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If College Football teams were Bands

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Got this from another board.........

BOSTON COLLEGE: VAN HALEN----- They were good in the 80's. Good, not great. Commercial appeal (Doug Flutie, Pepsi commercials)

CLEMSON: FLEETWOOD MAC----- Pretty solid. They were maybe the best for one year (Fleetwood Mac- "Rumors", Clemson '80). Inbreeding prevalent.

DUKE: MENUDO----- Worst of the worst. Soft.

FLORIDA STATE: BEASTIE BOYS----- Very strong in the 90's. Good for over 20 years. Tougher than Florida, not as tough as Miami.

GEORGIA TECH: OTIS REDDING----- Very good for a long time. Not unbeatable. Southern and old school.

MARYLAND: OASIS----- Had a couple of really good years about 5 to 10 years ago. Probably not as good as they think they are.

MIAMI: NWA----- Very dominant from the 80's on. Full of superstars. Very tough.

NORTH CAROLINA AND NORTH CAROLINA STATE: HALL AND OATES----- Weren't they good once? Were they? Which one's Hall? Which one's Oates?

VIRGINIA: BUSH----- Probably better than they think they are. Still middle of the road.

VIRGINIA TECH: U2----- Very good for a long while. Maybe slightly overrated.

WAKE FOREST: MATCHBOX TWENTY----- Fairly new to the seen. Not flashy. Non-descript. Among the better teams, but not great. Somewhat soft.

FLORIDA: NIRVANA----- Fairly dominant. Strongest from the 90's on. Not as street as Florida State or Miami.

SOUTH CAROLINA: FOO-FIGHTERS----- Pretty good. Not incredible. Steve Spurrier (Dave Groel) went from Florida (Nirvana) to South Carolina (Foo-Fighters).

GEORGIA: JOHNNY CASH----- Very good. Country western style. Good for a long time. Kind of tough.

KENTUCKY: RASCAL FLATTS----- A new power. Very country.

TENNESSEE: THE EAGLES----- Always in the top mix. Overrated.

VANDERBILT: CREED----- Religious. Maybe you thought they were good for a minute, but not really.

ALABAMA: ELVIS PRESLEY----- The southern king of the 20th century.

AUBURN: JAMES BROWN----- A slightly wilder Elvis (Alabama).

OLE MISS: RAY CHARLES----- Very dominant in the 50's and 60's. Similar region.

MISSISSIPPI STATE: ACE OF BASE----- Kind of a joke. Hit their peak in the 90's, but kind of a laugher now.

ARKANSAS: LYNYRD SKYNYRD----- Both are southern through and through. Pretty equal talent levels. Every now and then had great hits.

LSU: WU-TANG CLAN----- Dominant. Deep, fast, and tough.

CONNECTICUT: MARROON FIVE----- Have been winning some games and awards lately. An up and comer. No one you would be terrified of.

SYRACUSE: BUDDY HOLLY----- Last dominant year, 1959. The Orange's last title, Holly's last plane ride.

RUTGERS: TOMMY TUTONE----- They toil in mediocrity, with the exception of one smash hit. Let's all say it together....8-6-7-5309.

PITTSBURGH: CREEDENCE CLEARWATER----- Both very strong in the 70's. Star players. Hit songs. Fairly similar talent level.

WEST VIRGINIA: 50 CENT----- A new power. A little crazy. Dangerous.

SOUTH FLORIDA: KANYE WEST----- A new power. Not quite as crazy as WVU, but beat them this year, just like Kanye's record sales.

CINCINNATI: MARKY MARK----- They think they're pretty tough. Not much of a history because it's not their best sport (for Marky Mark it's acting).

LOUISVILLE: TOBY KEITH----- Very popular in their neck of the woods. Were very strong, but maybe tailing off a little. Country.

PENN STATE: PINK FLOYD----- Very strong for a long time. Like to party.

OHIO STATE: THE WHO----- Most think they're among the best. Some think they're a little boring.

MICHIGAN: LED ZEPPELIN----- Extensive catalog. Great history. Top level.

MICHIGAN STATE: AEROSMITH----- Definitely not on Led Zeppelin's level. Started out great, then fizzle out at the end.

INDIANA: THREE DOG NIGHT----- Not on the same level as most of their league. A few hits scattered about. Maybe even a little humorous.

PURDUE: BOB SEGER----- Not many pay them much attention, but they're pretty good at what they do. Again, a little boring.

ILLINOIS: HANK WILLIAMS SR.----- Dominant in the late 40's.

NORTHWESTERN: THE MONKEES----- Actors. Had a couple of good years, but definitely not the Beatles.

NOTRE DAME: THE BEATLES----- Most famous. Most hits. Supremely dominant.

IOWA: PAUL SIMON----- Pretty good for a long time, sort of folksy.

IOWA STATE: ART GARFUNKEL----- Not on Paul Simon's (Iowa) level. Plus they were split apart....Big 10/ Big 12.

WISCONSIN: SMASHING PUMPKINS----- Strongest from the 90's on. Lots of talent.

MINNESOTA: CROSBY, STILLS, NASH----- Ran a 3-headed monster running back. Used to be pretty solid.

NEBRASKA: PEARL JAM----- Very dominant in the 90's. One of the best of their time period. Faded quickly.

KANSAS STATE: STONE TEMPLE PILOTS----- Also very good in the 90's. Not quite as big as Nebraska.

KANSAS: KANSAS------ May be just a one hit wonder...because after all, all we are is "dust in the wind" .

MISSOURI: THE KILLERS----- A new powerhouse possibly.

COLORADO: THE POLICE----- The best there was for a couple of years.

OKLAHOMA: BOB DYLAN----- An all-time great. Classic. A little folksy.

OKLAHOMA STATE: JONI MITCHELL----- Not on Bob Dylan's level. Still the folk thing.

TULSA: WALLFLOWERS----- Bob Dylan's son.

TEXAS: METALLICA----- Best in their genre. Fast, explosive, obsessed.

TEXAS A&M: DEF LEPPARD----- Not as good as Metallica, but similar.

TEXAS TECH: IRON MAIDEN----- Sometimes faster, crazier, and more explosive than Metallica (Texas)...but not as good a band.

BAYLOR: SLAYER----- Morbid joke....The thing Baylor is most famous for.

TCU: POISON----- Horned frogs are poisonous. Maybe had a better year or two than Metallica.

SMU: MEGADETH----- They got the mega-death penalty.

HOUSTON: WINGER----- They wing the ball around a lot (i.e. David Klingler). Run n' gun style.

UTEP: TWISTED SISTER----- A UT sister campus in the middle of nowhere.

NORTH TEXAS: QUIET RIOT----- One of the lesser talents of heavy metal Texas. Plus Quiet Riot and Mean Green both rhyme.

RICE: RATT----- It has 4 letters and begins with "R". Plus it fits our theme.

WASHINGTON: SOUNDGARDEN----- They're both from the same area. Pretty equal talent level. Strong in the 90's.

WASHINGTON STATE: MUDHONEY----- Not on Soundgarden's level. Same general genre.

OREGON: ALICE IN CHAINS----- Underrated. Very strong 90's until present. Same general region.

OREGON STATE: SCREAMING TREES----- There are beautiful trees in Oregon. People smoke a lot of tree in Oregon. Similar popularity and talent.

STANFORD: RADIOHEAD----- Cerebral. Emotional. A good team overall. Artsy area.

CALIFORNIA: COLDPLAY----- Same region. Maybe a little bigger than Radiohead right now.

USC: ROLLING STONES----- One of the best of the best.

UCLA: THE DOORS----- Los Angeles. Famous. Not quite the level of the Stones.

ARIZONA: STEELY DAN----- I didn't know they still played.

ARIZONA STATE: MOTLEY CRUE----- Wild, like to party a lot. Hang out with hot girls.

ARMY: FRANK SINATRA----- Dominant in the mid-1900's. Very classy. Past their day.

NAVY: DEAN MARTIN----- Also dominant in the mid-1900's. Maybe a better voice than Sinatra, even though Sinatra had a slight lead.

AIR FORCE: HARRY CONNICK JR.----- Wants to be like Army and Navy used to be, but didn't quite get there. They were better in the 80's and 90's.

EAST CAROLINA: HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH----- Fun-loving. Kind of ridiculous. Had a few big years, but not very good.

MEMPHIS: THE SPINNERS----- Not on the same level as the Eagles (Tennessee), but with more soul. Plus, it's more of a basketball school, so they probably have a "rubberband man" or two.

TULANE: COUNTING CROWS----- Similar talent level. Everybody usually knows the lead singer (QB), but nobody knows the rest of the team.

UTAH: LIFEHOUSE----- Not quite as religious as BYU, but still religious. Decent squad with some hits.

BYU: THE OSMONDS----- This is just funny.

UTAH STATE: HANSEN----- May be even funnier.

NEW MEXICO: JANIS JOPLIN----- Sort of weird and dirty. Kind of "out there", but sometimes put out things you really like.

NEW MEXICO STATE: YOKO ONO----- Less talented than Joplin (New Mex.). Uglier than Joplin (New Mex.). Somebody must be a fan, but I'm certainly not.

SOUTHERN MISS: BOBBY MCFERRIN----- Kind of a joke. Had one all-time hit (Brett Favre).


FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL: 2 LIVE CREW----- Like to fight a lot. Not very good at what they do, and probably care more about parties and women anyway.

FLORIDA ATLANTIC: LIL' WAYNE----- Still kind of new. Might be good, might not.

UAB: GETO BOYS----- Probably want to be like Miami (NWA) or LSU (Wu-Tang), but not on their level. Lots of gangstas though.

WYOMING: KID ROCK----- I'm a cowboy, baby. Kinda scraggly. Weird uniforms.

COLORADO STATE: JACK JOHNSON----- Some fairly new hits. At times sound really good, other times you forget they exist.


TEMPLE: CLAY AIKEN----- Beyond pathetic.

UNLV AND NEVADA: ROBERT GOULET AND ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINCK----- Everyone knows who they are, but nobody knows anything that they've ever done.

SAN DIEGO STATE: JIMMY BUFFETT----- Tropical. Laid back. Pretty similar talent levels.

BOISE STATE: NICKELBACK----- Put out a ton of hits recently. You keep thinking that their gonna go away, but they keep putting out hits.

HAWAII: PHISH----- Weird, gimmicky. Way "out there". Their fans are half-naked, but not necessarily in good shape.

FRESNO STATE: SUGAR RAY----- West coast. Everyone knows the lead singer (QB such as David Carr). Mediocre.

SAN JOSE STATE: NO DOUBT----- West coast. Everyone knows the lead singer (QB), but a little more feminine (Jeff Garcia) than Fresno. Mediocre.

MARSHALL: SUBLIME----- A major tragedy struck them on their way to the top.

KENT STATE: BLIND MELON----- Lesser tragedy. Lesser band.

TOLEDO: GOOD CHARLOTTE----- Very strong about 5 years ago, but never got incredibly popular. Now they are easily forgotten.

BALL STATE: FALL OUT BOY----- Same genre as Good Charlotte, maybe hotter now. (Ball St. beat Navy on the road and almost beat Nebraska on the road.)

NORTHERN ILLINOIS: SUM 41----- Again, same genre. Had a few great hits (beating MD, had Michael "the Burner" Turner). But again, that was a few years ago.

AKRON, OHIO, BOWLING GREEN: CHRISTINA AGUILERA, JESSICA SIMPSON, MANDY MOORE----- Nobody really knows who's better from year to year. Nobody really cares.

WESTERN MICHIGAN, EASTERN MICHIGAN, CENTRAL MICHIGAN: BACKSTREET BOYS, NSYNC, 98 DEGREES------ They're all the same **** thing. Oh they're not? Then explain the differences to me.

MIAMI OF OHIO: NEW FOUND GLORY----- Same genre as Good Charlotte, etc., but they have a new found glory, because nobody would know who they are either if it wasn't for Roethlisberger.

TROY: LINKIN PARK----- They dominate their genre (Sun Belt Conference). Fairly new, nobody knows how good they could end up being.

IDAHO: GWAR----- They're weird. They're terrible. And nobody even cares about them.

LOUISIANA-MONROE: BANANARAMA----- Similar talent level.

LOUISIANA-LAFAYETTE: THE BANGLES----- Again, similar talent level, with maybe a few more hits than Bananarama (La.-Monroe).

LOUISIANA TECH: THE GO-GO'S----- A few more hits than the Bangles (La.-Lafayette).

WESTERN KENTUCKY: DAVID HASSELHOFF----- One of the worst. Not even their best sport (Hasselhoff's acting), but not very good at either one. Huge in Germany.

ARKANSAS STATE: NELSON----- Just horrible on so many levels.

MIDDLE TENNESSEE: THE AVERAGE WHITE BAND----- No explanation necessary

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This is funny.

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wow, that was good.  some of them were a perfect match some were a reach but when you are doing that many teams it is expected.

good stuff though

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Worth a pretty good chuckle. Not quite as meaningful as similar lists that are out there, but the fact that they did everyone is impressive.

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someone has way too much time on their hands

while most are funny most dont apply

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someone has way too much time on their hands

while most are funny most dont apply

Someone has FAR too much time on their hands.  That must have taken hours to do.

Though it was funny.  UCF's was pretty accurate.

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Who started this cause I saw it on facebook? Where did it come from?

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