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  1. I would think Caleb Murphy would have been the 2nd "new" player out of his mouth after Alexis Yetna.
  2. Hope he has a long and successful coaching career.
  3. I see my ticket payments deducted from my bank account every month, so they have my small contribution
  4. Let me introduce you to someone Pippen, Scottie
  5. I'm not going to continue to engage brybull1970 and his histrionics and hyperbole. If our governments haven't been planning for something better than go hide at home again once they open they have failed their constituents.
  6. What if I was? Or what if I am one that believes that during these lock downs our governments should have been prepping for the next wave by getting testing, tracing, isolation, and treatment protocols in order for the almost inevitable 2nd wave? Either way you cannot open up then 3 weeks later say psyche. Either we are ready or we are not.
  7. I'm of the mind that once governments (federal/ state) believe they have done enough to "open" we shouldn't shutdown again for this thing.
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