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  1. Bulls Are We

    2018 7-6 Teams

    Let me help you out with that. NO. We are the first team in history to start out 7-0 and lose 6 straight. So we got that going for us, which is nice.
  2. The Strong quotes in that article should scare the **** out of you.
  3. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2018/12/21/after-usfs-historic-collapse-is-a-turnaround-even-in-sight/ A lot of guys will be leaving eh?
  4. Bulls Are We


    14,135 announced. I'm sure the rain dissuaded a couple hundred walk-ups. On a perfect day there wouldn't have been 18,000 tickets sold.
  5. Bulls Are We


    Yes, trending the wrong way. It's almost the Holtz New Error 2.0.
  6. Bulls Are We


    You forgot to add it was a Thursday night
  7. Bulls Are We

    I miss Sterlin Gilbert

    Disagree. I thought Burke mixed it up nicely last night. Attacked more of the field. McCants in the wildcat was brilliant. Why didn't we see that before now? I think with a more dynamic QB (Let's hope Battle is the real deal) that Burke's offense can produce. The defense is a complete train wreck and I don't even know where you start to fix it.
  8. Actual gate was closer to 1 I believe
  9. Bulls Are We

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    We need a turnover here bad