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Mike Jenkins

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 Jenkins was one of the best players on the field saturday, for either team.  He completely shut down sinorice moss and made a great play to knock the ball away from Olsen.  He is honestly one of the best cbs i've seen this year, on any team.

He was exceptional in the Louisville game also.

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They also attributed a play by Carlton Hill to Mike Jenkins at the stadium. They share the same number but we were on offense at the time.

Jenkins is simply outstanding. And you know-- he has got a great attitude out there. I can't think of anyone on this team that is not a team player. Some of that is coaching but a bigger role is coming from key leaders like PJ, Hall, Stephen Nicholas, Tim Jones, Terrance Royal, and Johnny Jones. I felt we missed that element somewhat last year-- perhaps because so many were linemen and were not as vocal as these guys.

One more player who has been a pleasant surprise to me is Gachette. That guy has played very well and adjusted to his new role without much fanfare or any complaints. Now coming from the QB position, unlike at other schools where we see so many guys transferring, Louis probably did get a fair shake at QB. The coaches explained to him (I'm assuming a little here) why they needed him in pass coverage as opposed to behind center. It was a legitimate shot at getting the job. Other players are getting similar fair shakes at where they want to play-- and that's all they are asking for. We don't blow smoke up their ass about how they will come in and start. We tell them flat out-- you have to earn the position and beat out the other guys who want it just as badly.

Carlton Hill probably told them-- if I can't be the QB right away, get me on the field ASAP no matter where you can put me. He's not being wasted in the roles he is playing. He is getting used to the speed of the game-- and whether that translates to playing QB someday-- we'll see soon enough. For now, he's got his role and is still getting work at QB from what I understand in practice. He's too good to not get on the field. We just have to figure out how best to give him touches that result in big plays.

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I hope USF fans realise that Jenkins was not even half the player as he is today about two years ago. It just goes to show you that sometimes Freshmen and Sophmores are not ready for the college level. So people need to get off of C Hill's back right now because he is only a true Freshman. Give him time, and I will bet that he will be a star just like Jenkins has become. To be honest, I have been impressed by Hill already at times. Anway, I am glad Jenkins was able to step up this season. Last year was ok for him, but you had to feel like the hit he put on the Tenn Tech WR really got into his head, and maybe it messed with him last season. This season Jenkins and Trae Williams have been very good so far.

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