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What happened to OL?

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No they figured that PJ could not hurt them so there were 8 men in the box most of the time.  Can you say ONE DIMENSIONAL?

Yep, and unless one of the QB's steps up and the WR start catching what is thrown at them, the Bulls will struggle to win. It's looking like the road Bulls will mostly lose and the home Bulls will mostly win, so 5-6 is the probable season record unless something changes.


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It could be that we startted thinking we were stonger, faster, and better than everybody else and wouldn't have much of a problem winning against the "inferior" team.  I hope that it has been beaten into the guys that they can and probably will get their tails kicked by any team in the conference if we don't prepare for a hard fought game.

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Either Pitt got real good on defense or that USF had a very bad game coming out of the bye week. Hall did all he could with little help in that game. Julmiste has no touch on his passes and keeps over throwing his WRs. Also, there were a lot of coverage sacks according to the announcers. Julmiste had time to throw it, he just could not find any open WRs. Pitt has some good DBs on that team.

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Lets see they stuffed the line with 8 guys to stop the run, because they werent afraid of getting burned by our passing game and then once they had a lead and we were forced to pass theycame out after us. In both cases they only had to worry about one thing.

Get ready for WV to do the samething next weekend.

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Forget about the holes, what about the 5 sacks and 9 over the last two.

a lot of the sacks can be attributed to our passing system being terrible.  If you have 4-5 WR's go out, there has be at least one guy open.  most of the sacks were "coverage" sacks.  PJ had time, dropped back, looked around, saw nothing, then got sacked.  Not sure if nobody was open or if PJ just cant see them

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