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  1. Where did you read they are lost? Just because they didn't finish the game doesn't mean they are lost. I think they will be fine.
  2. Left the Bullbacker lot last year to join Mutt and company in Lot 6. Brad, it is not the first lot adjacent to Tampa Bay Blvd. Those are for Iron Bulls (lot 5) and Green Jacket donors based on priority points (6D). Lot 6 is a great place to be.
  3. I have courtside seats for WBB. Three years ago when we played UCONN at home, UCONN fans sat next to us with their team shirts. Jim Fee came over and made them turn them inside out or change them due to Sun Dome courtside policy. I believe there is fine print on our tickets.
  4. The USF Surplus Sale returns by popular demand, giving fans the opportunity to purchase actual Bulls’ team gear.
  5. First of all, thank your brother for his service. Second, to be fair to USF Lydia, they are actually helping alumni this year. Season ticket holders received an alumni discount. Remember, athletics and alumni are two different departments within USF and cater to different donors. Although a lot of alumni members are also athletic donors, this is not always the case. Athletics has to take care of their season ticket holders and donors first, then USF fans that are not donors or season ticker holders. I would definitely take Brandon up on his offer if you want to sit in the USF section. Good luck and Go Bulls!
  6. I only have 2 if that will help. Email me at gene.haines@gmail.com if you still need / want them.
  7. Gary, I joined Mike, John, Meyer, and Patrick in the student section. We had a blast yelling with the students in the rain! They were probably wondering what the heck the old alumni were doing in the student section.
  8. Damon, do you know how many round trips they are taking? Do they just take 3-4 buses and that it is? I am curious how this new transportation is working out for the students.
  9. Hope everything worked out for you. the Bulls Club is definitely in a state of transition and maybe (hopefully not), disarray. Not sure what the scoop on Jim Harris is because I thought he was doing a good job.
  10. A quote from Harlan from an article written by Joey Johnston at TBO: Harlan knows USF fans prefer night games — particularly with early season heat — and is emphasizing that to the American Athletic Conference and television networks. Every school is fighting the allure of the high-definition televisions that keep some fans home, so Harlan is determined to enhance the game experience and make USF football an affordable option for families. http://tbo.com/sports/colleges/usf-bulls/usf-officials-ready-to-act-for-on-campus-stadium-20140912/
  11. And yet this was supposed to be a better OL. All I heard from WT was that they beefed up and hit the weight room and were going to make a difference this year. Still waiting.
  12. I will say that although the east side looked empty before the 2nd half started, there were a lot of us in the club area cooling off in the AC. When the team gave up the 42nd point to start the 2nd half, we left. It was really hard to sit and watch that team in that heat. I don't even know where to start. I will not knock anyone who doesn't show up Friday night. I will just continue to give them my money, support the team to the best of my ability and hope someone finds the answers. This team either does not understand Taggart's philosophy or the coaches don't know how to coach. Harlan has been replacing a lot of people within athletics so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to this season. Go Bulls!
  13. Please email me at gene.haines@gmail.com or text me at 727 647 1306 if you can fulfill this request. Thanks.
  14. I will be at a watch party in section 43 of a little place called THE SWAMP !!!!!!!!!!!! Go BULLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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