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  1. I took a quick peek at the roster (simply cuz I've completely forgotten who was still here) and I'm actually a little optimistic about our offense, except at qb. I guess the same could be said last year, too. Difference is: we have a couple unknowns that could break out or bust, as opposed to knowing all of them have busted already. If there was ever a year where we didnt need a global pandemic, this was it. Spring was crucial. Personally, if I have to guess, it will be noah johnson, simply due to his athleticism and proven success. Whoever wins the job tho should have enough weapons to put up points
  2. Craziest thing....that season was where his draft stock was highest
  3. We REALLY needed this spring practice. Probably more than any other team in the conference. I'm starting to lean towards Herbstreits prediction of not having a season at all, but if we do, 4.5 definitely seems fair, maybe generous
  4. There was another beach photo that went viral yesterday. St. John's County. Those beaches have since been closed but still...
  5. Two weeks in a row turning the ball over in clutch time. Silvers will be the starter next week if hes healthy
  6. If he manages to get back into football shape, I wouldnt mind seeing him in a Vipers uniform
  7. Hasnt made a critical mistake but hasnt made a big play, either. Not a fan of Zorn's conservativeness. Things are starting to come apart now
  8. Might be time to adopt the Seattle Dragons with this score rn
  9. I know hes like 6 years older than Q, but what really has separated him from the other is the maturity level. Makes a big play, gets up and heads back to the huddle instead of hushing the crowd or signaling first down (on a play he didnt get a first down on, btw). I'm super impressed by BJ right now
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