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  1. Are we really doing this? USF 15 Rideau 15 Kiir 10 69%
  2. Our abysmal free throw shooting and turnovers cost us another one. These youngsters play hard though. Love that.
  3. A little USF run killed with a tricky tack foul
  4. Horrible turnovers. But turnovers is what we do
  5. DELdaBull

    Women vs Tulsa

    What a defensive effort in the 2nd half. Wow
  6. DELdaBull

    Women vs Tulsa

    At the half Tulsa 32 USF 30
  7. Biggest home game in almost a decade. Most important game at the Dome in 20 years.
  8. Looks like Harvey is out today. We need this suck ass season to end.
  9. And they beat us the last time we played them. Shut them down after a USF win.