need someone that's really going to continue pulling levers and pushing buttons at the state capital. FSU and UF grads are going to continue trying to hoard as much for themselves as possible. Currall, McConnell, Vitter, Hurn, Blanchett, and Poppema (interesting dark horse candidate) are intriguing. I'm just speculating, but my first three could take to Tally like fish to water.
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