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  1. uhhh, hasn't that always been USF's scheme? Julmiste, Grothe, BJ, even Barnett ran a ton last year...
  2. I'm still blown away that Sunday alcohol sales don't start until 11 AM. Old religious law that is super dated.
  3. Only from computer. Can’t understand why CBS dropped their sports app. Sucks.
  4. Currently the CBS Sports app is not on Apple TV.
  5. Anyone else not seeing the CBS sports app on Apple TV? all I see is CBS and CBS Sports HQ, which is an interview and score app. Will Capognas have the stream?
  6. this should be on twitter directed at M Kelly!
  7. speaking of tackling machine...I was watching some old highlights the other night and....Tyrone McKenzie! Fun to watch!
  8. No Horne listed, hearing he'll play. Hearing Nico is OUT, big loss for Wisc
  9. https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/d-ernest-johnson-s-path-to-the-nfl-included-time-spent-out-to-sea
  10. this is HUGE for D'Ernest's chances! Been following the Browns camps and he's been performing very well. https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/browns-trade-rb-duke-johnson-to-texans
  11. Green always for away games, always.
  12. Rain today. Rain Sunday. NO rain tomorrow. #threadfail
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