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  1. Who is the guy in pic #11 with Gregory?
  2. So how many USF fans would attend WBB games at Annapolis? How about soccer (men's and women's).
  4. I've never been in it, but when I passed it it looked like a free-standing building with an entrance from the parking lot on N 30th.
  5. Seemingly so, However I have no knowledge of how the funding/expenses of the trip were accounted for. AFAIK, without those few special donations, there would have been no trip.
  6. They should move men's basketball games to the rec-center, then maybe they could pack-the-house.
  7. I could be wrong, but I believe most if not all expenses for the trip to Spain were paid for by donors.
  8. Comparing Jose to Geno is laughable. Me thinks you're letting being buddies with Jose cloud your judgement.
  9. As a bonus, the league gets Lynn Marshall as head cheerleader!
  10. If questioning a coaches management of the team is bashing, then I guess I'm guilty.
  11. BB...this might interest you.
  12. Where did I say "he sucks as a coach"? If he did, I would not have been going to games for the past 17 years. Not all the Seniors were recruited the same year. I guess most here feel we should pat a coach on the back for wins, but not say anything about their shortcomings. Why are the wins the Coaches , but the losses are the Players.
  14. There were 4 Seniors on the team, how many actually got to play a meaningful amount of time during the season? Why weren't they used to cut down on the season long cumulative gassing of the starters? Who recruited them, was responsible for their development, and their physical development? This wasn't the first time our team has had virtually no bench. IMO, Laura's situation was worsened by poor oversight on the part of the staff. Probably best that they lost a sqeeker to Mizzou, because Sunday would more likely than not have led to a painful scalping by the Noles.
  15. It's not long or winding to Exit C, which is the road I'm taking.