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  1. In this day and age the AAC should have gone full remote offices. Hand every staff member a laptop and a cell phone and boom, overhead gone. Server at the IT dudes or dudettes house/apartment
  2. Aaaah, the beauty of the teenage growth spurt. Scottie Pippen Dennis Rodman Anthony Davis Others. Took them from a guy to an all timer over a summer.
  3. Starting QB will be Fortin or Johnson. McCloud doesn't factor into it this season.
  4. Looks small, but I like his stroke and elevation
  5. What I learned Caleb has quickness Caleb is not tall Caleb is going to develop with hard work at another Florida university
  6. Big difference between where we are and where the people we want to be are
  7. People make very twisty arguments. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service
  8. @puc86, South was not moving past slavery. PERIOD. Full stop.
  9. If Wake Forest stays on him, he is going to Wake
  10. Btw, have we ever (aka human species) found a cure for a virus? Or do we just learn to live with them and survive/treat them?
  11. I think JTrue is winning this arbitrary argument in a space about USF players testing positive for the pandemic virus.
  12. Things are going crazy. Hope it happens. TB has a legit shot this year.
  13. Eventually all of us will get this. Hope for a quick recovery for the student athletes. Hopefully the antibodies last more than 5 months.
  14. True. USF athletics, the only program sucky at winning AND cheating
  15. Charlie could not have been cheating. We sucked too bad.
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