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  1. Actually Selvie was a high school o-lineman @230lbs. No o-line @ that size would be highly ranked. The genius is that Leavitt was always good at taking those type players and figuring out another position where they could be good. Nate Allen is another of many examples.
  2. Considering the short amount of time, our previous 2 year record, etc, I'm impressed.
  3. Lets take a formal letter of resignation in Doug Woolard's name and see if anyone can get his autograph at the bottom?
  4. Not that it matters unless we are willing to pay for the billboard. I think they got where they are because they don't concern themselves with fairness, ethics or whatever. That's not the same thing as caring about your public image. But like I said, doesn't really mater.
  5. They're reviled in Manchester, UK for their ownership of ManU. The locals there have tried very similar tactics but to no avail. I agree with Trip, you can't humiliate them when they're making all the money they are from both franchises...especially ManU...which I believe now has the highest valuation of any sports franchise in the world. All the more reason they could be humiliated, humbled or whatever. They have pride! You don't think having to see and be asked about a sign saying "Hey Glazers, Why do you keep taking millions from USF football?" wouldn't bother them?
  6. The only way to hope for a change is to publicly humiliate them. For example: a billboard asking them to quit taking money from USF football and use it as a tax write off.
  7. You were my rep as well. Always appreciated your help. What are you doing now?
  8. It had been green & red for Christmas. Just went to look and it's currently alternating green & gold bands. Guess they did change it for the game. Lets hope AC & Ruud are ok soon.
  9. I do feel better! Actually, I won't feel better til we are in a good conference and playing competitively again.
  10. You started off okay, but individual cases where a psyched up underclassmen was inserted and showed some great energy making some plays doesn't support your cause that strongly. If nothing else it even goes back to coaching where Holtz wasn't able to bring out the strengths of upperclassmen (motivation) who had shown great potential and been given accolades as underclassmen. From their recruitment through their underclassmen years no one was questioning the talent of most of these individuals. If you were referring to our CB situation, that was a known talent issue. Are we talking about lack o
  11. Also you can't judge the guys left behind. Leavitt recruited them with a purpose in mind, but Skippy tried to change everybody into HIS system and it cost him his job. Skippy even made the band look bad.
  12. i think the decision will be made for usf if usf doesnt get picked up in one of the big 5 conferences usf will not be able to sustain a program the money will dry up Did you really go to law school? I have a hard time believing you even passed High School with some of the bonehead comments you make. USF will continue to sustain all sports programs. Our University pulls in a pretty decent amount of cash when compared to other Universities currently at our level. We will be in the Big Whatever until either there is a merger & renaming forming the "Best of the Rest" where we will
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