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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    For the argument you inserted yourself into it looked like you were being a pedantic baby. As if you were refuting my point to brybull. I couldn't have cared less if you just pointed out the incorrectness of my statement. It was wrong.
  2. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Sorry, I misremembered a thing that most Bulls fans wouldn't have even known ever happened. That we had a second game against UF that they bailed on. Clearly, it warranted a response with no empathy instead of "Actually, it was not a home and home." Then followed by a day of **** measuring, despite me never refuting your point (because it's an absolute, we did not have a return game) and also trying to convey your point had no change to the other discussion I was having (also an absolute, they haven't played us on the road). I'll make sure to never misremember a fact again around you. To the end that I'll probably just drop off your money losing venture of a message board. Thanks for everything.
  3. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    "You stated something that was undeniably incorrect. You based an argument on it." I based no argument on this. It's why you're pedantic: pointing out the fallacy in something that didn't matter at all to my discussion with brybull. You could've framed your point differently and less like an arse if you simply wanted to point out my error in a vacuum. As for the buyout clause, it's also a good deal on Harlan. I think the deal is a net positive. But, it remains THEY HAVEN'T PLAYED ON THE ROAD. The end.
  4. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Very well said. Everything about Harlan is wait and see. But things are looking like he was solid.
  5. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    You're still being pedantic. You pointed out one ancillary remark and still maintain you're invalidating an argument. If anything, I shouldn't have bothered to add the UF cancellation. It adds nothing. The reality is UF hasn't played on the road. The end. There's really nothing to refute. Praise him for getting the deal scheduled. That's all you can do at this point.
  6. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    You got involved when you pulled a single sentence out and decided to be pedantic about it. It's not usually your forte, so I was surprised.
  7. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    The past agreement doesn't change the statement that brybull misstated. We haven't gotten them to play on the road. We've seen others not honor the latter parts of their deals, where they're supposed to play. I'm simply saying to hold off on congratulations to Harlan for "getting UF to play outside the swamp". It hasn't happened. I'm deferring to the future. Otherwise, brybull should back off his statement and change it to "he got UF to schedule outside the swamp". Instead he argued with me when he stated something factually incorrect. And importantly, is the huge part of making his deal a success. Therefore, we have no other choice but to "wait and see" what happens.
  8. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    You're being pedantic because you did absolutely nothing to refute my point: that we haven't gotten UF to PLAY outside the Swamp.
  9. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Again. It's LIKELY. It's not something I'm giving Harlan a pat on the back for right this second. History will have it's eyes on this deal.
  10. Yup. I'm literally ashamed at people for not knowing or crediting her.
  11. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Sorry. Two games in UF and they still cancelled. Only intensifies my point. https://www.thedailystampede.com/2011/5/24/2188757/usf-uf-football-game-2015-postponed-indefinitely Regardless, instead of being a pedantic baby how about you simply realize that we haven't gotten the Gators to PLAY outside of the swamp. Period. They're scheduled to. Many schools drop the second game after playing their home game. I'm saying not to take it for granted that it happens. That said, it's likely that it does happen since it's 2-1 and is/was a coup of a signing.
  12. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Look, we also had a home and home with them before. They reneged. Harlan hasn't gotten them to play out of the swamp. He got them to schedule out of the swamp. Who knows if they're looking at this as a one and done deal? I'll wait for UF actually playing USF in Tampa before I declare some massive victory for Harlan. I also think IF they do some to town that it'll be embarrassing how many UF fans show up in our stadium in huge numbers.
  13. The Great 8

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    To be clear, the Gators haven't actually played the road game. And furthermore, you're delusional if you think Ray Jay will be anything except The Swamp 2.0.
  14. Sara Nevins: Hands down the most dominant single player USF has ever had. George Selvie: The most successful college career of any player we've had. Dominique Jones: Incredible basketball player in an amazing conference with mediocre teammates. Quinton Flowers: The GOAT (stats wise). Marlon Mack / Kawika Mitchell / Anthony Henry / Mike Jenkins: All contenders for the skilled players ever in terms of technical ability at their positions.
  15. The Great 8

    ESPN Losing Viewers

    Yeah. Hence prices of _everything_ will rise up in an ala carte world. So much so that if you want 5 things, you'll probably pay more than you currently pay for 50 things right now. To some that's worth it (like me, because I only want 2 things). It's quickly going to be diminishing returns though.