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  1. I think their pilots have been on and off strike recently.
  2. I've enjoyed all the games this year but the ECU game. That was just bad.
  3. Here's a good website of future schedules https://fbschedules.com/ncaa/usf/
  4. Question for the all you that bring trailers: Do you pay extra to bring it in?
  5. @BayIslandBull @TheAccountant After the game we forgot to pick up the base to our flagpole. Shout out to @Nick Carroll for holding on to it and posting this to the site!
  6. Please... Aren't we like 7-1 in our last 8?
  7. Rage

    USF Apparel

    The Tampa Bay Sports store in the International Mall has some stuff. Check Lids also, they'll have discounted Under Armor stuff.
  8. Rage

    New logo

    Are they going to replace the fence that surrounds the entire campus that they just finished putting up?
  9. Rage

    New logo

    This informational material looks better than the initial picture that started the thread.
  10. Anyone know if the alumni association 15% off discount on bookstore apparel applies to the new jerseys as well?