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  1. 1. I can't remember what game, but CJL faked 2 FGs 2. Auburn. No doubt. We were walking up the spiral ramp to our nosebleed seats when some war eagle jerk-ass was drunk yelling at all BULLS fans as we walked by. I calmly walked up to him and asked "Excuse me, do you know what color a BULLS ******* is?" He looked at me puzzled, and I burst out "IT'S AUBURN!" We all had a good laugh at his silence. 3. All 3 this Saturday. 4. Longer. 5. No, toupee maybe.
  2. Get your game day gear on and join us at Capogna's Dugout to support your USF BULLS against SMU this Saturday at 4pm! #gobulls
  3. Capogna's Dugout in Clearwater is still an official USF watch party location and will be for years to come! We LOVE Capogna's and would never abandon them. We are however creating a new watch party this season at Irish31 Seminole for many logical reasons. We're very excited to get the ball rolling and look forward to making another great watch party location in Pinellas. As of now, the BULLSRALLY is not going to happen this season. It's very sad to me but a lot of decisions are out of my hands. If anything changes, I'll let everyone know. -Mutt
  4. Thank all of you who showed up today! It was too to see the BULLS faithful turn out as usual, and saw some new faces too. A huge thank you to Mickey, who without this wouldn't be possible, Andrew Goodrich who signed up new ticket holders, and of course Capogna's and all of you who make it happen. It's Gonna be a good season, I can feel it. And as Always, Go BULLS!!! -Mutt
  5. You are the reason I do this brother. I remember your enthusiasm from days gone by. It takes people like you (And a special handful of others) that keeps that true spirit alive. Thanks for the love, And as Always, Go BULLS!!!
  6. You are the reason I do this brother. I remember your enthusiasm from days gone by. It takes people like you (And a special handful of others) that keeps that true spirit alive. Thanks for the love, And as Always, Go BULLS!!!
  7. Really looking forward to seeing all of you guys Sunday! Be sure and round up the BULLS fam and bring a friend! Now's the time to start recruiting new fans for the football season! What a better way than to bring them to a party!!! #swampratrules GO BULLS!!!
  8. Sorry, no live stream this year from what I understand.
  9. Just found out!!! BULLSRALLY -Sunday, Aug 5th. 1-4 PM. Live at Capogna's Dugout (1653 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater) W/ Coach Charlie Strong. Tell Your Friends! And as Always, Go BULLS!!! More details soon. More info www.bullsrally.com or usfmutt1@gmail.com
  10. A Great Many Thanks to all of you who showed up today for for the 12th Annual BULLSRALLY! A GIANT THANKS to Big Al Capogna and the whole crew, and we all need to give a big thanks to Mickey "swamprat" Harp for being the tech master. Sorry if I didnt, but I really tried to see/greet all of you. CCS seemed straight-forward and excited about the season, and it was cool to see him hang out for awhile to greet and sign autographs. Did anyone see it online? Remember, all
  11. This Sunday folks! 2 to 4!!! Go BULLS!!! www.bullsrally.com
  12. Well BULLS Fans, I thought this was the year we couldn't make it happen, but the BULLSRALLY is finally set for Sun, Aug. 20th from 2-4 pm LIVE AT CAPOGNA'S WITH HEAD COACH CHARLIE STRONG !!! I know I didn't have time to advertise or talk to you personally, and this is last minute, but I just found out! Let's show up in full force to welcome in the new Football Season! We will not settle anymore! #22-21 is just the start! I know this year's party might low-key, but lets show up as STRONG as we can! Bring a friend! I'll try my best to keep the BULLS Tradition alive! If you have questions, need info, or are able to help, contact me at Usfmutt1@gmail.com Gonna be our best season yet! Go BULLS !!! Capogna's Dugout 1653 Gulf to Bay Blvd. Clearwater, FL
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