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  1. This team is the most skittish team I have ever seen. No possession ever looks smooth and the shooting speaks for itself
  2. Temple wants this to be a free throw shooting contest
  3. There was literally one way to put temple back in this game and it just happened
  4. This game is uglier than the feed. Good lord
  5. feardabull

    UCF Admiration Society

    LSU dominated this game and Joe Burrow deserves to throw another TD pass just to stick it to em.
  6. feardabull

    Holgorsen To Houston

    And a program with the money to make a move like this
  7. Two of our lowest rated recruits last year were ford and Horne. It isnt always about stars
  8. feardabull

    USF player in Jail

    You get arrested for that? Smh
  9. feardabull

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Yes. Marshall is 8-4 but just closed the season getting blown out by a very depleted Virginia tech team
  10. feardabull

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Stay calm and play to your strengths
  11. feardabull

    Gasparilla Bowl

    If mack plays like this next season, UCF will have a qb controversy in 2020