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  1. His contract runs through to 2015, which is probably pretty close to that.
  2. Do you have any idea how obsessed Texans are with high school football? Allen High probably outdraws us.
  3. Nebraska's about to make its decision. Anyone who wants to get the news it when it happens can go here: http://www.omaha.com/article/20100611/NEWS/306119977#live-blog-nebraska-board-of-regents-meeting The latest: Those are Central times.
  4. A $25 offer to attend an ACC Championship Game between Virginia Tech and Boston College? They'd have to pay me more than $25.
  5. Low. IMHO, if anything, Houston would play in the Armed Forces Bowl and Tulsa would be sent east to the STP bowl. Assuming a scenario where East Carolina won the C-USA championship game.
  6. Date Registered: April 21, 2008, 06:58:25 PM And yet you lack the tiniest clue about USF's football history. To wit: Define "average/mediocre." Do you mean I-AA average/mediocre? Do you mean I-A independent average/mediocre? Do you mean Conference USA average/mediocre? Do you mean Big East average/mediocre? Because the difference between I-AA independent average/mediocre and Big East average/mediocre is awfully, awfully, huge. Not that you'd have the tiniest clue about that. If you had the tiniest clue about USF's history, you'd know that USF has rarely been in a position to "steal a great recruit from anyone good." And when they did, it was someone like Antwan Fleming or Dishon Piatt. Not that you know who they are. H*ll, I read the USF fan forum in 1998 when USF had no commitments at all at this point in the season. What would you make of that? Oh, and I suppose Matt Grothe and George Selvie aren't good enough for you, are they? Date Registered: April 21, 2008, 06:58:25 PM Last I checked, we had never lost a game to UCF or FIU. And September 2009 is our last scheduled game with either team. If you had the tiniest clue about USF football history, you'd know how fortunate we are to be in said "mid-level conference." No, I moved from Florida to Nebraska last year. Which anyone who read this forum before April 21, 2008 would know. By the way, it's "you're." If you're going to claim to be a USF loyalist, please learn how to f*cking speak English. The idiocy on this forum of people who claim to be USF alumni is making me doubt the value of my USF education. That is not mathematically possible. You claim to have been to all but a few USF home games since 1997. The Big East football conference was only formed in 1991, and only played a full conference schedule in 1994. Unless you were a rabid Big East football fan from 1997 to 2003, which would call your USF loyalty into question. Were Miami's 1991 national champion and 1994 Orange Bowl team garbage? Was West Virginia's 11-0 1993 team garbage? Were Virginia Tech's 1995 Sugar Bowl winner and 1999 national title game participant garbage? You tell me. After all, you've "watched the Big East your whole life." You have no ******* clue what USF football's identity is. Oh, and what kind of name is "Bruce Blingsteen"? What are you, half black, half Jewish, and half "VH-1 Presents We Are The 80s"? Do us all a favor: click "Profile", click "Account Related Settings", click the "Name: This is the displayed name that people will see" field and change your forum name to something less stupid.
  7. Well, there is some precedent, with Dan McCarney being a USF assistant after years of being a head coach at Iowa State. But it might be a little much to ask a 10-year SEC coach with an SEC title and an unbeaten season to play the same role.
  8. Per ESPN crawl. Southern Miss accepting the New Orleans bid makes it even more likely that the C-USA team in the St Petersburg Bowl will be Memphis.
  9. ...but there are provisions for UCF winning a BCS bowl game. :ROFLMAO
  10. Why don't you just tattoo the words "bandwagon jumper" on your forehead?
  11. UNC isn't going to sell out an NFL stadium by itself. UNC and West Virginia, combined, will. And if WVU is unavailable they will probably take Pitt over USF. And rematches aren't as big a problem as people say. Last year's bowl season had two rematches (Central Michigan-Purdue and BYU-UCLA).
  12. I must say I'm surprised that USM was such a big winner here. It's interesting that our attitude about playing USM is very different than our attitude about playing a certain other obnoxious C-USA school who wears black and gold.
  13. And I don't like seeing my school called "quantity, not quality." By the president of the University of Memphis, mind you, not by some message board poster. If you spend some time here, you'll find that long-time USF fans still hold a grudge about that. Nothing against you and the other Memphis fans, who have always been decent folk win or lose. We feel differently about Southern Miss, and That School Up I-4 That We Really Really Do Hate But Prefer To Look Down Our Noses At. You raise a fair point that USF's level of performance does not put the Bulls in a position to bemoan their bowl fate. And I'm happy to be going to any bowl. My griping about C-USA is mostly about USF's history with certain schools. I'd much prefer a non-contentious game with Tulsa or Rice or Houston or some non C-USA team.
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