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  1. It is Wednesday afternoon. Is there really an announcement coming this week?
  2. Sorry Brad. Yes, it is an Orca 40 QT and looks almost identical to my RTIC 45 QT that I have on my boat. However, the lack of those 5 QT makes a big difference. For example, a wine bottle will not fit standing up (lid won't close). The color and logo are great and it is roto molded cooler so it should keep ice a long time. I also bought it for family gatherings to show some bull pride. I have Gator and UCF alumni in the family. Sorry again I was really bummed out about the conf. thing. Go Bulls!
  3. Yes, and I will always be a Bull. I never said I would boycott the team. I merely expressed my thoughts on how we got to the point of being left behind. When and if we build the OCS, I will donate (not as much as some) to help pay for the stadium.
  4. Kind of off the subject but I'll use this for tailgating. Just arrived today.
  5. Yes but it really hurts. I wish I knew how the leadership felt about this and if our leaders care about our win loss records.
  6. I agree with you. On my previous post, If I implied that we should not build the OCS, that was not what I meant. We need to build it. As stated "Good leadership makes decisions based on 3 to 5 year timelines" We should have built the IPF 4 or 5 years ago and have the stadium by now. That would have helped with recruiting and our product on the field. However, we are now left behind. USF leadership has dug a hole that we may not be able to get out of.
  7. Our lack of commitment to athletics has now manifested into USF being left behind in conference expansion. UCF, Cincinnati, Houston, and BYU are headed to the Big 12 conference with an announcement expected Friday. For years, our facilities have been and are inferior to those schools being chosen for the Big 12, resulting in poor recruiting and a terrible product out in the field. Recruiting talent from now on will take a bigger hit. Why would a recruit want to play football for USF if they can attend UCF and play in the Big 12? I now see why the OCS announcement was made yesterday. The board of trustees new that USF was being left behind in the Big 12 expansion and to soften the blow to alumni and donors, the stadium announcement was thrown out there. I’m an alum that has supported the program since the beginning with season tickets and countless donations. Too late USF, this really hurts.
  8. Maybe it is a win against UCF! Nah we suck again.
  9. Maybe Scott should consult with UCF on how to build a football progrum 🤪. In 2015 they went 0-12, came back the following year with a new coach and went 6-7 then 13-0 in Frost's SECOND YEAR!
  10. I'm an alumni and a 24 year season ticket holder. This performance is getting tiresome. I don't know how much I can take.
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