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  1. I'm just gonna proudly point out that it only took me like 15 minutes to decode your username
  2. Pretty sure frost got extended like a month ago. And to try to tie this topic in to something usf related, maybe the next coach should be a "USF" guy just like frost is a Nebraska guy. I understand we dont have the pedigree of a Nebraska, but I feel (and it's likely obvious) that bringing in somebody who will pour his heart and soul into this football program would provide the spark this program needs. That was my one concern about the CCS hire at the time. Same with Holtz. You cant argue with the results.
  3. Second half of Harvard Yale just now underway. We may not see the first quarter unless they flip us over
  4. Is he eligible to? I believe you have to have two years of eligibility wiped out by injury. This year is one. Idk if there was one elsewhere. Last year does not fall into the criteria
  5. So shrader has the range. Need to get the accuracy down. Still wish we would have punted there
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