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  1. Another year of mediocrity just pushes the recovery out a year. Look at the time management at the end of the 1st half. First a Sr TE doesn’t even try to get of bounds and then with the clock ticking and time running out we line up and run a play rather than calling a time out. I’m sorry, but I’ve been a part of Pop Warner coaching staff’s that did a much better job of managing the clock and our only hope was to give the fast kid one more chance to run.
  2. CCS is just not a very good head coach. He became a hot commodity because of Bridgewater. He’s only had 3 good seasons in his head coaching career, two were with Bridgewater and one with Flowers. As we all witnessed, the season with Flowers was despite his coaching not because of it.
  3. Strong’s career record is 71-48. Strong’s career record without Bridgewater or Flowers is 33-38. It’s starting to feel a little Skippy round here.
  4. If we’re going on a revenge tour, let’s not forget about Drake. Hate the Drake!
  5. I don’t bet real money on my teams because I prefer to be optimistic about their success regardless of what the data may indicate. If you review Coach Strong’s head coaching history, I think the data suggests to take the Under. He has finished with 7 wins or less in 7 of his 10 seasons as a head coach. In the 3 seasons that were greater, Bridgewater and Flowers were the QBs. I’m hoping Coach Bell truly has full control of the offense and the Over will win but I’m not willing to bet on it.
  6. I believe if Kelly forces Strong to make an offensive philosophy change, we can win 8-9 games next year. What scares me is that Strong has now been a head coach for 9 seasons and in 6 of them he has won between 5-7 games. In the other 3 he has won over 10 games. The difference between the two outcomes, Bridgewater and Flowers were the QBs for the 3 over 10 win seasons.
  7. This team reminds me of Heath’s 2011-12 basketball team. It was difficult to watch but they won in the end.
  8. Mistake by the referees and the coaches. They all forgot about the penalty after the reversal. You can change your mind about a penalty after a reversal.
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 127 seconds  
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 116 seconds  
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