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  1. Hi Fellow Bull Fans- It has been a while since I've posted but still follow the team closely. I am trying to take my kids to the Tulane game on 11/3 now that they are old enough to actually watch the game and enjoy it. Does anyone know someone who has some Club Access tickets for sale?
  2. don't know how many of you saw this today but here is the story. http://www.wtsp.com/news/investigations/usf-athletics-propped-up-by-students-funds/98158898 Noah Pransky also shared the full athletic budget with everyone for 2015. http://www.scribd.com/doc/305769459/USF-2015 Kinda seems like they are trying to paint the picture of USF floating our athletics program with unnecessary student fees.
  3. If you ever can't make it to another game let me know. I'd love to take my kids. You gave me tickets to a bball game like 4 years ago. Always nice that you are willing to do this and I'm glad you make it a point to get them to Bulls fans.
  4. SEC- 5 teams Big 10- 4 teams ACC- 4 teams Big 12- 4 teams Pac 12- 3 teams American- 3 teams MAC- 1 team Indy- 1 team
  5. This stadium also secured a 15 million dollar naming rights deal with the largest credit union in Houston.
  6. Keep in mind that last Thursday vs SMU there was also a Texans home game on TNF and the Astros were playing in the playoffs that same night.
  7. I feel like I just might have seen this elsewhere on the board, but I can't be sure. forgive me- i don't have the time to go through all the posts on this board anymore
  8. did you guys see that Maryland just lost to Bowling Green 48-27 AT home last week. We really need to win this game.
  9. which is shocking to me since he was a QB himself. It was amazing to see how quick BJ Daniels was before he battled injuries here.
  10. notice the talent that was on the field. drastically different from where we have been last few years with Holtz recruiting classes.
  11. Ricky, Feeling uncomfortable and being murdered/shot/stabbed are two different things. If there were a string of violent crimes and murders at University Mall, I would certainly hope the community, USF included, would speak out on the issue and the need to improve things. I would also hope that USF would have the safety and best interests of its student body in mind and would issue a safety notice/warning/advisory. If you are taking issue with "banning" players from Ybor, I can understand that to a certain degree. Taggart was speaking emotionally and was put on the spot during a telephone interview. The perfect answer would have been that he was going to use this as a painful and powerful teaching moment for his players and advise them on making smart decisions as to where they go, who they associate with, and how they react to certain situations. However, I completely understand the emotion and passion that came into play. The perfect answer for Harlan would have been much different than how it appears he handled the situation. Likewise, Gonzmart could have approached it in a better manner than tweeting his displeasure on social media. He is too connected to USF athletics and has too much power to stoop to that level. If you have a problem in your family you solve it within your family, not publicly. Ultimately, I hope this is something that serves as a learning moment for ALL parties involved; players, staff, coaches, ADs, and donors. I also hope it blows over and doesn't remain a story or distraction any longer than today. We have a pretty **** big football game coming up on Saturday that I want us to win! University Mall is a dump but we aren't talking about Ybor on a Sunday afternoon. We are talking about Ybor on a Thurs, Fri, Sat night at 1am-4am. If Taggart would have just been specific about the time of night with this then it wouldn't be an issue. But it was a press conference, spur of the moment with an emotional topic just hours after he learned one of his former players (who he saw that day) was killed.
  12. You say that like it's a joke. Go ahead and research the Gonzmart family.
  13. Let's see Gonzmart go to Ybor anytime after midnight if he thinks it is so safe. and walk to one of the parking lots off of 7th or 8th. Ybor is a great place to go around 12pm-9pm but if you go after midnight it is dangerous. In fairness, Taggart didn't say "No Ybor after midnight". He said no Ybor. Period. Full Stop. One could certainly infer that Taggart wasn't saying they can't go there for lunch with friends. Taggart & the players knew what he meant. The reaction was quick & over done. Maybe it's just me, but did anybody really think he was talking about not letting the guys go down to the Ybor AMC to get a flick at 2 pm? It should be more than obvious what his intention was here. Hell, if I was coach, the rule from day 1 would have been no Ybor after 10 pm. Nothing good happens in Ybor after 10 pm. EVERYONE knew exactly what CWT meant...except for Gonzmart like he had to somehow talk to Joey to set the record straight and Ybor is super safe. College kids dont go to Ybor before 10pm. Taggart was talking about his guys. Not the people who line Gonzmart's pockets for his $35 dishes that aren't that great.
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