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In 2006, USF beat UCiF in Mickey town and then lost at Kansas and to Rutgers at home.

In 2007, USF destroyed UCiF and promptly lost at Rutgers, at UConn and to Cincy.

This year, USF wins an OT game vs UCiF at the Trampoline and then comes back to win a big emotional game vs #13 Kansas.

The next two games are at FIU, who won't be happy about out 'UCiF go play with the kids of FAU or FIU' and NC State who we need to flip. I hope the team can stay more poised this year.

Nate Allen had this to say after today's game, so I'm hopeful the Bulls stay poised.

"We were here last year," Allen said. "But we lost three games. We had a taste of it. We can't do that this year. It cost us the conference."


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