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  1. Why aren’t they using the quick tests? Canceling this game seems irrational.
  2. If we went by the latest CDC data on risk, we wouldn’t even be testing players for covid, we’d just be playing football.
  3. They’d have trouble getting separation in any top 10 team, even other top 10 teams do. That’s what having top athletes in the secondary does, and why you see LSU, Bama, etc. play man to man sometimes in big games. Their secondary can do it.
  4. I mean, ND secondary athletes will be among the best in the nation, our wide receivers, not so much.
  5. Moving to FCS would be disastrous for USF. It’s important for the university brand that we at least get some annual games and occasional bowl matches ups against FBS Power 5. The overall university brand influences academics and student recruiting. Moving to FCS would be a huge step back. We will bounce back with the right coaching staff.
  6. We have improved in the discipline department. We have way fewer penalties. There looks like less tension between the players too.
  7. The team has noticeable fewer penalties since Strong is gone.
  8. McCloud needs to get rid of the ball just a little earlier. He does hold onto it even after it looks like he has found his guy.
  9. Nice to see our starters gaining yards against NDs 2 and 3 deep.
  10. Coaches just mailed those two minutes in. They didn’t want to risk giving ND the ball agin.
  11. Our two minute offense is QB and RB runs. That is how bad our passing is.
  12. ND could QB sneak their way down the field if they chose to.
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