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  1. I’m there. Flying in from Ohio with my son and also a friend from University of Toledo who has become a fan!! I would expect a big crowd.
  2. I rarely if ever comment on this board though I frequent it every day. I enjoy the comments and the fact that we are all passionate about USF and the athletics programs at the school. But this thread absolutely takes the cake and is so bush league. Listen fellow USF lovers, this guy misrepresented himself and kudos to USF for calling him on it. This doesn't make USF look bad, this makes us awesome. That our school wants to do it right and anything else will not be tolerated. If I was a potential coach I would want to come and coach here all the more. We will find a great coach. Calm down
  3. I was at the game. Davis CLEARLY gave up on those two pass plays and they should have been caught. It was up on the big board and all 3 of my friends who did not go to USF commented. The boy should be sat, regardless of talent.
  4. Huge. This is huge. I see many scenarios with this where the Big East will be fine. Commit, add the teams, and move on. This is enough time to get things together!
  5. Hardly ever post on here, but had to dive in here. USF to the ACC is what is going to happen...mark it down. All of this "sky is falling" stuff is driving me and a lot of other people crazy. Trust me, no news from Doug and Judy is good news. USF is going to get set up. Too big of a University, too fertile a recruiting ground, too big a TV market, and so on. Lighten up folks. When the dust settles USF will be at the table...ACC style.
  6. I have not posted on this board in years despite the fact that I read it almost everyday. But I cannot refuse. This Mutiny guy has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. The arrogance is incredible. I am almost tempted to buy a plane ticket to come down to Tampa next year and watch the Bull's pound these morons just so I can get back on this board and call for Mutiny to make an explanation. The fact of the matter is that what I saw of UM this past year PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not have better athletes than USF. Sorry dude, why don't you just scamper back to the woods where you came from. Pride goeth before a fall. Wow, some people assume that the way things used to be is the way things always will be. Incredible.
  7. For what it is worth, I have thought that Jenkin's hasn't tackled for the past 2 years. I have seen SEVERAL occasions where he either backs up or he doesn't wrap up and just tries to hit them with his pad. He is a sorry tackler and will not play at the next level because of it.
  8. And what about Ohio State. Who exactly have they played besides an over-rated Purdue team? It is all based on tradition folks and we ain't got it.
  9. Ironic, I was just trying to get on to post a similar thread because the slow performance is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I 3Meg download speeds and everything is fast except this board. I love this board but honestly it has gotten to the point the past couple of weeks or more where I am avoiding checking it out because it is just TOOOOO SLOW. Help someone!
  10. Anyone else starting to worry about the amount of practice time Grothe has had? The injury late last fall, the injury this summer and the amount of snaps he is missing is beginning to add up. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise getting Gregory up to speed but I am beginning to worry a little bit that he won't be as sharp as he needs to be when we go to Auburn. He needs to be at the top of his game and missing these snaps isn't going to help. Maybe I'm just overreacting. ???
  11. If the word was given the word needs to be kept. I want to have a winning basketball program as much as anyone else here but above that I want the university that I attended to have a reputation that goes above and beyond and is above reproach...IMHO.
  12. Guys, I am convinced that DW is going after his man and we have no idea who it is. The only thing I know at this point is that we are all going to be surprised when it comes out. I think we just need to hang tight and trust DW...he will not lead us astray. He wants a winner in USF basketball and that is what we are going to get!
  13. I fell prey to the dark side last week. Now I am firmly planted with not even a shred of the good side of the force with me. CRM must go! 8-) (the shades are symbolic of my darth vader mask)
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