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  1. DELdaBull

    Johnny Ford

    Almost to the point of if you are not ready now maybe well redshirt. Has he already used his redshirt up?
  2. DELdaBull

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    Who will be plucked from us next season
  3. DELdaBull

    Nice look for WBB

    I liked Blagmon. She had some fast twitch muscles
  4. DELdaBull

    Matt Baker's Worst Nightmare

    He will not rank us after we beat Houston this week either. Why worry about this guy?
  5. Maybe if they would have known the plan previously to minutes before the game they would have been focused
  6. DELdaBull

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    I would like the coaches to have a solid plan going into this game
  7. We will learn alot about this team come Saturday about 7pm.
  8. DELdaBull

    Bulls wearing Black Unis!

    The Black SoFlo are so fire
  9. DELdaBull

    Charlie's tenure here....

    Defense was the issue today
  10. DELdaBull

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    This is going to be a 53 to 48 game. Question is who ends up with 53?
  11. DELdaBull

    Just Calling it Now...

    Good for you. If I knew how to bet I would have done the same.
  12. DELdaBull

    Bulls wearing Black Unis!

    Look like a million bucks