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  1. #8 should be retired between the two men who have worn the number. We'll miss this competitor. Hopefully CCS can find some more like him.
  2. Man, I really hope you identify yourself to me at a bowl game or something in our future because I will drop you in front of your family. Sorry you've made this a completely toxic place to discuss anything by being completely pedantic about everything. Enjoy this forum turning into a giant turd factory. Why shouldn't I let you know, that as a moderator of this site that you're directly responsible for lost advertising revenue and commentary? Happy holidays, you filthy animal.
  3. Nice job cherry picking one example out of several that I gave. This is why I left this site and will leave again. Adios.
  4. Basketball has played nobody. The team is ahead of schedule and progressing nicely. That's amazing. People shouldn't be thinking about 20 wins right now. I'm perfectly happy to see improvement in areas as the season goes on, even when/if we start regressing in the wins column due to increased competition.
  5. It's not really my goal to sit here defending TDS, I was simply making a call out that while they often make vague statements (not quite as vague as the statement you're making) they do it enough that it's clear they have some insider knowledge. Just for some simple examples, they heard Burke was going to be OC before anyone else. They broke that massive changes were coming (a dozen players + 4 coaches certainly is that). They broke very interesting details around the new branding. They confirmed Judy was retiring. They have the best sprint/summer practice reports. They also do (by far) the be
  6. Before the TBT made it official (of course Colin was going to be cryptic and not out his sources) people were initially skeptical and then calling him an idiot within days of seeing no changes. Now that changes are confirmed they're changing the narrative to he wasn't specific enough. Cool story. The fact remains, he called this before anyone at TBT because nobody at TBT has any connections and/or don't actually care about the program. TDS is one of the best sources of data and analysis in the USF verse.
  7. People here love to talk crap on TDS and/or Colin as not actually knowing anything but they prove time and again that they do. Give these guys credit. They're dedicated to doing their best job at getting us info about the program.
  8. That said, we now have 6 QBs and signed barely any DL/LB which are critical holes? I thought CCS was supposed to be a great recruiter and defensive minded? In a couple years maybe the recruiting services will figure out what we already have - Charlie is past his prime.
  9. Lots of underachievers and outright busts in the top 10. Also notice that 40% of the players are JUCO. We recruited "on the edge" a lot more back then. Giddens: Underachieved JPP: Overachieved (mostly in the NFL) Mitchell: Bust (had potential but was stupid off the field) Price: Underachieved Chandler: "OK" Montgomery: Bust (transferred to mighty Iowa St and then even mightier Toledo) Ford: Bust (had a few fluke amazing games) Bedford: "OK" Battles: Bust Stirrups: Bust The sentiment may not be popular but these kids are rated high
  10. I would recommend people write him with tact. Show that we're concerned with the direction of the program and have faith in him as its leader.
  11. I emailed our VPofA last night and he responded back this morning with a very thoughtful response that was clearly tailored to me and my message I had sent. Kudos, Mr. Kelly.
  12. For the argument you inserted yourself into it looked like you were being a pedantic baby. As if you were refuting my point to brybull. I couldn't have cared less if you just pointed out the incorrectness of my statement. It was wrong.
  13. Sorry, I misremembered a thing that most Bulls fans wouldn't have even known ever happened. That we had a second game against UF that they bailed on. Clearly, it warranted a response with no empathy instead of "Actually, it was not a home and home." Then followed by a day of **** measuring, despite me never refuting your point (because it's an absolute, we did not have a return game) and also trying to convey your point had no change to the other discussion I was having (also an absolute, they haven't played us on the road). I'll make sure to never misremember a fact again aroun
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