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  1. 2008 I believe. Beat them in OT
  2. feardabull

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    We did throw up over 600 yards. Just did USF things all night as well
  3. I dont care if ed Oliver is hurt. Houston will hand us our asses next week
  4. Cincy's defense getting soft in the 4th quarter. I'm no longer scared of them either lol
  5. Temple doesnt really scare me anymore. Cincy should be a scrappy game
  6. I want our offense to finally gain some confidence and traction! The defense has been very good. Once our offense finally clicks, I could see us running the table. This is the defense to finally find a groove against
  7. Seth Boomer is 2 for friggin 13. He hasnt even sniffed a 50 percent completion clip in his career. You cant possibly tell me that there is another qb on that squad that couldn't do better Really? Why?
  8. Another freshman on this line. Ed Oliver will be waiting