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  1. DELdaBull

    Roll call

    Additional tickets beyond the 2 free tickets would have been next to each other to a certain point.
  2. DELdaBull

    Justin Burke to call plays

    Goodbye Mr. King. It was great having you on our staff.
  3. DELdaBull

    WBB vs GWU

    Good to know cousin.
  4. DELdaBull

    WBB vs GWU

    Thanks. If she is a better PG than Harvey good for us. I have loved Harvey since the 1st game. She is my replacement for Laura once she graduates.
  5. DELdaBull

    WBB vs GWU

    You say she should be but hasn't been.
  6. DELdaBull

    WBB vs GWU

    Harvey has been the starting PG all season, or am I missing something?
  7. DELdaBull

    Roll call

    I'm sorta in. If I cannot make it, one of my Bulls friends will be in our seats.
  8. DELdaBull

    Reasons for mass transfers:

    Mass Transfer is a very difficult subject
  9. He played in only 3 games this season. Where they trying to redshirt him?
  10. They can hire me. I come relatively cheap and have never called a play or even coached football. But with that Madden Playbook I would be unstoppable.
  11. For a non recruiting expert on here I would like that average to jump up.