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Everything posted by DELdaBull

  1. Why is the OP talking about a coach that left us over 3 seasons ago?
  2. NEBull, Did you miss your coffee today, your reading glasses, or your reading comprehension because pucs statement was completely innocuous and a DEFENSE of the coaches.
  3. Wow. After starting with a 49 to 0 drubbing being -9 for the season at game 6 doesn't look so bad.
  4. I hope Yetna and one of our guards make 1st team after the season. We need Q healthy because he is such a great on ball defender.
  5. This must be false. We all know Cronkrite is an over rated running back who should be on our bench.
  6. Puc makes good points. He is just bad at arguing those points.
  7. Yes it showed leadership. That much is clear. It also showed complete unpreparedness from the offensive coaching staff to not come out from the beginning of the game establishing the run game. BYU is a bad rush defense team.
  8. This guys moved up the coaching rankings pretty quickly
  9. Which I find weird that we didn't START the game trying to pound BYU into submission on the ground. We seemed to have waited until the second half and our QB asking for some reprieve before we went to the ground and pound. It was well known that BYU is bad at run defense.
  10. Using the run to set up the pass? Never heard of such tomfoolery. Everyone knows that you use the pass to set up the run.
  11. A guy that came into the season as a sure fire 4th rounder that some were saying IF he had a big season might sneak into the 1st round. THAT guy is "lulling" teams into thinking he is only a blocker? Wilcox is the #1 mismatch that we have on offense but our OC has never really utilized the TE before and is having problems incorporating him into the offense.
  12. Running the ball should have been the gameplan from the first whistle.
  13. Simple answer no. We need the new hotness or this regime to keep winning
  14. I would like to officially welcome back the Cronkrite we know and love. Great running today.
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