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  1. thanks....theres one other logo between the golden brahmas and red eye evil bull. I actually really like the Red Eye when he first was released. Man...Rocky surely has evolved for the better/best.
  2. I'm attempting to find some pics of USF logos (scholastic and athletic) pre-demon goat bull. That's the logo back in the 80s and early 90s. Curious if there were different logos before that too. I'm also interested in historical pix of Rocky the Bull. I cannot remember what he looked like before the current version. Anyone have links or can post some pix? Google has NOT been very cooperative. Appreciate any assistance or posted pix.
  3. Because I'm bored, I'm going to just throw this out there. This topic is not to be taken overly serious. First off I don''t think a team would jump from the MAC. I don't think one team will jump from the MWC either. Realistically that leaves the independents, Sun Belt and CUSA teams for conference recruiting. Neither ND or BYU will be giving up their independence. I'n not enamored with UMass, Liberty nor NM State. Army has minor merit. I will comment about them later. So If the AAC is not going to add 5 teams from the western part of the USA to create a 16 team true American super conference, I am thinking Rice University makes for a "better than most" Group of Five replacement. Navy can move to the East where they belong. Rice U gives the AAC an improved recruiting footing in TX. They don't upset the conference football hierarchy.. It makes the divisions truly regional. They have a good academic institute. There are a former SWC team which gives them some cred from the old school fans. And the City of Houston gains a rivalry game. My other one team add-on choices would be LATech, Army, WKU or AP State. Army and Navy in the same conference does pose issues for the conference title game since the tradition is for those two to play after the Conference Championship weekend. I would be cool to have Army, Navy and AF in the AAC though. If the AAC could grab 4-5 teams from the MWC, my choices would be BSU, AFF, SDSU, Fresno St, and Utah St or CO St or Rice. The west side of the conference would be these 5 plus Tulsa, SMU and Houston. The conference would need to do something about $ in regards to having to traveling the long distances out west. This size conference would practically eliminate the Cinci-Memphis back to back conference game/championship game scenario too. Teams would play 7 division games and 1 cross division game. A conference with this much political clot due to numbers may be worthy of supplanting the B12 or ACC as the fifth P5 team. This may require the P5 becoming the P6. That's iif you like being be overly optimistic about hypothetical ponderings such as this. Final thought is can a true coast to coast American conference be legitimate. All the P5s are regional. I am thinking a 12 team conference makes more sense. But what do I know and what does my opinion matter. Enough said. I'm just typing crap b/c I'm trying to blow off the rest of my time at the office on a Friday afternoon. My next BS topic is to add four teams to the playoff. Teams seeded 1-4 play at home the weekend after Christmas. A G5 team ranked in the top 12 would be required to be the 8th seed. The FBS would be back to being on equal terms....IMO. But I will save that discussion for another day.
  4. Leavitt was Taggart's DC in OR. No reason this could not be reversed. I am not really up for either of these two coming back solo but as a tandem the idea is intriguing. I kinda like it especially with CJL as the HC and Taggart as the assistant HC/OC. Leavitt would stay for life while TAggs eventually go to a P5 gig if he can make it back. Both should have some coin in the bank so $ should/would not be the motivation to move on.
  5. This young man is a class act. He's attempting to take responsibility of the on field lack of performance. Not his place to apologize. I wish him success in all he does and especially on the field success in 2020.
  6. Coaching = recruiting, player development including strength, game prep, game planning, player motivation and during game adjustments. CCS may have been spoiled by having Lamar Jackson and Quinton Flowers as QBs.
  7. Missed 6-6 by a fg on last play of the season. The Blackshirts have been pathetic on third down. Special teams suck muck too. No fg kicker and KO returns killed them this season. They were competitive vs WI and MN. Its just an excuse but the team was hit by injuries harder than the norm. So there has been some improvement.
  8. Well it pisses me off. I don't like it. Right or wrong.
  9. What's with the commentators calling this game "The War on I4". This is the "I4 War" not the War on I4. And whats this BS "bounce house". It's the Mouse House...correct? And the 2017 National Championships sign. That is so over the top. Just sayin yo...bc its irritating the heck out of me. Commericial's over...back to the game now.
  10. That NE D is mediocre. They have become the lite gray shirts...especially on the road. Martinez is not the guy either. Enuff of Husker issues. Sucks my childhood team and alma mater are long shots to bowl.
  11. Willie didn't deserve the Oregon job nor the FSU job either. Flowers made him look like an offensive genius. Flowers was a once a decade college QB. With that said, FSU pulled the trigger to quick. And one of the reasons the last coach left bc he wanted more $ for Assistance coaches and facilities. Seminoles probably will have spent nearly $1000000 per game for Willie T when the dust settles. And who the heck they gonna find for reasonable cash if they may get the hook in 20-24 games. Frost is struggling at NE almost as bad or even worse as Taggart but he deserves a 3rd or 4th season. Lack of a good QB is really tuff in college football. USF FSU and NE are struggling with it.
  12. this seems to becoming a SOP at football games - college and pros - faking and booing. NE fans boo'd the heck out of IN for doing the fake injury/delay thingie. Sometimes I boo the wife after intimacy. She boos me for lack of performance especially when I fake a cramp to slow momentum or lose a sock.
  13. First season was a gift 11-2 due to Mr. Quinton Flowers and Taggart's other recruits. Beginning of season two (2018) was a soft schedule and Barnett did rescue this team with his heart and hustle and a good WR and a TE 2-3 times. The WR is gone The TE alone is not enough. 2018 GaTech win was a fluke with back to back KR TDs. This team looks exactly like TX did three yrs ago without the few blue chip recruits TX will always have. And I live 35 mi north of the UT campus. Game may have past CCS bye.
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