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  1. We don’t need Tampa on our helmets. Silly.
  2. Is Stanford’s Defense just hot garbage? How did they let UCF go up 21-0 in 7 minutes?
  3. So they had a gimme field goal where they went for it on 4th down and failed, it cost them the game. I’m glad they lost.
  4. Might be Freshman QB needs more experience. Pitts defense has the UCF line totally confused, they aren’t making blocks.
  5. UCF o line just literally all flopped forward and the defensive lineman jumped over them. Wtf.
  6. UCF having a bit of a slow start against Pitt. Unable to score in the first quarter, 2 mins left.
  7. Wisconsin’s Offensive line is like a bulldozer. When they want a little push they quite literally just move the whole defense back 5-6 yards.
  8. We at least wouldn’t have been shutout if we started McCloud for the year. But I think starting Barnett made sense at the time. Coaches really gave him every chance, Barnett went 6 quarters with zero, literally zero, offensive production.
  9. They will have more run pass option plays for McCloud. I expect the offensive line to improve. I do believe the whole team got a bit of a reality check from being stomped by Wisconsin and struggling against Georgia Tech. Everyone knows the full potential is not being reached.
  10. I think one logo makes more sense. I think the academics like a nice more sophisticated logo to put on their power point slides at conferences. And also letter head. That’s really all I can think of for having two.
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