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Prediction Contest: #20/21 South Florida Bulls vs. Cincinnati Bearcats

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Welcome to



2007 Football Prediction Contest

Game    9


#20/21 Bulls vs. Bearcats

Congratulations to TBD on his Week 8 win!!

The Contest:  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select the winner for the week's USF football game - as well as make some tie-breaking prognostications.  Prizes await, as does the respect and admiration of Bulls fans worldwide.

First...the rules:

1)  You must be a registered member of this message board.

2)  You must completely answer the contest questions.

3)  There can be no modifications to your post after the published game start time.

4)  Your prediction must be part of this original thread

5)  Post must be submitted prior to game published game start time.

For additional contest rules, please read the small print below.

And now, the contest:

For the Bulls game against Cincinnati Saturday, November 3, please select the following:

1)  The winner

2)  The final score

3)  Bulls total offensive yards

4)  Bulls leading receiver

Please try to keep in the above format so that it will be easier to manage.  Sample response would be:

1)  South Florida

2)  80-3

3)  450

4)  Taurus Johnson

After posting your entry, please feel free make your case for your picks, or predict other aspects of the game.  It will make the thread much more entertaining if everyone gives their reasons for their picks, and make predictions on other aspects like special teams, rushing, or which QB will get the most PT.

The winner will be decided with the first and second prediction items.  I am looking for the person that comes closest to the actual score, not simply the margin of victory.  If more than one person is correct, or equally close, we'll go to item three.  Closest wins.  If still tied, we go to item four - if still tied, all winners get a gift.

Gifts available for this game:

The winner(s) may select from the following prizes (Additional prizes to be determined prior to kickoff):

1.  Bulls Mini-Mirror Keychain


2.  Bulls Iconic U Cap Keychain


3.  Andre Hall Rookie Card


Good Luck!

The whole thing is just for fun, so please participate, enjoy the contest and have fun!

Need Help?

The Sagarin, Dunkel, Harmon and SFB.com projections will be posted Here.

2007 Contest Winners:

Fans Prediction Contest


Game  1    Bullmeister

Game  2    usfbulls2004

Game  3    crambone

Game  4    SSpiro

Game  5    MechanicalBull

Game  6    StandingBull

Game  7   

Game  8   

Game  9   

Game 10   

Game 11   

Game 12   

Game 13

2006 Contest Winners:

Fans Prediction Contest


Game  1    On_The_Chip

Game  2    USFMikeB

Game  3    Bubbles

Game  4    Sitting_BULL

Game  5    VA_Bull

Game  6    JimUSFSig

Game  7    mutt

Game  8    lotsofbull99

Game  9    Radioheed

Game 10    Rezz

Game 11    VA_BULL

Game 12    FazaUSF

Game 13

2005 Contest Winners:

Fans Prediction Contest


Game  1    USFMikeB

Game  2    WoDos

Game  3    USFPhil

Game  4    MikeG

Game  5    PINGBULL

Game  6    lotsofbull99

Game  7    Syracuse Eats It

Game  8    TakeitorLeavitt

Game  9    ChiTownBull

Game 10    lotsofbull99

Game 11    PINGBULL

2004 Contest Winners:

Fans Prediction Contest


Game  1    bull_roarer

Game  2    lotsofbull99

Game  3    USFPhil/JimUSFSig

Game  4    lotsofbull99

Game  5    usfbob83

Game  6    lotsofbull99

Game  7    USFPhil

Game  8    E.T.

Game  9    lotsofbull99

Game 10    goodknightfl

Game 11    MikeG

2003 Contest Winners:

Fans Prediction Contest


Game  1    BullBuster

Game  2    Omniscient Bull

Game  3    79 Bull

Game  4    chrisdashley

Game  5    lotsofbull99

Game  6    Bulldog

Game  7    lotsofbull99

Game  8    FLIPSTYLE

Game  9    BullBuster

Game 10    BullBuster

Game 11    MysteryBull

2002 Contest Winners:

Fans Prediction Contest


Game  1    BullShizNitz

Game  2    BeachBull

Game  3    OmniscientBull

Game  4    InvisiBull

Game  5    Bullsmania

Game  6    Bullsayer

Game  7    MikeG

Game  8    JJBullKnight

Game  9    EXBULL21

Game 10    MikeG

Game 11    MRebe@USF

As with previous years' contests, Bulliever is the final judge on all entries.  He will select the winner based on pre-established criteria.  All decisions are final, unless Bulliever changes his mind.  Finally, Bulliever will only refer to himself in the third person when typing in small print. 

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[table][tr][td]U S F[/td][/tr]



[tr][td]C. Williams[/td][/tr][/table]


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27 - 20



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