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  1. It was actually quite entertaining football. The lack of commercial breaks was nice.
  2. I thought no he did. Wasn't there a press conference where there was a question about some in game decision and Charlie basically said he didn't know why, that he isn't involved in the offense.
  3. Id be okay taking his QB along with him, at least those QB will already have confidence with the offense.
  4. Was the staff negligent? Strength and conditioning is one of those things where it's pretty well known what works. But every guy wants to reinvent the wheel.
  5. Also new league won't have replys... I can hardly watch college football because of commercial breaks and slow pace let alone NFL where I have no connection like I do with a university. This league will have: No media timeouts, 30 second play clock (NFL IS 40). No replays except if a coach uses a challenge flag....
  6. I actually look forward to this new league. No no extra points, less commercials, shorter game time. Many good things for the fans.
  7. Maybe the glass is 10x too big. The pour is perfect, but meant for a shot glass?
  8. Even when the calls are good, execution is bad. The weather was a factor against Marshall, but other games this season have me questioning the position coaching and practice habits.
  9. Except he was handed a 10 win team, and now everything that contributed to that has been uprooted. 6 straight losses is inexcusable. The team got worse each week.
  10. Seems like we are losing some talent here. Are these kids failing their classes? Did the standards change?
  11. Player execution was bad. Like that series where Barnett was sacked, then the next snap he dropped and Marshall took it to the 1 yard line. And also a few dropped passes and off target passes but given the weather, I guess the players get a pass for that. I thought the offense played pretty poorly overall, especially in the first half like they did all season. Playcalling was better.
  12. Just start Oladokun and go all in with him. Give him the leeway to make mistakes.
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