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  1. I guess when we get to 11-0 we can worry about that.....
  2. Huh? - I think you are confusing AAC with ACC. He is saying the American would want the best chance for a win over a P5 school so that option would be Cincy/FSU not USF/FSU.
  3. No one is pumped because we have lost four games in a row and have looked awful. This game would be sold out if we were both undefeated.
  4. Bulls Are We

    USF Will Win on Friday

    I have no doubt the kids are going to play their butts off Friday, but I have zero confidence in this coaching staff to pull it off.
  5. UCF won a National Championship last year. How exactly did that benefit us? Answer: It didn't. So I personally hope UCF loses every game they play. **** the AAC.
  6. Hard to claim superiority to a school that is going to hand our *** to us Friday. Oh, you want to avoid playing them so we don't stoop to their level? How about we just beat them on the field?
  7. The lighting in that stadium is horrible. Particularly the endzones and corners.
  8. Bulls Are We

    Tonight, We Are All Bearcats!

    We will be trading 3 and outs for TDs. We are going to get smoked.
  9. The Gators in a few years, but for all the wrong reasons...
  10. Bulls Are We

    Our QB is not a good QB

    4/10? He looked very uncomfortable to me.
  11. Let's get this out of the way. Were you even there?
  12. Bulls Are We

    Our QB is not a good QB

    I know BB is struggling, but CO and Kean both looked flat out awful last game.
  13. Corson picked UCF this am. So we got that going for us.