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  1. The passion reminds me of Leavitt. Definetly Would be the right fit here
  2. I saw a story on UF’s president ranking there school really high (like they were Harvard) and then ranking everyone else low On survey, Machen rates UF with Harvard, other Fla. schools low - News - Gainesville Sun - Gainesville, FL University of Florida President Bernie Machen, in a recent assessment of...
  3. This is good stuff. Our ranking was similer ranking last year so it’s good to see we maintaned it. Hopefully we can break into the 90s next year but there are some subjective criteria that we need to overcome.
  4. Routing for AAC teams but we need to move up out of this conference. The American, Medium 12, and MWC are pretty similer middle conferences after the dust settles. The ACC has to be the next stop. This week’s conference games have a regional rivalry feel. We all need to win.
  5. An oCS won’t effect our attendance as much as winning. The big problem is the mishires by the administration, nobody wants to watch the product CCS put on the field and CJS is off to a bad start. I’d argue that playing in RJS has benefits that attract casual fans and corparations that an OCS can’t even offer because we never had a problem with attendance when we were winning and had some of the highest attendance in CFB.
  6. Quality matters if we don’t want what we build to fall apart in 15 years. It’s falling apart already and was built in 2008. We have a much better experience in a mich nicer stadium at the moment A small 35k seat stadium would have been a terible idea. We would have no seats for big games, and when we are good it’s to small for regular games. Then we spend more money to expand it
  7. Just as long as it’s not a peace of crap rust bucket. I don’t care if it’s $200millions.
  8. Scantling and JPP both had good plays on that drive. MVS team won that tho
  9. It’s taking way to long to get the hire in place. The recruiting period is already started and early signing day and nsd are close by. We need to have our coach here now before players are signed up.
  10. Whatever. CJL was trying to toughen up a bunch of the weak minded players on that squad. This is why most young men play football, for guidence. He should have never been fired in the first place, but we have higher morels unlike the nigits.
  11. Beat ucf and win the conference. Still the goal.
  12. Owned. And some of you wanted Strong gone
  13. It makes sense. They played nobody and the conference is a joke. We need to get out of this conference ASAP. If not then we will lose all of our fans due to indifference.
  14. It’s funny that this is still there super bowl even though they are on a 20 something game win streak.
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