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  1. Early in the game our secondary was getting beat frequently.
  2. The defense has been pretty bad. The secondary especially. Our coverage stinks.
  3. Big 10 should not be included because of their shortened season. Ohio state, 4 games? Teams 5-10 have more merit.
  4. I think Charlie Strong’s last year took the team backwards. No good players, no good coaching. What Jeff Scott was handed is not much different than working with a roster of only freshman.
  5. I support the coaches too. 1% improvements add up slowly at first, but as they accumulate they become and unstoppable force.
  6. I don’t think he was class of 2013.... is that the year of HOF induction.
  7. The team may be executing horribly and inconsistently right now, but I think they will stay behind Scott. I really think things will turn around, just need more practice with Scott at the helm.
  8. It’s official, this team is now tied with the worst team in USF history. The QB fumbles and missed hand offs the same issues we had that horrible season.
  9. Yeah, so this is a 2 point attempt and the defense is going to be alert to the fact we might do something similar again.
  10. That play was awful. Any defense would have stopped it.
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