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  1. The Great 8

    BJ Daniels

    JPP is easily the more athletic human
  2. The Great 8

    Nick Munera off the team

    Who cares.
  3. The Great 8

    Auggie Retires as a Football Player

    He's a smart kid. Hope he comes as a GA and eventually coaches.
  4. I don't know. They've been utterly irrelevant. sPitt in both sports since f**ing the BE. If they didn't leave, it's a lot more likely we have conference with WVU, UL, and TCU right now as well. They've done pretty well for their new conferences. Means more money for TV negotiation and likely more relevance for Pitt and Cuse. The former was a Top 25 team fairly regularly in football and top 10 in basketball.
  5. The head-to-head matchup history between UCF/USF isn't even close. Again, UCF has the recent lead, but it's done nothing interesting in that time so it's moot. (Unlike in football)
  6. Just the best of times. If Pitt and Cuse didn't decide to be idiots we'd be sitting pretty.
  7. In case anyone forgot http://www.winsipedia.com/south-florida/vs/ucf We have more head to head wins. A higher overall win %, a higher bowl win %, as many bowl games & all americans, twice as many weeks ranked in AP top 25, & almost as many draft picks. All despite many fewer games and seasons played. They have a decided lead in conference championships. Nothing else. That said, they've won 3 of the last 5 that we've been in the same conference and sports is a "what have you done for me lately" genre. They have some reason to gloat. I'd rather that they had zero reason. Under CJL that was true. Since then it has not been.
  8. UCF is the better program this decade. Easily. That makes me sad.
  9. The Great 8

    BJ Daniels

    Agreed. If BJ had CWT he'd have been scary good.
  10. The Great 8

    HB QF

    Have you spent much time looking at Q on social media? Constant talking about money. His name on Instagram has "Money Team" in or and one of his big hashtags is "#hungryforthemoney". There's nothing wrong with a poor kid wanting to be paid for his amazing talent. But let's not overly romanticize people.
  11. The Great 8

    Couple of Bulls Don’t Make NFL Cuts

    Tice is talented enough to latch on somewhere.
  12. The Great 8

    HB QF

    "Vanity" is not the right word. It's just what came to mind. Let's not laser beam into one word though. The fact of the matter is, xCWT was the only one willing to cater to Flowers' teenager ideals. There's a reason everyone else wanted him to play another position and a reason why he's doing that (trying) in the NFL now. Flowers shouldn't have ever been a quarterback. That decision will likely cost him millions. That's not to undermine anything he did here, he's statistically the GOAT, and put us back on the map. It sucks to me that he's probably not going to get rich from football. I like him so much that I almost wish everyone would've told him "no" coming out of HS, because he'd stand an exponentially higher chance of succeeding now.
  13. The Great 8

    HB QF

    This is very true. If we didn't give him a chance at QB, he wasn't coming here. And the bottom line is, catering to his vanity likely will cost him millions. If he was a developed RB, he'd have been drafted, imo.
  14. The Great 8

    HB QF

    I've said it before to a lot of hate, but xCWT would've done better by Q to just play him at RB. If he doesn't succeed Q will have cost himself millions because of his pride.
  15. The Great 8

    HB QF

    Does this mean he's only getting reps at RB?