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offensive Questions

Guest tulderbull

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Guest tulderbull

first I will start by saying I live and die USF football,  now in saying that I feel like dying.  We absolutely suck on offense.  Coach Leavitt and everyone here that backs you up you should be fired if you do not fire Rod Smith.  Or qb have sucked since you got and and luckily Marquel had Coach Canals to teach him how to play the postition before you got here, or you might or made him suck to.   I know Coach leavit is a defense coach, but someone tell him the best defense is a good offense.  how many top 10 teams run that crap we run.  it is not built for success,  the spead offense may win some games here and there but it will not win national championships, it hasnt and it wont.  bring a TE and FB in to change things up a little  Hell to beat usf stop andre and it isnt like we can hide him he the only guy in the backfield.  texas tech, northwestern, and clemson all run some variation of the spread and do a good job at it but guess what that have good qbs we dont, this offense is good only with a real good qb.  so if you dont have one do something else.  Hey Jim you know what offenses are the toughest to prepare for, the spread isnt it, it is the offense pitt runs and you know that,  run some power o adn from that do play action, or bootlegs.  nearly everyone on this board would crap if they heard some of the play calling,  the oc tell the qb who to look for  in the play. we run all go and tag one guy with a dig. well  if he is covered we are screwed. we dont run any combo routes and what I mean but that is curl- flat and read the flat player if he drops throw the flat if he runs to the flat throw the curl, simple basic read one guy on defense not  hard at all. but hey not usf they dont have that is the vaunted passing attack, we rather do all curls are all goes or all slants, no slant flat or  dig post. not bootlegs or play action deep over the top to payten.  Or offense sucks adn I feel bad for the guys on defense and the o line and RBs. Hell I would never come to usf if I was a reciever. also good job earl lane way to pass over omar jacobs at bowling green and get pat julmiste. but hey lets not blame pat it is not his fault he sucks its the coaches fault for not getting him better and then still playing him.  I dont know about grothe or hill and no one does but lets lose with a fresh instead of a 3 year starting jr maybe they will get better but I doubt it with the qb coach.  Jim if you were a good head coach you would fire rod adn hire carl franks as your oc the only problem is he would do that becuase he doesnt like the offense. so there is my rant if rod stays jim should go  youve done a good job to get us here but quit being a cheap ass and get out and spend some money on a good oc or you should be fired. I know you say you are loyal to your coaches but you not being loyal to the good coaches for keeping a ****** coach grow some b@lls

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This is as good a place as any to vent I suppose

WARNING.....for those who can't stand anything negative don't bother reading this.

I have to say that our offense is easily one of, if not the worst offense I have ever seen play the sport. The only bright spot is Hall. Take away the ONE and ONLY person who isn't incompetent and we are left with a totally inept offense from coaches to players. What I have seen so far this year is poor coaching, poor technique, poor execution and anything else you can think of that follows the word poor. Some things I just can't help but think about are:

1)We REALLY missed on a perfect opportunity after Hobbie left to go after a competent offensive cordinator. So we decided to stick with Smith in order to keep things consistent. Well we succeeded, we are consistanty crap...Is THIS the type of offense we hoped to preserve? Shoot, instill an entire new system a few days prior to a game, couldn't be any worse.

2)Related to last point, what the HELL is smith doing out there? First off, I just loved hearing over and over again the commentators pointing out how "unsophisticated" our offense is. Of course this was followed by explanations on how we don't even offer PJ any checkdown opportunities. Great, PJ is struggling and we can't even give him options...great job smith! Oh and what the heck was that clusterf@ck at the end of the half? waste half a minute of time doing nothing just to call time out with 1 second left to throw a 70 yard hail mary? We can't complete a screen pass and THAT was what you come up with instead of actually using the time we had to possibly get at least a field goal? INEPT coaching.

3)What is the deal with Hill? Why not give  him a try under center? Say it all you want, well he may be worse then PJ. At this point does it matter? I mean really, how much worse can it get? The whole treatment of hill makes absolutely no sense to me, we are blowing his red shirt for what? Sitting on the **** sideline? If he can't play red shirt him! If you are not going to do that then **** it, play him. Give him a shot, at worse he fumbles or throws an interception and we keep the status quo. At best we may be surprised with some better qb play and give him a little experience. And don't use the stupid, coaches know from practice excuse. I've heard the past 3 years about both Banks and Julemist being wonderful in practice and  the coaches having all this faith in them only to be let down in the games. Obviuosly this shows that our coaches in fact didn't have a perfect read on the situation.

4)About an on campus stadium, to heck with that...take any spare change and hire an entire new offensive staff (other then franks)

5)about this high and low attitude from our fans, two things can explain that. First it is most likely the louder happy fans after a win and the louder unhappy fans after a loss. I don't see too many people doing both. Also, the reactions are also as high and low as our performance on the field. We go from winning a big game to not just loosing but stinking up the place so bad that slamming our hands in a car door would be less painful then watching our offense.

6)One attitude that drives me crazy are the fans that can feel "good" about our chances after looking at so many crap teams on our schedule. **** it! I'm sorry but I don't really take pleasure in relying on winning against the dredges of the conference.  We should be looking forward to going to a bowl because we earned it...and to me that means being a good team by winning against good and tough competition.

OK, I'll stop now...maybe I'll feel different later on but for now I don't think that we can win another game unless the team is so god awful that we get away with running the ball on every down.

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