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  1. A little late to comment here (and taking the conversation away from Hootie). I'm pretty sure that the agreement USF has with Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment (the Vinik owned organization) has them paying us $XXX per year and they go out and find these sponsors and keep all/most of the money they negotiate the contract for. I also could be wrong.
  2. I've thought for a while now the Tulane game was basically the GT game without kick returns and lucky fumble recoveries
  3. Their best RB was in and out with an ankle injury most of the game.
  4. The have the west corners open for $30 now
  5. UCF has a strength of schedule of 124 out of 130 according to the S&P+ (which leaves out P5 bias; we are 129 out of 130). They haven't beaten a team with a winning record (we've only beaten 1; Elon). They barely beat Memphis and after watching some highlights of their ECU game, if ECU wasn't terrible and ran some terrible plays in the redzone, that game would have been a lot closer as well. In conclusion, UCF is good but does not deserve to be in consideration for the playoffs (and neither do we).
  6. I think their pilots have been on and off strike recently.
  7. I've enjoyed all the games this year but the ECU game. That was just bad.
  8. Here's a good website of future schedules https://fbschedules.com/ncaa/usf/
  9. Question for the all you that bring trailers: Do you pay extra to bring it in?
  10. @BayIslandBull @TheAccountant After the game we forgot to pick up the base to our flagpole. Shout out to @Nick Carroll for holding on to it and posting this to the site!
  11. Please... Aren't we like 7-1 in our last 8?
  12. The Tampa Bay Sports store in the International Mall has some stuff. Check Lids also, they'll have discounted Under Armor stuff.
  13. Are they going to replace the fence that surrounds the entire campus that they just finished putting up?
  14. This informational material looks better than the initial picture that started the thread.
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