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  1. 1 in 100 below age 60 don’t die. For below age 25 it’s more like 1 in 100,000
  2. He’s not a gamer. He’s an athletic practice QB. If he wants to play he should invest in mental part of the game, that’s his weakness. He needs mental coaching not football coaching.
  3. UCF isn’t alone. All of these commie bribed professors around the nation need to be terminated. A Texas A&M internal investigation found 100 professors on China’s payroll, and only 5 professors disclosed the Chinese funding as required. 95 kept it hidden. This is a wider issue than UCF. It’s a national issue and national security threat.
  4. UCF does seems to have an institutional culture of cutting corners. embezzling money, player death settlement, stadium problems. It seems there is a new scandal every other year.
  5. Do you live with any adult females? You will see ads for things searched for on you network. I see womens swimsuit and clothing ads all the time because what my wife searches and shops for.
  6. At the same time they’ve caught up in athletics we have opened a huge lead on them in academics. It’s not one that can be closed quickly by good hires like a new coach.
  7. No good deed goes unpunished. USF has maintained high ethical standards as an institution, and academics and fiscal responsibility have been USFs priority for the past two decades. It seems the academic restrictions on recruiting were too much for Holtz to overcome. Also, UCF made better coaching hires in last 6 years. Being in the same conference has leveled the recruiting playing field. It’s mostly the coaching hires and conference realignment that contribute to them outperforming us recently. UCF also has better local support in Orlando than USF in Tampa. I think it’s because they have way more alumni and way more students, and one local pro team instead of 3.
  8. As a 2011 alum I can vouch for this, the beers did taste better, and the girls did look hotter when I was a student.
  9. If he takes another job we’ve now set an expectation he will coach USFs bowl game.
  10. Scott has me pumped! Gonna kill it tomorrow in the office lol.
  11. 3 of 4 CFP quarterbacks transferred to their current school.
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