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Almost time for the PITT-BULL BOWL III!!

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This is a big game for USF. A win on the road at Pitt will bring much respect for the program. Sure we wont be ranked, but we will become a contender for this BIG EAST if we start 2-0 with WVU coming to town on 10/22. USF needs to play mistake free on offense if they want to win this game. Last years game there were too many costly mistakes that really put the game out of hand. You could tell that PITT had everything to play for while USF was just trying to get the season over with.  I expect a much better game this weekend because our defense is much improved. Well here is to a good game for both teams. May USF win and move on. GO BULLS!!!!

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This game will not bring attention to USF.  We are consistently overlooked and it will take much more.  Even the friggin' Tribune still projects Louisville as the Sugar Bowl entry from the Big East.  It's the role of an underdog that we must play.  Just win, Bulls.  

If anything, the commentary will be that the Big East is as bad as expected by the "professionals" because USF is on top of the conference.   Oh well, they can all become bandwagoners later.

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UL will be a top 15 team maybe 10 if the Top 8 continue winning.  USF is not projected as the BE winner due to the road game history.  Bulls need to prove they are road warriors before garnering respect as a BE leader.  By winning the next 3 games should get USF close to the top 25 especially if PSU beats MI and UM stays the course.  This Pitt game should not be taken lightly.  I imagine that Leavitt is not.  Hopefully the players remember the HUMILIATING loss at RJS last Nov.

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You can bet that Leavitt has been showing these players the tape of the game from last season.  That is what motivated the Bulls against Louisville -- watching their errors and mistakes from 2004.

That is a big motivator.  No one wants to make those kinds of mistakes again.

Pitt is alot like USF - strong on defense, weak on offense.  Turnovers - more than anything else - will be the key to the game.

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USF needs to prove that it can beat a comparable/lesser opponent on the road.

So far, other than the Louisville game, the Bulls have only beaten inferior competition at home, and lost to superior competition on the road. Taking care of business in Pittsburgh will go a long way towards making people think the team is a legit title contender.

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