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I challenge YOU: E.T.

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To say something negative about the football team before September 2nd. Just once. Please.

Make me stop skipping your posts. Your posts usually have some good substance, but I'm tired of having to jump over, around, and through all the pom-poms and confetti to get TO the substance.

If you accomplish this lofty goal that I've set for you, you'll recieve some very extravagant prizes......OR a hearty e-handshake, but definitely 1 of the 2. :)

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I don't doubt you'll hear a negative or a criticism from E.T. once the GAMES start....sort of hard for anyone to have a legit criticism when almost none of us are at practice everyday, certainly none of us - save for one prolific poster - knows more right now than CJL (and that's in his own mind anyway).   :)

I know when I have been with E.T. during and after games, he's been very pointed in remarks related to our performance.

Right now, its time to enjoy the build up to kickoff.

Just my thoughts since I know the dude.  He's a great believer in the positive.  

He can answer the rest.

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Bulliever is full of $H!T I only hang around him  because he buys the beer ;D j/k of course  ;)

I have been known to "critique"  ;) But I try not to harp on it.

It's just in my nature to ALWAYS find the positives and really don't think it's difficult with Our Beloved BULLS.

Don't look up my skirt as you navigate through my "pom-poms and confetti" ... hope to meet up because I do love your passion Shoop, and I have yet to meet a UPS guy that I don't like.

Go BULLS !!!  8-)

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