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  1. So we were a 2nd half team when we were 7-0.... what happened there?
  2. The only thing we have going for us is that UCF has a small defensive line. I really think your offense will out match our defense pretty easily. We have no talent on defense, and you have a lot of talent on offense.
  3. Their stadium is not "fine." Its crap. I'd be really pissed if we built a bouncing crap stadium. You can't even watch the game because the cameras shake. It was built without water fountains, and it needed off season structural reinforcement due to deflections making fans uncomfortable. I think the camera shaking is a big issue and UCF should correct it.
  4. I was in the student section, I remember that exact play where they messed up the snap due to the noise. Ray Jay with everyone yelling can be insanely loud. Never gonna return unless we leave the American. Even if we and UCF were undefeated half the stadium would be UCF fans and our fambase amd student just aren't as rowdy as we used to be. Hell I remember we used to be this way even against Elon during that time. Still, that's the past, an OCS is the future!
  5. This is really funny. My wife is banging the coffee table and yelling at the TV. Never seen her so into a football game when we aren't at a game. Not even most USF games.
  6. Funny closing, but I agree with you. I'd like and OCS. I don't care how loud Ray Jay can be. We can make an OCS loud too.
  7. Sadly I don't think it can happen in our conference.
  8. It was the loudest game I've been to. Very loud. I remember one columnist who attended did a write up and said it was just as loud as the loudest games at the Swamp. What I remember is everyone drumming their seat backs of the row in front of them, and so there was this low rumbling sound in addition to everyone screaming their lungs out. This rumbling cannot be replicated by bleachers, it was awesome. I have this memory burned into my mind.
  9. If we had more wins, Ray Jay would be rocking next week. OP is wrong. We always talk about WVU 2007, I was in the student section, it was the most fun game of my life. I've also been to games at Miami, Florida, FSU, and even the 100 level student section during the final Texas vs. Texas A&M game. So if we get marque games like 2008-2009 Raymond James is really a great experience, a lot more comfortable than bleachers everywhere else. BUT I'd still prefer an OCS, although Raymond James is adequate for the game itself, an OCS brings a little more pride and true college feel because the campus atmosphere is superior to the parking lot off of Dale Mabry.
  10. Didn't read the thread, only going to say Charlie should get a full 3rd season. My ceiling going into this year was 8 wins. I think the expectations for more considering the talent loss and youth of the team is just fan bias. I will say there are some concerning trends like the penalties and dropped passes that make me think the staff may be below average in the way techniques are taught or practiced.
  11. I saw that, MS-State got robbed. Any time you play Bama, Ohio St, or Texas, you also play against the refs.
  12. Glad the defense showed up to the first quarter.
  13. One of the most text book PIs not be called that I've seen.
  14. I remember that game at Ray Jay, we scored 50 points before halftime. That was good USF. Don't expect that this year.