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  1. I did say 'if' and that it would be a 'great achievement'. I don't know enough about the other teams this season to say what I expect USF to do, but 6-6 is looking like the best I could see them doing if everything went USF's way.
  2. The last loss to a non-BCS team was Memphis in 2004. (ended at 16 wins in a row) The last loss to a MAC team was at N. Illinois in 2001 the week before the Pitt win. (ended at 4 wins in a row, out of 6 total MAC games) Skip's teams have been trending down since he arrived. 2010 USF 8-5 and 3-4 Big East 2011 USF 5-7 and 1-6 Big East so far 2012 USF 2-2 and 0-1 Big East total USF 15-14 and 4-11 Big East Things aren't looking good for the FSU game. At Louisville, Syracuse, UCONN, @Miami, @Cinci and Pitt could be problematic as well. Who knows what @Temple will be like as we
  3. Here are the three all-time losing streaks for USF that are on the line Thursday. 4 I-A home losses in a row. The last win was vs UTEP (52-24) on Sat, Sep 24, 2011 5 Big East home losses in a row. The last win was vs Rutgers (28-27) on Wed, Nov 3rd, 2010 6 BCS home losses in a row. The last win was vs Rutgers (28-27) on Wed, Nov 3rd, 2010 We are 2-5 vs Rutgers (1-2 at home and 1-3 on the road) with the last win vs Rutgers being the one above in 2010. We are 21-27 vs the Big East and it is time to start turning that around.
  4. Cuse would make more sense. Plus it's an extra jab at them because in all likelihood it will be the last time we play them. Go with UConn as it will be the 100th home game.
  5. We lost the last three games of 2004 and the first game of 2005 for 4 games in a row under Leavitt.
  6. 7 games in 2002 and 8 games over two seasons in both '01-02 and 06-07. Oops, posted with the wrong account.
  7. Look under Bianchi's article in the sentinel from earlier this week or last...he links everything there. Look I don't want into the Big East, now. It's not going to exist, anymore. It's the principle of everything. My question is...why does any of this surprise you? You knew Genshaft's agenda vs. UCF since USF began football. Other school presidents are aware and her tactics may cause USF a conference. Why did Pitt and Cuse want out so bad? The went to the ACC, not the other way around. The ACC just figured, we better be sure. The Big 12 presidents are football minded and are fightin
  8. USF was only up 38-24 with 13+ minutes left.....it is ONLY a 2 possession game and they HAVE possession. I'm sorry but gutsy/smart play call! There have been SO MANY MORE & CRAZIER Comebacks! I agree. You can't fault UTEP for trying to win. At least USF made the mistake on the fake punt in a game that they controlled.
  9. There were not 39K in that stadium tonight, even if you count the roaches. There may not have been 30K there. Every school does announced attendance which is tickets distributed. These numbers are easy to get and are what is used everywhere, so that is what I keep track of. I agree, the announced attendance is always more than BiS and BiS looks good on TV. But USF is a young university, only 55 years old. Heck, Joe Pa has been a coach at Penn St longer than that! Most I-A schools can trace their history in football back to the late 1800's to early 1900's. They have had over a century to gro
  10. 39,628 according to GoUSFBulls.com That is over 6 million (6,014,263) attendance for 169 USF games since 1997. The 27th most at RayJay. The 62nd anywhere. The 7th vs C-USA (3rd vs C-USA at RayJay) The 55th vs I-A teams anywhere (21st vs I-A teams at RayJay) USF is averaging 44,956 for the first three home games, with Cinci (HC), Miami, L'ville and WVU left to go.
  11. I wouldn't let him get up. I would get the cart just to be safe. That was scary the way he fell and locked up.
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