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    IBG - USF not the only victims

    If we're exchanging Colombian things, I'll bring the cafe con leche and pan de bono. Anything to exorcise the Sun Dome.
  2. Being at opposite ends of the spectrum will destroy us!!!!!!! Where you at, LOB?
  3. Dominique Jones, Andre Hall, Matt Grothe, Jessica Dickson, Marquel Blackwell, Quinton Flowers, George Selvie, Courtney Williams, Erin Fairs, Dom Dwyer
  4. Paisa el Toro

    New AD Search

    I'm on the Brooks and Jurich train. Jurich needs to rehab his image. He does a fantastic job helping AD Brooks learn the ropes, and Jurich books out for more lucrative pastures after a few seasons. As long as I'm dreaming, my speculation is as good as anyone else's on here.
  5. Paisa el Toro

    USF vs UF Continues

    Last seen in Tally, possibly a Guthrie's drive through.
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    Reputation/Reaction Now Viewable to Member

    I'd say he's more prolific than elite; his content is lacking but his numbers are quite astounding.
  7. Anything that works to get a better local connection with the area is a win. The disconnect between Tampa Bay and its local, public (preeminent) university is astounding.
  8. We could have the Tony Robbins of AD's, and I still think he'd have trouble extracting more donations from our fanbase. We seriously have a "cultural" problem. The Daily Stampede just did an article analyzing a small student survey they just did. The students' stance on donating to USF as alumni is quite eye opening. Small sample size, I know.
  9. Those are all excuses. We need to keep growing the fan base, and we need alumni to step up with donations to the program. I think Joey is actually right--our fan base has not earned an OCS yet.
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    Troy Holston Transferring

    I think grades may be an issue there--stay tuned.
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    MBB Assistant, Dollar Leaves for Georgia

    Dollar was a phenomenal recruiter for us. I wish him all the best at Georgia. Time for Gregory to find someone else chomping at the bit to prove their mettle.
  12. Paisa el Toro

    Troy Holston Transferring

    May Holston find a way to make it onto planes on time, without being left napping at the airport, at his next stop.
  13. Truer words have not been spoken.
  14. Paisa el Toro

    Hopefully nobody with a USF degree ...

    Adorable even.
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    Paving the Way

  16. Paisa el Toro

    College Football News has USF Going 9-3

    We had one of those . . . back in 2007.
  17. Paisa el Toro

    Probably the coolest thing you will see at USF proday

    I think it's because they can just show up to practices, whenever they coordinate through Athletics.
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    Orlando fail

    Well played, guy. Adorable.
  19. Paisa el Toro

    Louisville inks a new home and home...

    But Mike's gums though. Puts Mr. Ed to shame.
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    Joey the Weasel Knight

    There's only one weasel, and it's this guy, Bobby Heenan:
  21. Paisa el Toro

    Looks Like Sun Dome has a Sponsor Name

    I love Yeungling, and if this means we get some extra money in the coffers, then so be it. I don't see our conference affiliation changing any time soon nor do I foresee a surge in USF donations. Need more folks to step up; UCF's athletics' donor base still surpasses ours.
  22. I chalk it up to the different offense that Sterling Griffin ran, as opposed to Taggart's Gulf Coast Offense. I don't think Q lost a step at all, if anything, he's become quicker and stronger. He'll have a shot a turning heads in the NFL, and I wish Q all the best.
  23. Paisa el Toro

    Flutie Effect

    Quite true.
  24. This is the best theory for the Tampa/USF disconnect that I've heard in a while. At least USF has acknowledged this issue and is doing something about it.