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  1. Maybe in Bells second year the blocking improves and we win these games. This team has been hot and cold all season. The defense is respectable. On offense we’ve suffered from poor offensive line performance and a young and injured QB. playing Cincy close makes things not as grim. Maybe we can be competitive against Memphis and UCF. But so far the only winning team we have defeated is BYU. The offense has struggled all season in Bells first year, In most games we’ve struggle to score 20. I think Strong has failed considering what he started with when he was hired. We’ll have to stick out a 4th season, but maybe Bell can improve in the offense and we go to a bowl next year.
  2. He lost the starting job at 3 schools. This makes sense only if he is pursuing specific educational goals on scholarship instead of football. Or maybe working with a 1 on 1 coach to train him up to try out as a free agent somewhere.
  3. He doesn’t touch the offense. I don’t know that he does anything for the defense. I see him pace around on the sidelines but I don’t think he calls any plays. I guess he does recruit a little bit, he promises parents he will create respectable citizens which is good. But as for football, he doesn’t seem to do much. Does Strong do anything that helps the team win games except spawn camp by the transfer portal? Does he look at film? Does he coach at all? What does he do?
  4. USF wives are the best wives, I have one too!
  5. I think we should keep Bell as a coach in waiting assuming the offense improves in Bells second year as the Offensive Coordinator.
  6. I think our problem is QB talent and O-Line coaching. I see a lot of open receivers, but the Oline sucks at pass and run blocking. Gilbert managed lots of rushing yards, now Bell manages nearly zero. I think the run blocking is coaching. But Gilbert also didn’t pass as much and now after a season with Bell I wonder if maybe Gilbert had a rushing biased offense for a reason... our QBs aren’t great passers. All great teams have great QBs. We don’t have one yet. I think McCloud could be the guy, he’s still young and I think it’s premature to say he can’t improve. There are a lot of factors and I’ll give Bell the benefit of the doubt for his first season.
  7. Worst coaching contract made by an AD in USF history.
  8. We started 17-2 under Strong... so this stat is basically says good teams rush for a lot and win.
  9. Yeah, I don’t believe Strong would ever call this play. Remember the press conferences when Gilbert was the OC and Strong was asked about a play call and said he wasn’t the guy to ask, the OC was responsible.
  10. He can improve in arm strength and accuracy. But for now he definitely the best we have.
  11. When is the last time we pulled a fake. Wow. That happened so fast, I really don’t think anyone was expecting that at all. That’s what made it so effective.
  12. So many drops. Have killed us this year. It’s like the receivers get worse when they join USF. Do they not do practice reps catching balls?
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