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  1. I just lucked out and got cable restored to my hotel and I have the USA network. Hurricane Sally really slammed Pensacola and I was having trouble finding a TV with the game so when it just came on in my room I smiled. Go Bulls!
  2. My last weekend as a full-time Pensacola resident in my home here so I am hoping the Bulls end this era of mine with a victory. We are mostly moved out so we will be watching from beach chairs in the living room. Go Bulls!
  3. Ordered my four seats today and the process was relatively easy although it could be improved a little. Got my same A row but had to go to 213 to get four seats together. My regular section is 212 A but you could only get doubles for that section. I am so looking forward to letting the Bulls help transition us to some sorta normalcy. GO BULLS!!
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