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  1. I've never seen so many shot clock violations than I have these past three games
  2. They forgot they only have 35 seconds to shoot the basketball
  3. Sounds like Johnny Ford is our new Rodney Adams. I am perfectly ok with this
  4. No but hes already gone public saying he wont allow Zion to dunk on him
  5. Any Brian Gregory COTY talks can be shut down now. This team had no confidence. Uconn will beat us by 15+ on Thursday
  6. Maybe we should go ahead and lose this game and take our chances with uconn. We cant beat a ****** undermanned SMU team They're even talking enough **** on the floor to get teched up. They know they're shorthanded and still owning us. Whatever pride we have left is gone now
  7. This is a bad SMU team with 7 healthy players. This is flat out embarassing
  8. We are playing like we havent seen a 2-3 zone before.
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