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  1. True, one of the reasons they gave for going independent was to get away from playing on Sundays in the other sports. Apparently that’s not a concern anymore.
  2. I have a friend who has been using his handicap hangar to park in the front of 6D for the past few years.
  3. Proximity. My dad’s job moved him to Pinellas county just I graduated from HS. I needed to live at home to afford college so I went to SPJC for my AA and then transferred. I remember the kids I met at SPJC my 1st semester complaining about the increase in tuition from $15/hr to $16 that had just occurred in 1979.
  4. I heard the food at Indiana is better than VT
  5. Sorry, yes the score was for each section of the test. Each US Representative also gets the same nominations as the Senators do which gets the number to 535. There are also some other sources for nominations. We were very worried about getting a nomination and it turned out to be less stressful than other portions of the process.
  6. I don’t follow recruiting and don’t know anything about the players that had offers from the academies. Just sharing my experience as my son is a West Point grad and I was involved during his time as president of the local parents club. All candidates are evaluated in three area: athletic, academic, and leadership. The athletes who enter enter through the prep school may not have demonstrated the academic performance of other candidates but the school must believe they have the ability because they must perform when they are admitted to the academy. Class size is typically in the 1100-1200 range as the schools are limited to 4400 total by law. They did have a waiver to the total during the height of the war. You can Google a class profile to see the data. The West Point profile shows 3% of class scored between 400-499 on the SAT. Also, after going through the process, I believe the academy will get you a nomination if they want you. I don’t have any proof but the year my son was accepted Senators Nelson and Martinez had a combined total of 37 kids accepted into the 5 service academies. In theory, they should have had 1 each to each school.
  7. The Academies have Prep schools where athletes can be sent to work on academics. They have their own athletic teams so It also kinda serves as a red shirt season. Enlisted personnel who get accepted into an academy also get sent there.
  8. That was a costly timeout as it took away any chance of getting the ball back. How were coaches not prepared for the two point conversion? Someone on the staff should have had a couple options ready to go during the drive.
  9. I voted for Strong also. Now with the hindsight of three HC jobs, his fortune was built on 2 seasons of Teddy Bridgewater. Looks like his glass ceiling was as a DC.
  10. I do not believe Army will join a conference primarily because the Army-Navy game would then have to be played in the regular season. The game is intentionally played after the the championship games so they don’t have to share the spotlight with any other D1 game.
  11. Another year of mediocrity just pushes the recovery out a year. Look at the time management at the end of the 1st half. First a Sr TE doesn’t even try to get of bounds and then with the clock ticking and time running out we line up and run a play rather than calling a time out. I’m sorry, but I’ve been a part of Pop Warner coaching staff’s that did a much better job of managing the clock and our only hope was to give the fast kid one more chance to run.
  12. CCS is just not a very good head coach. He became a hot commodity because of Bridgewater. He’s only had 3 good seasons in his head coaching career, two were with Bridgewater and one with Flowers. As we all witnessed, the season with Flowers was despite his coaching not because of it.
  13. Strong’s career record is 71-48. Strong’s career record without Bridgewater or Flowers is 33-38. It’s starting to feel a little Skippy round here.
  14. If we’re going on a revenge tour, let’s not forget about Drake. Hate the Drake!
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