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  1. PingBull


    An interesting way to rewatch: they have us on D as well.
  2. Both BB and MM will be Seniors next year, should be fun.
  3. I don't pick on Joey Knight too much...but I'm disappointed at the lack of attempt to get an answer from Coach on our Kickers. Nothing last week and during the ILL game, again, nothing.
  4. I recorded (2) BTN channels, BOTH were UM. Sigh. I missed that there were two additional BTN channels about 15 numbers away, very stupid. I hope someone is kind enough to post on YT!
  5. He stopped in at 8:30 AM, early!
  6. Rutgers without question for me; I can still vividly recall when the USF Defensive TD was called back for the forward propulsion crap. I thought I was going to get kicked out of the bar.
  7. PingBull

    Week One Depth Chart

    RE: McCants on returns....no one will want to tackle him at full speed! I love thee call.
  8. PingBull

    Flowers' First Carry

    I will forever have a sour taste in my mouth over the way Cincy handled Q. Every QB behind Dalton (and Dalton) sucks. To not even get a look at QB isn't doing the draft pick justice.
  9. PingBull

    Ole Miss Transfer TE?!?!?!

    Disagree....I mean the man is 6'-5". Appeared mobile for that height. He ran like a QB that's a few inches shorter, IMO.
  10. PingBull

    USF vs UF Continues

    Wow, buyout is $2.5 million per game!
  11. PingBull

    USF vs UF Continues

    I wish, but there is just no way this happens.
  12. PingBull

    NFL Draft

    How has D'Ernest not been signed yet?