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  1. It’s taking way to long to get the hire in place. The recruiting period is already started and early signing day and nsd are close by. We need to have our coach here now before players are signed up.
  2. Whatever. CJL was trying to toughen up a bunch of the weak minded players on that squad. This is why most young men play football, for guidence. He should have never been fired in the first place, but we have higher morels unlike the nigits.
  3. Beat ucf and win the conference. Still the goal.
  4. Owned. And some of you wanted Strong gone
  5. It makes sense. They played nobody and the conference is a joke. We need to get out of this conference ASAP. If not then we will lose all of our fans due to indifference.
  6. It’s funny that this is still there super bowl even though they are on a 20 something game win streak.
  7. I don’t know what makes anyone think that we’d get blown out. The nigits haven’t been able to win by more then a score vs us EVER.
  8. We don’t need them to succeed. They will be back to winless seasons in no time, and dragging us down with this talk. We need to focus on getting out of this conference and be back to winning in the big leagues.
  9. I appreciate the optimism but its obvious that the conference has been directing the officials to make the c nagits win.
  10. Does anyone even watch that trash anymore?
  11. Don’t all rush to support the school at the same time. We were competing in a tough BE conference. Just because we didn’t win the conference doesn’t mean we weren’t at the top of CFB.
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