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  1. I know ESPN has financial ties to the SEC....is it safe to assume they have ties to the whole "playoff system", and then by default the P5? .
  2. I watched the game tonight kinda just to hear ESPN talk about USF and our new coach and and and..... They highlighted the DC (and his green hat) plenty. Never once mentioned the OC....or the comeback, game winning play calling....once. I saw CJS one time on the tv and they switched away as soon as he came into focus. Really? Tell me Im crazy.
  3. My oldest is 17...the one and only time I wore the "baby bjorn" was her first Bulls game....I'd have to check to see what game that was. I have an ESPN DVD clip (that a fellow Bullspen member sent me) of her on my shoulders on national tv as we were getting stomped by PITT on national TV during a rescheduled day game (because of a hurricane), that my wife couldn't make because she was "morning" sick with baby #2. Which puts my first at about 2 years old. I have memories of her (probably at 2 or 3) loving the old Rocky and then being very very afraid of the new pumped up Rocky.
  4. I cant find this stat and I'm guessing it ain't pretty
  5. The point is - where is the toughness? The grit? The comradery? The "even though my buddy is being a douche right now, you are not going to talk to him that way"?
  6. Wife took her Bulls bag to Busch Gardens yesterday. When I asked where the bowl tickets were, she said there were none. (I'm guessing she didn't recognize them because A} she skipped the game B) they were black? I don't know - but with no commemorative ticket my collection is in serious jeopardy.....and as much as I'd like to forget that "game", I do need to keep my collection complete. Please let me know if you can help. GO BULLS
  7. Everyone needs to take a deep breath, count to 10, and then do some research. The ranking system is ABSOLUTELY broken UF won 4 games last season. They opened this season with a big win over some FCS school and then after week 1, Florida was ranked #25 in the country. So a 4-win team a year ago beats a 1AA school, gets ranked top 25 and then everything else that happens related to Florida is special because they're number whatever. Have you seen them play? They are not good. They should not be a top 25 team even now.
  8. What sucks is if this season had played out like last, ESPN would have waited one more week before leaving their sacred P5 conferences to have GameDay at RayJay for the USF/UCF rematch.
  9. .....and here I've always thought it was Lou Cabrase!
  10. I'm driving solo Friday in time to make the pep rally - heading back Saturday after the game I have room in the truck if anyone needs a ride.
  11. CAR POOL? I'm considering the trip because I have to (I've never missed a bowl game)....but the first strike for me is that we are hosting my wife's family Christmas get-together the night of the 23rd. If any additional strikes are needed, they would be timing and money. So, just curious if anyone is interested in car pooling. I made the roadtrip last year with my (then) 12 yr old son, but that was a little rough with just one driver. Doubtful my boy can get out of his family Christmas obligations, so I'm looking at riding solo, which seems silly. Thoughts?
  12. Not sure it's even an option as I overheard my wife telling her sister on the phone, "...well guess who won't be going?". ...but, anybody interested in car pooling? My son and I drove last year, but it was a little much as he's not of driving age so I had to go straight through there and back.
  13. D is going to come out fired up after last week's 4th quarter. They like to throw - we like to intercept.
  14. We definitely have had flyovers, but it's been a loooooooooong time......
  15. I am totally ok with OUR WIZARD. It's all the non-wizard, wizard wanna-bees who I find annoying. For the record. Go bulls (stiil hate all the dabbing)
  16. My entire section pretty much agrees it's the dumbest thing on the big screen. The only thing more dumb is all the copycats. (oh, and all the dabbing)
  17. Sorry - you can't take his rushing yards as QB and say he has those yards as a RB - just doesn't work like that. A QB running the ball is very different than a RB running the ball.....in other words, how many RBs have 1000+ passing yards?
  18. It needed to happen weeks ago, but "now" is still better than later. We cant keep putting 50 on the board and still barely winning. It's absurd.
  19. Willie was hot! Mentioned how we failed in all aspects of the game. Finally putting most of the blame on "coaching", which he followed by accepting the coaching issues start with him. He said it was a piss poor effort. I did not hear Woodie.
  20. I wont even look scores up on ESPN. MSN has all the coverage I need and as silly as it probably is, I'm never typing those 4 letters into my browser again.
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